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#1 [Private] A Quiet Evening? on Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:27 am

Manda had made her way to the room once the meeting was over. She felt there was not much to do other than was she was told to do by Thor. She was still not too happy about what he had said as he entered the meeting. She'd get over it eventually. She sighed and walked out the balcony and looked out at the night sky. The breeze blowing would move her dress gently, blowing her hair around as well. She closed her eyes and began to think of her ocean home in the human world. She felt that she'd have to visit them at some point soon. She'd sigh softly as she opened her eyes again and look out to the sands that were before her. "Geez Thor. What a way to make all the others angry. Someday you'll learn not to do that I suppose. In the mean time I'll stick to bonking you on the head to remind you to watch your tongue."

She'd speak softly, knowing she was alone and wondering just what was going though is mind when he entered the meeting anyway.

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