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#1 [Training] Viva La Espada [Rose/Enzo] on Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:18 am

With Enzo training by himself, there as two things that he set as the goal for his personal studies of the way of the sword, along with his powers of the light. For starters. he wanted to be less of a burden to the person he served as a fraction under, being able to take care of himself and handle things accordingly if the situation demanded it. In addition to that, Enzo felt like it was appropriate to finally go after in the realm of the Espada, in order to be the one to have his own seat and for people to look at him as something a little more than just a fodder to not be mentioned or respected.

Enzo wouldn't want to treat anyone else differently., but if they were to have the same kind of brotherhood that the king demanded, things would have to change. If strength was the reason why that Enzo couldn't achieve the respect that he desired from his fellow comrades, he needed to reach it with his own methods.


While in a swordsman stance, a yellowish aura emitted from Enzo's body as he focused on his reishi control. With the artificial sun of hueco mundo shining as bright as it was, he was taking quite a bit from it and putting on a bit of a light show with his spiritual energy.

Who knew what he would attract?

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#2 Re: [Training] Viva La Espada [Rose/Enzo] on Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:20 am

"Frankly you make a sign of 'I'n a meal come get me' If you ask me.."Said a voice as a Salmon pink hair and eye arrancar moving towards him in a white sundress. she slowly reached up pulling her hair into a ponytail moving towards him "Honestly, training alone really doesn't teach you anything other then patience, if you really want to get strong...I am willing to train you so you can show those sinners they don't belong here"Said Colbolt to Enzo "I am Colbolt Nanashi First fraccion of Primera Espada Thor Blesker."She added to him.

She honestly wanted to enjoy a spar since she felt rusty and it seemed this fraccion wanted to get stronger and she honestly understood the feeling

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#3 Re: [Training] Viva La Espada [Rose/Enzo] on Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:35 am


The sudden sound of a new voice broke Enzo's concentration as he looked around to investigate what actually came around to see him. Enzo himself felt of himself to be strong enough to not be just anyone's dinner, but gathering wisdom from others was the correct way to go about things if they been at it longer than you have,

"Colbolt....dono....I'm Enzo Audotorae, Celeste's fraccion"

Trying his best to use the proper honorifics, Enzo sheathed his sword as he walked over.

"I can't really help the fact that my reiatsu glares out like that, and I remember those sinners as well."

It was a bit off topic, but Enzo wanted to ask.

"Do you have a personal grudge with any of them if you don't mind me asking? I thought the Espada were opening up their ranks to the sinners because of the lack of advantages we have over the shinigami. But it looks like you disagree with the choice."

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#4 Re: [Training] Viva La Espada [Rose/Enzo] on Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:18 am

"Just call me Colbolt or Col, your choice. Personally, I have nothing against them or their race. They fought their way through the pits of hell and gotten out of the gates. They have earned my respect but call me a old soul. I have seen the espada in various stages and forms. I have seen it in its prime i habe seen a empire. I habe served two cero kings, I have seen alot and grown..stubborn?" She said ending in a question trying to think if that is what she wanted before shrugging. "I been more or less conditioned after all these years to not trust anyonr but arrancar. I cant stand anyone else. However, my Primea wants me to be more open minded to the development"she said.
"Anyways, that is just my take on it all and i find a better way to control your light show...try meditating and focusing that to one point. Training and meditsting with another helps you see new ways"She added

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#5 Re: [Training] Viva La Espada [Rose/Enzo] on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:44 am

"You might not think much of me, but I also saw two cero king, with this being the third one. I was a bit brushed off, no one was willing to listen to me anyway, not seriously at least. Everyone got their stage to wag their reiatsu around and say what they wanted, and I truly believed that nothing was accomplished at that meeting. But I digress, there is nothing I can do."

There was no point in being positive about his predicament, one of the many reasons why he wanted power was so that they would be more inclined to listen when he spoke. Enzo wasn't dumb, he knew of the mannerisms, and he knew of the facial expressions.

But the advice that was being given to him was particularly useful, trying to control his energy a bit better could lead to a more controlled form of attack.

"Alright, focus...."

Enzo would adjust his reishi levels, with the light reiatsu only lightly flowing from Enzo with a low pitched hum.

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#6 Re: [Training] Viva La Espada [Rose/Enzo] on Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:16 pm

"You can blame the Primera Espada for that one. Selica and Nakita don't exactly like men acting like women are lower then men. He honestly should have never spoke of the numbers or the fact of genders seeing as both me and Manda are both girls and we are his fraccion. Honestly you might be right being not heard but then again we are just fraccion, we are the underlings and future Espada when we climb that ladder. Best thing to do is let you Espada know your ideas." She spoke watching him take her advice. " You are doing excellent. See the difference. Unlike you, my reistu doesn't shine but you can feel my pressure if I let it free. I have trained for a long time and can mask my sense to that of a normal weak hollow, made it easier to take my prey on with their guard down." She replied " But then again i always been only half of my true self..." She added as the last part was a mental thought spoken out loud.

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