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Those in front of the freshly cut boy quickly made a point to be there no longer, meekly shying away as he strode forward with a smile on his face. While not too frightening in appearance the utter confidence and disregard in which he thrust himself forward was rather offputting. Luckily for them, and much to their confusion, with a flick of his toes the boy was gone, the stone slightly rippled where his feet once stood.

Not long after he was at an entrance, covered quite well of he might add, to a bunker somewhere out in Bogota. What a godforsaken place. Why here of all places did Doku have to plant is operation. Quite frankly Seo was tired of the dark dank life of exile, but it would have to suffice for now.

Walking through the damp concrete walls he pushed a large door open revealing Doku's space, the man no doubt inside. Without even checking he pulled a chair out and sat back, winding his face while pulling the collar of his black button up.

"After living here for so long, how do we not have AC?"

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Doku raised an eyebrow as the man entered his room without so much as a knock. He was clearly not the brightest in the world, and there were many times were Doku felt that his memory had to be fuzzy, surely there was no way he had taken on this fucking loser to be his disciple right?.. Regardless. As the man took a seat and inquired about the air conditioning Doku would quietly scoff at the notion of it. He wasn't working with a group of pansies, and he wasn't going to hear anything more about that topic of discussion. Regardless, the fact of the matter stood that here was Seo, and he had decided to interrupt Doku's blade sharpening time. Doku sat his Zanpakuto on the table and glared across the room at his rather annoying disciple, "So what are you here for eh?"

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Well his comedy truly was lost on Doku but that was fine. Really, it was more to keep himself entertained than anything. Sighing Seo quickly switched his pose, sitting up a tad straighter in the chair, one leg propped over the other and his arms stretched back, he gave a smirk to Doku.

"Not even a hello or a welcome back huh? I stated in the Gotei for countless months unnoticed and this is how you repay my efforts? Alas. It's expected."

Really, Seo was just happy to be home. Not that the Soul Society wasn't his home at some point. It was just less appealing to him now.

"The old captain commander is dead. But more importantly your son is the new head honcho over there."

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Doku ignored the morons initial attempts at casual conversation, as Doku himself was at BEST uninterested in them. As a matter of fact, Doku was about ready to gut the sorry cunt until he spoke to something that genuinely interested Doku. In an instant Doku was no longer angry, he was no longer mildly annoyed by the presence of Seo, but rather he was intrigued. His cunt of a son had been chosen to become the new Captain Commander in spite of every aspect of history that would point to nearly any other alternative?.. What the fuck were they thinking and more importantly than that, why in the fuck would he accept?.. His son wasn't even a fan of the Gotei, last they had talked he seemed pretty well despondent about the whole faction. Had he changed his mind that easily..?

Doku glanced over towards Seo, whom probably knew by now given the general pause that he had contributed something of worth, something of interest, to Doku. Doku sighed before speaking. "I'll be damned, you do occasionally surprise me Seo. Anything else of importance I need to hear about?" (Hint: Ark)

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