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"i doubt you can even step up to me even with your mask"she said with a smirk under her mask before she tossed the whip towards him as she shunpo forward a bit attempting to wrap thw whip around him. If she caught him she would pull him forward into a cero while tossing him towards a tree. Her pink hair flowed in its ponytail as her kimono moved in the wind. She was enjoying herself way too much at the moment.

Abilities :
Passive:Abilities: Ability name: Otome no Kakashi you (Maiden’s hidden courtesans)
Abilities description: The effect is a simple one of where a vast meadow form at her feet no matter where she is. this meadow loves the drain the Reiatsu of her enemies (Up to 25% per thread). this small meadow allows Anna to create any kind of flower in any way, shape or form from her reistu or the existing plants around herself within a 50 meter radius.


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"Careful Anna, your inner hollow is showing. Don't lose control now." Joshua said, readying himself. He knew Anna was right, but he was still going to give it his all. So, when she swung her vine at him, he quickly dodged out of it's way and reach, while also keeping an eye on Ana's wrist to make sure she wouldn't make any changed in the whips trajectory. He would use his enhanced hearing to keep track of the whip itself as it whistled through the air. He noted that Anna's garden was healing him, undoing some of the damage from earlier. He knew he could take advantage of this but decided not to. This was an endurance test and outside of the healing he couldn't help he would try to avoid or weather all of her attacks.

For now though, he was content to remain on the defensive, as it was necessary to adjust to her new level of strength,

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