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#1 [Open] Enter the Spider's Den on Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:19 pm

what a horrible city. Drug addicts, alcoholics, Thugs. City of lights is a very big understatement if you asked Nakita. She was never one to actually give a care for things like that. One good thing about cities like this...Tons of horny men willing to do almost anything to get a piece of a woman. Nakita was one such woman that was currently enjoying playing around with two guys seeing them get in a fight in front of her over her. Simple ' oh don't let my boyfriend see you' gets in one's head every time.

Nakita smiled relaxing in a both in a top night club VIP lounge. She watched and engaged in conversation while slowly weaving her webs of desire on each of her targets letting her children slowly drain the life from her targets while they themselves fell for her every word every lie. Old habits die hard especially for one that died doing just this. what a wonderful world this was for the spider queen. She took a sip of her martini as she got up from her seat before leaning on a balcony watching the crowded dance floor below her "So much food...Perfect place to make a den for my children to grow."She said to herself allowing a small smile to play on her face.

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