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#1 [Open] The Twisted Flower garden on Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:06 pm

What a beautiful day to relax in the park, enjoy your family, enjoy life. That is what a human would tell you. however, the subject of today is not a human but a small teenage looking arrancar was crouched down under a tree messing with some dirt before she stood up with a smile on her face. She began to walk away in a simple pink sundress as her ankle length pink hair was in two pigtails. She felt a rumble move along the ground before the playground was cracked and swallowed by a massive flytrap formed in the middle spitting out the playground equipment.

The girl giggled clapping her hands as several medium sized flytraps flowed up from the ground sending large pellets in the area around tearing it up as several garganta opened as several hollows came out.

"Thats right my friends come out and play."She said happily cheering on the destruction of the area as she watched truly happy to see the chaos breaking from her display

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#2 Re: [Open] The Twisted Flower garden on Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:32 am

Today was a nice day indeed, Berowalt had been able to finally request some leave from the school, as they had enough teachers show today, that he was able to take a break of his own. It was going swell as well, until he decided to take a back route towards a small tea shop that he often loved to visit. However, it seemed that the gods had other plans for the poor bastard. Cause as he rounded the corner, he noticed something rather strange, a maniacal laughing child, as she called out for her friends to come and play with her. At first Berowalt thought he had found a rather mentally ill child.

But it was worse than that, as several black openings began to form in the air around the small teenage looking girl. A small sigh of defeat seemed to escape Berowalt as he walked towards the playground, several hollow began to slowly climb out of the garganta and looking around at their surroundings. The children that had been there seemed to scream slightly, at the sprouting of giant flytraps, and now parents began to scream as the hollows seemed to flood out of no where. 'Just keep walking.'

Was the single thought that came into Berowalt's mind as he began to continue heading in a single direction, however that was cut short as a rather large hand came slapping down on top of him, everyone seemed to grow quiet, and in a state of shock, as it looked as if someone had just been crushed by a rather large hollow. The silence only lasted a minute as the hollow began to be lifted off the ground by his hands, almost seeming as if he had done a handstand, before a small hole appeared through its mask.

And coming out the other side of the beast before it began to fizzle into nothingness. Standing in a cracked center was the teacher, his glasses laying on the ground broken, a small sigh seemed to escape from the mans lips as he turned to look in the direction of the hollows. "You know... I was just going to walk away as if nothing had happened, and then you literally had to slap me... That's not nice ya know?" He said starting to walk towards the park. "You've also broke my favorite pair of glasses... What am I going to do with you now?"

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#3 Re: [Open] The Twisted Flower garden on Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:18 am

Colbolt laughed enjoying the chaos of her plants and the hollows that joined in the fun. She stopped hearing the death roar of a hollow as she turned listening to a man speak of actually not paying any mind to her chaos. What a sweet guy he was, letting her enjoy herself, how thoughtful. She frowned seeing him now ticked of his favorite glasses get cracked "Technically, you got your revenge on that hollow so you can leave human."She replied with a small smile turning to him starting where she stood flipping some of her salmon pink hair behind her ear.

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#4 Re: [Open] The Twisted Flower garden on Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:15 am

The small teen like girl began to speak about how he had already gotten his revenge for his glasses being broken. His eyes shifting up to meet her own as he began to take a small brisk walk towards her. Dropping the glasses towards the curb he just smiled aptly. "I suppose I did get my revenge on the creature.... but." Within a second almost like a Shinigami's shunpo or a hollow's Sonido. Berowalt ended up rather close to her, not close enough to touch but showing a rather crazy display of speed for someone his size. "But, the one that invited them here was you right? Oh... Also I'm not a human."

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#5 Re: [Open] The Twisted Flower garden on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:23 am

"Technically We are never invited to this fun place...We are the party crashers and I just want to have fun and let my friends join. The hollows follow me. I don't control them nor do i order them, they do what they wish." she said keeping a decent distance between them. She listened to him speak of how he wasn't a human. This confused her causing her to tilt her head " But you look and smell human? You act human as well so wouldn't that make you human? I am confused"She admitted not getting the fact as she knew he wasnt quincy for the fact he wasnt squishy. He had muscles..A lot of them. So what was he?

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