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#1 [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:56 am

Anna rested on a light pink blanket in the middle of central park in new york. Rumor had it she was actually a target for the committee and as much as she knew Joshua would have advised and try keeping her in the safety of the C.H.A.O.S base. She just couldn't stand constantly being stuck around Doku and all his training stuff. She understood she was a medic, a easy target. However, she wasn't weak and people, even the old man underestimated her.

Plus she had her body guards of Joshua and Satou that would fight for her if she needed them too, something she hated to even ask of them. She was a former captain damnit, she would never let her squad fight for her safety, she would lay down her life for theirs so why start letting her guards do that now? The Pastel pink haired Vizard enjoyed the sunny and the warmth it gave as she listen to the song of the flowers in the park and the sounds of life. beautiful, beautiful life...something she had long since forgotten existed from her volunteered exile into the suicide forest.

She closed her eyes listening and watcing for any attacks or any interaction. what would the day hold for the pink vizard

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#2 Re: [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:30 pm

"You know, for a woman with a target on her head, you aren't very good at hiding" The soothing voice of a young woman would be heard somewhere behind Anna, belonging to a girl with snow white hair and a rather risque maid outfit. She had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, without as much as a sound. Somewhat unsettling to say the least, though she hardly looked very threatening. In fact it didn't even look like she had a weapon on her. But there was something that just didn't seem quite right about her.

Her crimson stare looked down over to Anna, almost expressionless as she continued on her introduction "My orders are to bring you in alive, and I would prefer to avoid violence if possible. So surrender yourself and no one needs to get hurt" She meant it too, if this had been a normal contract they wouldn't have had this conversation at all, there were plenty of positions she could have attacked from already, but it seemed like she wanted to keep this one as stress free for all involved.

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#3 Re: [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:00 am

"And honestly I would never expect a maid to even want to try arresting a ordinary pink haired human."She replied leaning her head up looking at the girl upside down before she rolled on to her stomach "And for your information, if I continued to hide like others then it would make you have to dig more...Plus why go after me, I am of not threat to even the flowers in this companions are a bigger threat especially if they know your after me...Maybe that is why...because you want to draw them out?"She asked innocently giving her innocent pink puppy dog eyes in thought. Yes Anna was a medic but she wasn't exactly one that could just give herself up even if she wanted two. she had two annoying guards that would stop her either way. Luckily for now neither were here and that was something Anna was happy about...sort of.

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#4 Re: [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:13 pm

"No, I wouldn't. I'm not paid to arrest people" Rei would sigh as she looked down to the 'human', who was trying to bluff her way out somehow... It wasn't working in the slightest. "I am however paid to kill people, and luckily for you the contract says to bring you back in one piece. The reasons why are of no concern to me." The assassin frowned, crimson stare focused on her target. Even talk of 'comrades' didn't seem to phase her. Though it was hard to tell what the young girl was thinking really.

"Though I would have to advise not to bring your companions into play here. Your friends have no such bounty on them as far as I know, so I won't need to bring them in alive" So far that was the most threatening thing the girl had said but she seemed absolutely sure of herself. It was odd that she hadn't simply started attacking, but it was probably for the best that she had held off for now.

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#5 Re: [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:36 am

"To be fair, I am a wonderful healer and a head of a medical faction for Old man Mazi...Secondly, two of my normal companions indeed has a bounty on their head as well..But unlike me, they are more set for a capture or run off..Unfortunately, you have to somehow capture a daughter of nature...I am curious how you will do this without looking like a big bully...Well actually you would look like a maid trying to bring in her young charge who might be slacking off when she should be home."She said with a giggle "I don't mind playing the spoiled brat role to make you look horrible and probably more embarrassed then the fact of having to wear such a showy uniform...How do you do it? I would die of embarrassment having to wear that and call someone master or young master? i'd probably slit my wrists honestly."Said Anna feeling chatty but more to drag this one and bore this assassin that couldn't kill her since someone wants her captured alive for some odd reason. She knew the terms of her bounty and already foiled others on the attempt with escapes..Shouldn't be too hard beating a woman in heels right?

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#6 Re: [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:21 pm

"I don't think I would wear this if I were you either.. I don't think you could pull it off, you lack the figure" She didn't seem particularly fussed with the girl's taunting, it wasn't anything she had not heard before. It seemed like neither wanted to fight however, so it was simply down to convincing her to give in. "If you want the young miss treatment I can call for my limousine. You can stay in the penthouse at my hotel until you're deemed safe to release." If she was honest, she had no idea why the Committee wanted to capture any of these people, but maybe a tempting offer of a world class hotel room could sway her. She would just let the girl mull it over as she weighed her options, she only had a vague knowledge of her abilities after all, and they were in a rather public place.. a fight wouldn't be good for anyone.

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#7 Re: [Open] Bring in the Pink Garden on Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:59 am

"If I wanted something lavish, I wouldn't work for the old man mazi and those of my race. I understand if you hold no background for me so here is a small version of it. I was a captain 276 years ago, I hollowfied and left, I work for the old man and now I am your target...Is this to hard to figure why I am a selected target with a bounty on my head...I also think you don't want to fight me because of the innocents around which makes you smart but also dumb coming at me in this place, cause unlike you...I don't have any reason to protect them or not bring harm to them if i truly wanted to. Honestly, you should have stayed hidden till i left the park but how knows how long that would be...So go back and tell that girl scout of a leader, you failed to capture your target cause I am going to enjoy my day off right now."She added slowly standing up stretching "Or better yet come shopping with me, be my maid forever..."She joked letting out a laugh as her pink eyes watched Rei. these humans and their pitiful that race was. She closed her eyes shaking her head at the thought of all those riches one day and getting consumed by a hollow the next..What a life she thought

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