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#1 [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:49 am

Anna sighed sitting in a small cafe. She had decided it was about time to re patch things up with someone of her past that she probably should remain dead to. Not like anyone remembered her anyways...she preferred that but a part of her said she needed to at least complete this before her final days...whenever that would be. Maybe in a few seconds maybe centuries down the road.

Anna looked up at the clock on the post across from her as she waited for Ayame...It was about time to let Ayame know the truth of why she left, why she disappeared. She felt horrible knowing she left Ayame alone but would Ayame accept the apology now? Or would Ayame try to arrest her for deserting...So many choices. Anna closed her pink eyes waiting for the outcome of this situation

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#2 Re: [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:23 pm

Ok. So, she may not have exactly told anyone she was leaving the Soul Society, nor did she care whether she was going to be in trouble or not. She had recieved an eerie message stating someone from hee past wanted to meet her. This wouldn't have been a problem had she not assumed the woman was dead. Ayame couldn't believe what she was reading, so she simply had to see it for herself. She knew her squad could care for her patients just fine. As much as she hated to, she was trusting a lot from Kokoro in her absence.

Ayame would wander up on the place they were supposed to be meeting as her yellow eyes scanned the area. Yellow eyes would set upon a woman of the pinkest stature leaving her completely still in motion and thought. She would find herself staring for a while before slowly moving towards her. Her long blue hair had been placed in a ponytail leaving one lengthy strand to run between her eyes and down her face. As she walked up to the woman, Ayame would clear her throat, "It's been a long time.."

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#3 Re: [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:08 am

Anna closed her eyes for a few seconds hearing the sound of footsteps Anna knew all too well. So Ayame did get her message, question was, was the shinigami alone? Anna didn't want any unexpected guests. "I am happy to see you again Ayame...It has been a very long time...about 276 years to be exact."said Anna "How is Kokoro treating you and the other medics...Don't let him take the healing and compassion you hold from you."Said Anna allowing a smile to paint on her face before she mentioned to the chair in front of her "Come, Relax...Did you come alone?"she asked

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#4 Re: [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:48 am

Yellow eyes would stare at the woman before her as she seemed all too interested in talking with Ayame. Why was she so calm about this whole thing? Did she even care ahout the things that happened? Did she even care about how Ayame felt? She listened to the words of her former Captain leaving her a bit frustrated in her way, however she found herself remaining calm in face of a familiar. Her words were kind, but she had answers that she wanted more than some silly games. Nonetheless, she held her tongue and would attempt to hold comversation so not to drae attention.

Ayame would sit in front of the woman closing her eyes with a deep breath before opening them again. Her posture was straight and tense as her single strand of hair flowed down her face. "Indeed. I am alone. I can handle myself. No need in bringing anyone else into this. I know you wouldn't harm me anyway," the woman would say calmly before turning her head to the right, where she would watch a small brunette child playing. She was a cute girl with a polka dot dress, which seemed to calm Ayame down some. "Kokoro has been treating us just fine. We tend to keep our people separated as much as possible, since our work doesn't cross much. At least when he leaves, he tells me where he's going." She would take a shot straight through the dark leaving the arrow to hopefully pierce the woman's emotions. Ayame had always been bitter. Anna knew more than anyone that she was the only person Ayame ever had growing into her shinigami wardrobe.

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#5 Re: [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:27 am

Anna felt that hard arrow into her heart as she closed her eyes "I left to protect the squad...Something happened on that day...Something I couldn't explain, nor would anyone understand. If I had stayed, I would have been found out and put as a test subject for Kokoro to probably enjoy torturing to understand more. If I had told you everything...They would have forced you to tell them...I didn't want anyone to hurt you or the squad so I left without telling anyone...If i kept contact, they would have figured out...I wasn't the most stable vizard at that moment. I had to ask Ika to help me full control this...thing, that i am."She replied forming the mask in her hand before letting it fade "I did it to protect you Ayame, I didn't want you to see me as that monster, no one needed to see that monster."she added allowing herself to get out what she needed to. She knew nothing she could say would make up for the betrayal she did to Ayame and the Gotei and Shinigami. honestly, she hoped to never have to ever see Ayame, she wanted to remain hidden and dead but she knew with the movement in the committee and the bounty on her...She needed to get it out before she might not have a chance to. Would she hold that regret if she died? to never truly tell Ayame everything.

"Let out all you feel on to me Ayame, I can handle all you have to throw cause i deserve it."She commented waiting to hear Ayame rip her to shreds with her words and feelings. Sometimes she was glad colbolt took a lot of the emotions when it come to things like this

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#6 Re: [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:39 am

Ayame would listen to the woman before her speaking odd in her way saying things that didn't quite make sense. It was all scattered and not coherent to begin with, considering nothing that Anna was saying seemed to be relative to her leaving. Why would Kokoro experiment on her? Why would she have been in danger? What did she not tell Ayame that was so important? Yellow eyes would watch in confusion, until her face would change to shock and saddness. She would look away twisting her hair about in her lap as the hair between her eyes was tugged tight every so often. The woman would clear her voice before looking down, "A-A vizard? You said.."

Ayame would look to Anna as her eyes seemed to glaze with wetness, but nothing more would come from them. Her thoughts would spiral in her head as she would stare at the pink before her. She was lost, she was confused, and she was.. angry. Why was she so angry? Why did she even care anymore? Anna made her choices and knew there would be consequences. So, why did Ayame feel so childish about all of this? Anna would speak telling Ayame she had every right to be upset and that she would listen to whatever it is she wanted to say. It was almost as if Ayame had been let loose for but a few moments.

"I wouldn't have minded. I wouldn't have.. cared. I- I would have went with you. I would have helped you. I could have.." Ayame would turn her head away as she held back tears. "All I wanted was a goodbye. I would have done ANYTHING you told me to. I would have stayed. I would have went. I would have followed you to the ends of any world. But you couldn't even tell me goodbye? They never scared me and sure as hell don't now. I would have went through anything. You think they didn't question us after you left? I just... I've spent years wondering why. Wondering where you were. Wondering what happenes. I thought I'd never see you again. I thought I had been abandoned.. like everyone before you," Ayame would stop talking right there as tears lined her face. Her voice was unwavering. Her eyes would still as she looked away from Anna. Her breathing was calm, yet she still cried.

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#7 Re: [Private] Memory of a forgotten teacher on Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:26 am

Anna listen to Ayame pour her heart and feelings out "That is why i didn't tell you, I didn't want you to follow me, I didn't want to risk you...Getting hurt, by whatever i was. Each day was hell, fighting that urge back, fighting it back. It wanted to kill you, everyone. I fought so hard and so long trying to fight it on my own and stay with you guys and be the captain, I was...I was weak and couldn't handle it and keep being that captain. I left so you all could get someone better then me do you get it...I will never say Kokoro is better then me, He can shove that scythe where the sun don't shine for all I care, I will never call him the captain for squad 3, Ika choose wrong letting him have control in my opinion but I'm not a shinigami captain anymore...I am a Chaos Agent..Head of their medical branch. You have a friend in Chaos Ayame and if I can give warning for you and the shinigami, I will but it will bring heat with Ika's Old man."She replied scratching the left side of her head "Ayame..the 4th squad would have not survived well if the both of us left and I knew when I left it, you would take care of it and everyone on it. It has been in good hands and no matter what anyone says, in my eyes you are the captain for squad 4 and he is captain of squad 12 even if he is called squad 3 cause he will NEVER be the leader the medical division needs."She replied sighing "I never adbandon you, I have kept up tabs and need to knows on you and the affairs of the Gotei through my sister...I will still always be there for you when you call, I don't care what Ika or Doku says, when it comes down to it, deep down, I am still your captain and still responsible for you till you take my spot and my Haroi."She Replied reaching down beside her holding a white box "Honestly, I think you should have a speciality made one to fit who you are but consider this me passing on the torch I should have gave you before I left."She added resting the box in front of her

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