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#11 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:47 am

As quickly as she had given the signal, Jackal would arrive on scene leaving Selica more than impressed, but she was always impressed with her king. Anyway, she had given Colbolt a nod at the statement of Misaka wanting to be a princess meaning she would definitely make it happen somehow. "This little Lily bud is Misaka. Misaka has a friend that will be here anytime to get her and I assure you, you'd rather him be further away from Las Noches. That's why we're here," Selica would say to Jackal as to sort of point him in the right direction. She would have gladly came to him had she not feared the one coming for them would level the whole building. Misaka was now staring at the king with large, sparkling brown eyes. This trip was certain to wear her out with all of the excitement she was feeling.

The king would continue speaking the whole time Misaka was fawning over him being a real king. Selica would stand silently as she herself was looking him over and enjoying the view. As he complimented them, a slight blush would cross over her face as her blood red lips formed a lighthearted smile. "Don't worry. We're just having a friendly chat. Misaka was actually just about to tell us how it was she got here," Selica would say with a slight roll of her eyes at Jackal's comment towards her. He was always so worried about her behavior, but she wasn't THAT terrible. Green eyes would wander over the small child, who was taking a deep breath to probably kill them all with a pile of speech.

"Ok! So, Misaka was at the Committee with Asselerator and Misaka got lost. Misaka founda room with a big, pretty thingy that was really bright and flashy. Ok! So, Misaka fell onto the thingy and then POOF Misaka was here in the sand. Then, Pretty Colbol saved me and Momma Selica found Misaka. Now, Misaka gets to meet a real king with a real castle and Misaka just wants to ask... Can Misaka be a Princess?!" The small girl would be breathing heavily after having half shouted her very wordy story.

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#12 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:13 am

"I am always on my best behavior my king, Thor and Selica certainly keeps me on the right path I assure you. I happen to stumble upon her feeling a strange reistu and saved her from one of our lesser kin... Oh and now she taken my nickname for Selica and im pretty colbol for some reason. I also heard how she got here which is one reason i mentioned our king and our supposed castle" explained Colbolt giving wolfgang a quick bow once he reached them as she blushed slightly at the compliment. She looked at misaka and honestly thought the girl would die from not taking a bresth in her long quick speech that still made her so adorable.

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#13 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:42 am

The Jackal was perplexed by Selica's words in reference to someone retrieving the Misaka. He was then taken back to his first meeting with Selica. The Jackal can recall a time when she spoke of her previous allegiances. The Cero could only assume that the woman knew who the big bad wolf was. His reasons for being perplexed was Selica's apparent fear. Maybe it was fair warning, but Wolfgang was hardly concerned by it. Should someone come forth and fuck with his home. Then that person deserve everything wicked and vile that would befall them. Eyes of teal wandered about, carefully watching all present. It was then that Misaka began to speak. The young child caught him off guard. So much so that the man raised his left eyebrow in response to it. Was the child every planning on taking a breath? He found her most amusing, but more importantly, he took in every word that the child spoke. He could easily be a sceptic, which meant he could easily ignore her words.

On the other hand, Selica and Colbolt seem to take it seriously. He also took Selica's past life into consideration. The Jackal thought back on the meeting and his desires. Surely Colbolt and Selica could now see that the man was right. They needed to protect themselves, one way or another. Before making any such moves, Wolfgang had a certain part to play. "I think you'd be an amazing princess. I approve". Wolfgang said in response to Misaka, his words accompanied with a smile. "Selica, sometime soon, you and I need to have a proper chat. Its high time I learn a bit more about our competitors. In the mean time, Misaka here can be our guest. Who knows, maybe whoever comes after her will think twice before causing trouble".

Based on what Misaka explained, he figured more or less that the committee was up to something. They figured out some way of opening portals to other dimensions. He was interested to know if said device could open a path to the Soul Society and even Hell. Wolfgang placed his hand on his chin. There was much to consider now. The Jackal looked at Colbolt and Selica in instructive eyes. Young Misaka was in their care now.

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