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#1 [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:19 am

Misaka was having quite the big day running around the Committee Headquarters with Accel, since he couldn't find anyone to sit on her. What was with that anyway? Why did someone get paid to sit on babies? He explained it way too many times before, but she just didn't understand it. She was glad that nobody had sat on her yet, but she wouldn't tell Accel they weren't doing their jobs right. She didn't want to be sat on. Anyway, she was having fun skipping down the halls and spinning in circles, until she managed to lose him. She always did that.

Misaka would find herself in a different hallway than normal, but she would soon come upon a big doorway. Her head would peak around the corner as multiple people seemed to be inside, but nobody noticed her. She would inch her way around the corner and wander off into the room as she noticed some super fancy stuff. There were weird blue papers everywhere, there were glowing things, there was sparkly stuff, and there was a pretty girl there too. Misaka wanted to talk to her, but she was distracted by something much, much bigger and shinier. Brown eyes would sparkle as she would look at the big circle thing with pretty colors on it. She would walk towards it not paying attention, which was never good for a child like her.

Misaka had gotten close enough to be able to touch it before she would trip over a cord causing her to tumble into the machine and into a big pile of sand. She would pick herself up off her tummy as she would spit sand out of her mouth and brush off her face. "Yuck, Misaka does NOT like sand, except Misaka likes pretty sand castles. Misaka has never made a sand castle before. Hey, Asseler.. a.. tor?" She would turn around as sand clung to her hair and clothes. Her eyes would widen as she would stand to her feet noticing that there wasn't anything or anyone for as far as she could see. Was Misaka alone? She would pull her hands up to her chest as she would begin to tear up, "Asselerator.. Misaka is scared. Where is Asselerator?" She would shout loudly hoping he was somewhere nearby as she would see something rising from under the ground in front of her. A Monster? Misaka would stand staring at the big, dark monster as it towered over her. Tears would stream her face as she would stand staring not sure what to do.

"Can Misaka go home now?" She would cry out.

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#2 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:02 pm

A large salmon pinkaaa beam fired a hole through the monster's mask as a salmon pink haired teenager was standing behind the disintegrating monster "First rule of Hundo mundo kid, don't make a sound. You will attract monsters like him alot more then you already do."Said the girl moving over to Misaka "How did you manage to get here human child?"asked Colbolt moving around the girl with a confused look "You do not have a soul chain and your not corrupting...Oh where are my manners my name is Colbolt Nagito...i am a fraccion for the primera Espada Thor Blesker. "Introduced Colbolt feeling this might help the scared girl

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#3 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:42 pm

Misaka would stare at the monster with wide eyes as she would watch it come closer and closer. She didn't know what to do aside from cry. She wanted to run away, but where would she go? Maybe if she just stayed still, then Accelerator would find her. Before the monster could get close, a pink beam would shoot out of the monster's head. Misaka would watch as the monster began to disappear before her eyes. That wasn't accelerator. Who was it?

Brown eyes would land on a woman, who began to talk to her. Misaka was very confused, but there was one thing she was sure about. This lady was very pretty. Her eyes seemed to be sparkling in awe as the girl walked around her and talked to her. She would introduce herself and that's about all Misaka understood out of any of her words, but it would make her smile. She would attempt to get close to the lady to grab her hand.

"Misaka is Misaka. Misaka doesn't know anything pretty Colbo just said, but Misaka does know how she got here. Misaka was at the Committee with Asselerator and Misaka got lost. Misaka found a big room with a big shiny thing and when Misaka fell on it.. it brought Misaka here," the little girl would up to Colbolt with a bright face before she would slowly frown. She would look around again before looking back to Colbolt sadly, "But.. Misaka lost Asselerator. Misaka misses him and doesn't want to be here with the monsters. Misaka wants to go home."

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#4 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:32 pm

Colbolt watched Misaka give her a odd "awe so pretty" look which confused Colbolt who looked around to see if Selica or Nakita was around? She was confused how Misaka found her pretty. She then saw the child move to her before she felt Misaka grab her hand.

Every primeal instinct in Colbolt screamed for her to consume a child but the annoying emotions she gained from her connection with her Vizard side slapped those instincts back in their cages in her mind. She listened to Misaka explain how she got there as she guessed Asselator was the girl's guardian? Father? Master? Boyfriend?brother? She had no clue other then he or it meant alot to misaka. "So the Committee has a teleporter of sorts...My king would be very pleased to know...Hey Misaka, How about we go to my home where you should be safe so my king can get ahold of this Asselator to come get you so you may return home.. I promise i got tons of friends inside and you will be safe from the monsters out here.."she spoke

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#5 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:00 am

Misaka would listen to the pretty Colbol speak about a king, which would instantly have her eyes sparkling again with excitment. Then, she would be invited to Pretty Colbol's home where the king was. SHE MUST LIVE IN A CASTLE! Misaka would allow a smile to stretch from ear to ear as she thought about going to a real castle with a real king. Her eyes would sparkle as she would let go of Pretty Colbol's hand and spin in circles. "OH! Misaka would love to go to a pretty castle and see a real king! Does Pretty Colbol think that the king would make Misaka a real princess? Misaka has always wanted to be a real princess! Misaka would love to go to your castle house!" She would giggle as she wobbled to a stop before looking to Pretty Colbol with a light smile. "Misaka would also really like to be with Asselerator too. So, Misaka would double love to go." As she finished speaking, another woman would appear behind Pretty Colbol and she was super pretty too.

The red haired Espada would find her way towards the source of the very, very light Reiatsu that was near Colbolt. She womdered if it was just a simple holloe at first, but she soon noticed it was different. When she arrived, green eyes would set upon a small, brunette child that was dancing around the pink flower of her life. The small brunette was speaking something about a king, a castle, and an Asselerator. Oh no. Selica would find herself looking more concerned if this Asselerator was who she thought he was. Still, this child was very adorable, cute, and probably very huggable. She wanted to keep it, but she knew it would be a bad idea. She would sigh rubbing the back of her neck.

"My dearest flower, you didn't bring this small lily bud from the human world, did you? There are consequences to such actions, so I need you to speak the truth, sweet rose," the woman would say before the small child would walk up to her as close as humanly possible as she strained her neck to look up. Her small hands would grab onto Selica's own before a smile would cross her blood red lips. She simply couldn't resist. The woman would scoop up the small child, who continued to stare in awe. "Although, she is very small and adorable. What a sweet little lily bud."

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#6 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:16 am

Colbolt watched misaka go into over drive about the king and a supposed castle which confused but amused colbolt at the child's wonder. She was about to respond when selica appeared behind her. Colbolt turned watching selica before she smiled "That is Momma Selica..and no I am not the type to drag humans to this place. She came here through a teleporter from the Committee i was about to take her to our king so he should know of the Committe..Misaka tell Selica how you got here."said colbolt

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#7 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:51 am

Eyes of teal observed the happenings some distance away. Hair boasting the same colour flowed gently in the breeze. The Jackal released the grains of sand which he held in his left hand. The sands of Hueco Mundo can be quite lonely, but it was also quite alluring. The Jackal watched the whole exchange with Colbot and the child. The unknown person was lucky to be saved. Colbolt's timing was perfect, something Wolfgang was certain the youngster would appreciate. He wasn't exactly in ear shot of their conservation. Soon after, Selica arrived on the scene, and things seem to develop further. Wolfgang watched as Selica picked up the child. The Jackal sighed a little while uttering under his breath "Behave Selica, behave". It was almost a whisper. He did not mean it for the ears of anyone else but himself. The child now had two people tending to her needs. Now curious, Wolfgang released some of his reiatsu. This effectively acted like a beacon of sorts. Colbolt and Selica will no doubt recognise it and know that they were being watched. The Jackal on the other hand was patient enough to allow them time to make a decision. If needed, he would observe the two a while longer. And hopefully the situation will become much clearer. In some ways he felt as if he had stumbled onto something. Not wanting to impose himself too much. Wolfgang elected to hang back and see how it all develops. He was anticipating needing to return to Las Noches.

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#8 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:24 am

Selica would listen to Colbolt exchange words with herself and the small child. So, her name was Misaka. She was definitely certain this child belonged to THAT Accelerator, which could lead to trouble for them. He was bound to come for her sooner or later. Selica knew that out of everything the world had to offer this child definitely stole his heart, even if she hadn't believed he had one before. Now she was nust tempted to kill it, but Colbolt would speak some intriguing information over Selica. The small child wiggled about in her arms as she would snuggle in closer to Selica. She would hear the child whisper, "Momma Selica," before going silent for a moment. What was this child doing? Children were odd, yet cute at the same time. Did she like the child or did she want it dead? It was quite a toss up.

The child's mouth would open with a gasp of air as if she were about to blast a mountain of words at Selica. However, the plant woman would place a finger over the child's lips feeling the blasting of theost familiar spiritual pressure. Her heart would flutter feeling the Cero Espada was watching them, but she couldn't help feeling as if he was making sure she was being a good girl. Green eyed would look in the very direction she felt the pressure coming from before she would remove her finger from the girl's lips. "Misaka wanted to meet the King right? I'm sure he would love to hear her story too. He loves stories," Selica would raise a free hand above her head while releasing the smallest amount of her own pressure as not to disturb the little human. It was a sort of signal for Jackal to stop lurking and come join them. She knew he would want to hear about this.. so called teleporter. Besides, she just loved being around such a handsome and powerful man.

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#9 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:50 am

God what a cute sight to see a child warming up to Selica and even taking Colbolt's secret nickname for Selica. To Colbolt Selica was a mother figure in alot of ways as one she was the techincal only women figure around and tep selica had a strong plant affliation just like Colbolt plus Selica often protected and took care of her so that is what a techincal mother does right? Humans are such odd creatures with their family roles. Colbolt felt the reistu of Wolfgang flair a bit. "I was wondering when our king would notice...oh Selica she wants to be a princess"Added Colbolt with a smile feeling selica release some of her own as if welcoming their king to join

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#10 Re: [Private] Misaka's Little.. Mistake. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:24 am

The three were certainly getting cosy with each other. Wolfgang was able to witness the affection the young child showed towards Selica. He'd already given the signal, hoping that they would get their asses in gear. Selica took the time to gaze off in his general direction. Which meant both her and Colbolt was very much aware of his presence. He was also taken aback by Selica's response. They communicated using their Reiatsu, but something tells him Selica didn't exactly receive his message. The man shook his head before releasing a sigh. Without further delay the man vanished from his spot. He travelled using the Sonido technique, which was performed with a great deal of mastery. A single movement allowed him to cover large distance. He was already in the midst of the trio. The man came to s stop five meters behind Selica. Eyes of teal paid close attention to the child along with Colbolt. "Good day ladies, it seems you've found a new friend. Who might this young woman be?". He quizzed while knowing that she wasn't of the Hollow variety. They were now in the presence of the Cero Espada. A man who was curious about the child's presence. "Just how did that lil one end up here? Seems rather odd if ya ask me. Furthermore, you two ladies look to be in fine form too. Please accept my compliments". He said aloud, referring to their general beauty and well being. He wasn't blind to what was before his eyes. In any case though, he needed to find out what he could about the child. "I didn't think I'd be all the way out here. But I could resist staying away. Tis good to let yourself go and give him to what is on offer. On the other hand, I hope ya behaving yourself too". He stated while his words trailed off. Selica should be used to the meaning behind his words. Wolfgang settled himself, keeping his Reiatsu at bay. He wasn't intending on causing some unintentional body harm. He could now do with a cigarette for sure.

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