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#1 [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:40 pm

She had recently been overseeing the development of a new mode of transportation among the different worlds of spiritual beings. Natasha knew that the shinigami and the espada alike could travel between the three worlds, however she didn't enjoy the idea of them being able to pop in only to escape just as quickly. The humans didn't seem to have a way to do such a thing until now. Thanks to the research and development team, Natasha was very excited to announce what it was they could do.

She had called together a meeting for all of the committee members to bring to light the newest invention and set some rules down on it. As the many began to file in, she would say her greetings and continue to sit still in her ways. She would watch the many bright faces of the future wander in unsure of what they were in for. Some had in mind that this would be another sort of meet and greet, but they were gladly mistaken. Natasha hated those types of meetings as much as the next, however she did tend to notice that the group was a bit out of place with eachother.

Anyway, the last of the group would file in leaving Natasha to stand from her seat looking out at the individuals she entrusted her work to. The room would be locked tight and secured probably leavingquite the spectacle of looks from the attendees. "I'm sure all of you are ready to get this over with and get out. Well, good news is we're not doing the adult version of the "who are you?" routine. I'm glad that all of you could make it, though I have more pressing matters to attend to and not much time to speak on it," She would clear her throat before continuing. "Thanks to our very intelligent Research and Development Division. We no longer need to be worried about strictly defending what he have here. We now have the option to travel between the very worlds that threaten us. We call this option the Ark. It utilizes the same prinicpals of transportation as the shinigami and arrancar when they travel to our very own plane of existence. Now, this equipment can not teleport us through our own world, but that's not something we can't fix. However, this machine is NOT to be taken lightly and will have various restrictions on it. The Research Division will keep this under strict lock and key while logging anything that dares move in and out of it. Permission will be required before use of the device and anyone caught using it without... will be severely punished. This is not information to be widespread. We'll classify this as our secret weapon. Don't make me hunt you down, ok?" Natasha would smile menacingly near the end of her little speech giving off quite the uncomfortable aura.

She would allow people to either say their pieces or not. However, she simply hoped they would hurry and leave. She had more steady matters to attend to and more informatiom to pass along to individuals higher on the chain. "That'sall I have for now. You'reall dismissed," Natasha would say staring at the group nonchalantly as the doors would open.

Ochako showed up. She listened. She was a bit nervous about the threat of being chased down. She wouldn't say anything if her life depended on it. She had nothing to add. She would leave as soon as she was dismissed. That's it.

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#2 Re: [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:12 am

Gwynevere would be one of the first to arrive. She was nobility after all, she had an image to keep. As such upon her arrival she gave a polite greeting to the Committee's leader before taking her seat, waiting for the others to join them. Sol'Elis was along not long after, it was in her nature to be on time. She gives a very simple greeting before taking a seat, carelessly waiting for things to continue. Uther would appear ten minutes later, a bit out of breath. He arrived before Natasha began speaking as not everyone had arrived by that point. However, he would be the last to arrive. "Please forgive my tardiness, I had a bit of trouble with a Hollow I ran into on the way here." He gives Natasha a friendly greeting before he too sits down and listens.

After the woman finishes talking, the three have various thoughts. Some voiced, some not. Take Sol'Elis for example. On the outside, she remains the same. Uncaring, and ready to leave. Inside her head she was worried. She hoped this wouldn't spark a feud with anyone before they were ready.

Gwynevere had a bit to state on the matter though. "Advancement such as this will truly make history. As long as this system is safe it will be a great asset."

"It feels cowardly to keep something like this hidden until needed, but I see the merit to doing such a thing. In all things, we must make sure we use this for what is right." Uther chimes shortly after.

They remain long enough to hear the input of everyone else before all three depart, each heading their separate ways.

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#3 Re: [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:07 am

Aria Skipped into the meeting with her usual happy pace and demeanor. She had a simple white blouse with a rainbow flow skirt rainbow in her hair. She sat down in her seat holding some files as she waited greeting whoever wanted to or who was near her. She listened to Natasha watching her. Natasha was always so stern so cool, someone everyone respected. Aria waited patiently before she got up "Uh excuse me, Aria vice chief of the R and D department. We wanted to make sure everyone knows if this is to be use you have to get written permission from either Alex or myself and Natasha has to sign off a week or so prior to where you are wishing to go..for immediate threats Natasha will be the one to decide about the immediate okay. I also wanted to point out THIS IS NOT A TOY! It will not be treated as such and there is no buttering anyone up to get special treatment for it."She added bouncing a bit as she talked "That was all I wanted to say...Everyone have a wonderful day!"She added

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#4 Re: [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:37 am

Having been present at Natasha's request, I beheld the opening statement announcing what could be classed as many things, though it became labeled as a weapon. It's name was the Ark, and it was something that many in the Research team had been working on for quite some time, most notably Jun Tomoshibi and Alexander Kerensky. I too had my hand in it, though I mostly helped with the building of it. The brains of those two however were quite something, having written up the plans for the entire thing. Though the lady leader of ours was intimidating to most people, and her warning made the others in the room seem like they were afraid to use it at all.... Except for Aria, she seemed to be prancing her ass around the table proud to finally have a sizable say in something.

"I'm going to make this very clear. If anyone misuses the Ark.... I will be the first one to hunt you down. Some of you may not know me that well, and it's fine... but I don't play very nicely with others. Although all these warnings just make me want to use the machine for my own nefarious purposes" I enjoyed flaunting my influence around the table, especially if I made a couple of the newbies shit themselves in the process. However it may have been, I still laughed at the end of my sputtering just to make it clear that I wasn't all too serious about messing with it. I might go through the proper channels, and I might not, it really didn't matter to me. "Man, that Alexander is a genius. It's his brain that's generated a lot of the technology that the Committee has and I'm quite fond of him for it. Though I might have to steal some of his secrets, just so he has a bit of competition. Either way, it'll be nice to celebrate a faster way to smash some heads together."

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#5 Re: [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:45 am

Sakota had came when called, as the 1st Gunner, one of the leaders of the Committee's Artillery Division he was extremely rather high ranking for one of his age, he sometimes felt he didn't deserve the role. But he didn't get it without the strength and skills to back it up. He was also extremely loyal to the Committee and followed orders without a moments hesitation.

So they were being briefed on a new weapon, well not really a weapon but more of a means of transportation to one of the other realms, he had been to the Seireitei already, but never Hueco mundo. He understood the need for such a device, and had faith that the Committee would use it responsibly. Though he also could understand the desire for secrecy, the Espada would probably use it as provocation, and there might even be members of the Gotei who would be against humans having this power. Especially with the history they have with the quincies.


Haru came as he was called, as lazy and laid back as he is, he would do whatever he could to see Natasha, the woman in charge as often as he could, even if it meant being her punching bag. He had also spent some time in the R+D Department, so he was liking the sound of the new tech they developed. Though he couldn't see what all of the hullabaloo was about keeping it a secret, but who would he tell.

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#6 Re: [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:27 am

Akuma would fallow one of her bosses Vice chief Aria, though she fallowed a dozen steps behind her trying not to be noticed by the others. She wears her typical outfit with a white lab coat over it. Akuma would silently find a seat near Aria or just stand nearby, She didn't really want to be here but figured being one of the few labs assistants, she comes in case she had to help Aria or something. Noah Ark, a fascinating object that Akuma was able to study for a little while, it did disappoint her slightly that it seemed she wasn't able to master the Arks unique ability. Akuma listens to the chatter in the room, she really didn't know what to say or even if it was ok to speak in the first place. Akuma also wondered whether or not she should ask Aria to explain how the machine worked but then again its supposed to be a secret. Akuma would listen in until Aria herself got up and left before making her own way out unless she was stopped for any reason.

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#7 Re: [Open] Not so Secret Weapon on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:47 pm

Rei had made an appearance, intrigued with this new technology, though it was certainly ground breaking stuff she couldn't see why it had to be kept under lock and key like this... Maybe it came from being capable of getting anywhere on earth quickly to begin with, but she had no issues with the restrictions Natasha wished to keep on this 'Ark'. Thus, she had no reason to complain and with her usual line of work secrecy was not going to be an issue here. Something wasn't quite right though.

What the maid couldn't tell is there was a stranger in the room, or more accurately leaving it. It looked like a young man with white hair had excused himself early. Walking out past the group to exit after meeting had been adjourned. This white haired stranger was betting on the fact that everyone would ignore his presence and assume he was meant to be there. Though the slight grin he had as he walked out of the room was something that at least Rei would take note of

The second he had walked out in the street, he would promptly take out a burner phone and dialed in a few numbers before bringing it to his ear. "We may have a situation. I'll report back shortly" And with that, the sinner would be long gone with the information on this nifty new tech from the Committee's R&D Department. Before he could escape completely though, he would get the feeling someone might have noticed. Which was right, as Rei had followed his exit and had managed to snap a picture of him as she stepped into her limo. "Mira, run this picture through out systems. I want to know who he is" the other maid would nod and get to work as they drove away.

- Satoshi and Rei exit -

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