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#1 [Open] One Ex-Captain to Another [Seralin/Akane] on Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:15 pm

She was happy today. She was put out on patrol, something she hated, and it was dull and cloudy out. But she was happy. She was able to recreate her very first success, Sol'Elis. Not only remake her, but make her better than ever. Previous flaws she didn't want to work out before because she thought they'd 'work themselves out' she flushed out in the hopes that this time, she wouldn't lose the small girl. Even if she was going to be put in that human group, she felt like the little girl was that much safer thanks to what she, her creator, had done to better her.

She was so happy, in fact, that she didn't even notice that someone else had been walking by, and Seralin bumped into them.

"Oh, oh gosh, please forgive me. I've been very..." Words stop coming to mind when she sees who she bumped into. She quickly backs up and bows deeply. "Please forgive me, Ex-Captain Akane." Her tone wasn't one of fear, but deep respect. This was the person that had accepted her back into the Seireitei after all.

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Akane had been taking it easy recently, in fact ever since the incident she had been taking it easy. Having taken over a nice little bakery to keep herself busy. It kept her happy, none of the stress of being a Captain and basically no way to ever have to worry about conflict ever again. The very thought of it would send spark of pain through the rather telling scar she had hidden away under her clothes. Today though, she had gone out to collect some ingredients only to bump into someone on her way. She was so very focused on her errand the shock had almost set the girl off.

There was a dramatic increase of her spiritual pressure, reaching ridiculous heights as the red-head tried to calm herself. She had been going so well the past few days she had been hoping to avoid an episode. Luckily, she calmed herself before it went too bad, but she had dropped her things in the collision. Snapping out of her shock to meet the gaze of Seralin. "O-oh. Please, no need for that" She had been one of the most promising shinigami of recent history, though it seemed her talents were going to waste at this stage.

She would start to gather up her things, frowning slightly as she inspected her ingredients, making sure there was nothing was broken in the scuffle. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Are you okay?" It was more for her spiritual outburst than the collision.. something like that could be far more startling after all.

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She had been in the middle of her apology when the woman's Spiritual Pressure hit. Her body tensed up and spiked her own to remain standing, and even then it was a bit tough. "You're still as strong as ever..." Seralin whispers to herself. Hearing the woman speak, Seralin straightens up. "N-no, I'm fine. Just out on a patrol. I was distracted, too hyped up from the completion of a person project I've been working on." She kneels down and begins to help the woman pick up her ingredients. She hands things over as she picks them up since Akane seemed to be organizing things and checking them over as she picks them up.

"It's only natural that I'd not want to inconvenience you, you're vote is what got me back in to the Gotei after all. It's been a while since we were last able to talk." She straightens up after everything was picked up. "How is everything going? All I had heard was that you decided to retire, and I heard gossip that you've taken up baking." The last bit of that sentence brought a bit of a smile. "I'll have to stop by where you work, I love freshly baked goodies."

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The girl frowned slightly, taking note that her outburst had caused something of a problem for Seralin, though thankfully only a brief one. It was something she certainly needed to work on, though control had never really been her strongest attribute. Regardless, she was quickly picking up her things when the other woman began to help her out. "Well that's good to hear, what have you been working on?" Thanking her, she quickly gathered up her things with minimal losses from the looks of things.

"I decided that I was a little too young to be given a role like I had. Everyone else around here has been at it for years... I've hardly gotten over dying the first time" And it seemed she wanted to avoid dying a second, there was plenty of time to get back into it, after all, it wasn't like her powers were going anywhere. Though it was certainly not a normal thing, such a young shinigami with as much power as she had. Which had probably been a factor in her downfall. "I started up my own bakery, it's going quite well so far. I learnt most of it from my mother..." She trailed off a bit "I think it'll do me good to keep away from stress and sort myself out"

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Seralin listens as the woman speaks, thinking over her words before replying. "Well, remember the Mod Soul that returned with me? I had created her over a year ago before... well, you know what happened." It had been reviewed during a Captain's meeting, that the Mod Soul had been killed by a rogue Arrancar attack. "Well, I remade her. She won't be exactly the same, but... I was able to modify the Soul Pill to have her same personality." She hears the young girl mention her lack of experience and wanting to figure things out.

"Take your time, you're still young. Experience and control will come with time. However, it will not come when most convenient for your schedule. You can either wait for it, or it will barrel into you with the speed of a bullet train." She reaches over and pats Akane's shoulder. "If you want I can teach you how to control your Spirit Energy better. On your free time, of course."

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"Well that is good news, I'm glad to hear she is alright" Akane didn't know too much about mod souls, or how they were actually created, but it was nice to hear some good news for a change. Though clearly she was out of the loop, maybe things were just winding down and getting back to normal once again. With all her ingredients back in hand, she was happy that most of it hadn't been ruined in their little clash.

Though she raised an eyebrow at the offer of assistance. Even in her current state, Akane was probably one of the most powerful beings in the soul society. It was nice that Seralin was concerned however. She offered a small bow and shook her head "I appreciate it, but I know how to control my powers... I guess skill isn't the issue" It was more that she didn't want to use them at all, at least subconsciously, which made it much harder to utilize it. It was a mental problem that she needed to work out herself.

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