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#1 [private]Conquring one's inner self (Koko/Anna) on Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:07 pm

The Gotei, how times has changed back in the day, there was thirteen feared they were moved down to truly pathetic the Shinigami has fallen since she had left. A pastel pink haired female slowly walked through the gates of the seritei. This was one place, she told herself that she could never come back to. this place forever changed her in so many ways. She found her first love only to later feel him die in her arms. the very first recorded hollowfication that spread like a disease, awakening shinigami that never even knew they were able to be vizards...Hollowified monsters they were. She found that day she was one of those monsters.

Anna closed her pink eyes moving past the various shinigami that were there. She remember the pain, the hard time fighting that urge to kill to take see the light fade in one's eyes and the sudden appearance of her mask little by little, even relaxing it was showing. it was hard to hide it back then so she did what was best, She dissappered for the sake of those who respected her. She couldn't let them see her weakness...She couldn't have bared to let them shed a once of worry for her.

Anna opened her eyes Before Flash stepping past the various shinigami flying through the gotei sliding to a stop at the entrance to squad three. So this was what her squad was now. Squad three, still just the medics and janitors of the gotei but now they were the record keepers...why not call them the bartenders while one was at it. She balled up her fists taking a deep breath. Come on Anna, don't back out now...This is the only way to end it. I have to take her down once and for all, I have to end her... Said Anna in her head before she reached forward pushing the doors open before she headed inside. She kept her eyes closed as she pulled all her knee length pastel pink hair in a ponytail while she walked.  "Kokoro, can you please come out here."She called out standing in the middle of the open space waiting for the captain to come.

She knew Kokoro very well having to tend to a lot of the things she never approved of from the crazy bastard. She never could stand him and she felt he couldn't stand her. Anna would never be caught dead coming to the bastard for anything but yet here she was, revealing her existence from being MIA for 276 years. she was a deserter but she was here to ask this bastard for actual assist...honestly she would whether be executed but she had no other choice. A private matter had to be tended to and he was the only one she could think of that could tend to it.

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Kokoro was busy at work in his lab minding his own business, doing experiments on less than consenting test subjects, and in general enjoying his business free morning. It was nice to be able to stay in the lab and relax while all of his other squad-mates were doing his job for him. In truth, it was pretty easy to get people to do whatever he wanted them to do for him given they were always a tentacle away from agony. That's not really the point here. The point was some pastel pink haired chick he hadn't seen in God knows how long, was screaming outside of his window and irritating him to no apparent end. If that wasn't bad enough, he couldn't ignore her given he had left his window open for fresh air..

What a fucking nuisance.

Kokoro grabbed his scythe from by the door and threw it over his shoulder as he walked out to "Greet" his guest. He looked her over in a bored manner, confused as to why she had wandered off to his side of the Seireitei.. "Are you lost or stupid little girl."

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Okay so she was finally heard after the one phrase she spoke..And still not taken seriously "First of all I am not a little girl, nice to see you as well Kokoro..Glad to see you making my medics a feared squad to be part of"she added allowing her signature soft smile to play on her face as she folded her hands behind her back. "I am here because I have a challenge I feel only you can take on...I need you to fully split my soul from another being that is somehow connected to me...thanks to your hollowfication incident about oh 276 years ago.."Said Anna "I am willing to let you do what you need to so I can finally finish that fraccion and her damn Espada that have more or less been stalking me for years now."She commented watching him with ehr big pink eyes. She had really no one else she could turn to. anyone else would have no idea how to do anything and she wasn't about to involve the angry old man, she dealt with him enough already for being the assumed weak medic.

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As though Kokoro's day couldn't get any worse, the girl wasn't going to just back down and cower away in a puddle of her own piss! The gull of this woman, to think that she was so special as to demand a response from Kokoro it was downright insulting, but unfortunately by this point Kokoro had already responded, there was very little in the way of stopping now. The girl spoke to how he was making her medical squad a feared part of the Gotei, as condescending as her smile was, Kokoro wasn't in the mood to walk all the way down there to shit-stomp her so he'd simply snap back. "In fairness the only way I could've made that squad of yours intimidating would've been if I had strung them up by their necks around my lab. Might've kept cunts like you away too." The girl mentioned needing split from another body, a twin of sorts that somehow spawned from Kokoro's experiment from all those years ago.

"One, you watch your tongue I was never found guilty for that, no one knows who is responsible for that and even if I was you wouldn't hear me say it publicly." Kokoro continued to listen to her story as for some weird reason, she seemed to be trying to seduce an Asexual scientist into doing what she said with her eyes. What a weird fucking critter she was but, she was attached to an Espada, and weakening those cunts was a good day in Kokoro's book so, he figured he could help out. "Fine, but we need to track down your twin if we're going to get this done, so I need to know where she is before we can move forward with this."

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"To string their bodies up is more just to make people leave you alone you mole..Secondly, having to have you as a captain, I am surprise Ayame hasn't kill herself with how dull you are."She added listening before folding her arms "You can cut that bull and talk straight I know full well what happened that day and your involvement cause i would have never freaking caught it and have to owe your captain commander a freaking favor for it."She added before letting out a sigh "if you can separate us, then i will say I owe you a favor whenever you need one...Not like you ever need one"She added

She listened to him agree to assisting her in this, strange plan of hers. She already knew where Colbolt would be as the two always seemed to be able to tell where the other was. So freaking annoying that trait was."Simple she is relaxing outside the barrier in the good old hollow forest, enjoying watching the younger fresh hollows that tend to roam into this realm...Not that hard to drag her out. How no one has made the connection is beyond me."She replied "Just follow me, if you want...Or not, doesn't matter to me...She is just straight out here in the forest across so come when you feel like leaving your bat cave."She added turning away from him heading for the door Before using a series of flash steps moving across and out of the seritei stopping in the forest landing a few feet from a pink arrancar resting on her belly under a tree watching a few bugs on the ground, living their own lives.

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The girl was a bit too mouthy for Kokoro's tastes and if he was being honest, he didn't care for it. "Before we find your sister, there's a few things we must accomplish. One, you must train with me until I know that you are sufficiently powerful. Secondly, I have to run some experiments and tests on how this has happened, I will need to do this once you capture your sister as well, and that'll be the next step of this little experiment.." Kokoro drew his scythe and smirked. "But for now let's see if you're strong enough to be worth wasting my time on, go ahead and charge me with the intent to kill, I don't have all day. I'm plenty busy with a million things I'd rather be doing, than playing Josef Mengele with you and your Arrancar sister."

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Anna listened to Kokoro make demands before he would help her. Supposedly one was to train with him till he was satisfied...geez training was so freaking. Annoying especially with someone like him with all his damn trickery. Anna sighed seeing no other option and clearly even though she was a captain with Koroko centuries ago he forgot...Oh well time to try and help him remember "Yes yes as I said do you tests and experiments that you feel you need to.. I just need this so I can deal with my stalker"She replied pulling out her zanpackuto " And here I thought I was going to give you something to actually look forward to...Oh well, Bankai!" She spoke as her spiritual pressure grew as well as her form glowing and changing
She soon stood in a kimono with a cherry blossom type design as the ends seem to move as if composed from cherry bloosoms. Her pink hair pulled itself into a left side ponytail as her pink eyes turned gold.

Her blade on the other hand shattered before growing and reforming into a thorny Rose like whip. In a 50 meter radius a literal field of rose grew and form out of the blue "Lets see if my years of hiding hindered my abilities."She commented. Anna flashed stepped forward appesring behind him as her mask formed with a swipe of her hand. She sent a quick cero towards his back before she flash stepped again to infront of him before pulling on the hilt of her whip causing the thorns to stick out as the whip trailed behind her movements. Meanwhile her meadow stayed the constant 50 meters around her the entire time. The Roses of the garden grew and twisted forming spike spike like thorns all trying to impale Kokoro where he stood.

Abilities used:
Abilities: Ability name: Otome no Kakashi you (Maiden’s hidden courtesans)
Abilities description: The effect is a simple one of where a vast meadow form at her feet no matter where she is. this meadow loves the drain the Reiatsu of her enemies (Up to 25% per thread). this small meadow allows Anna to create any kind of flower in any way, shape or form from her reistu or the existing plants around herself within a 50 meter radius.

Ability Name: Garden of thorns
Ability Description: The roses of her garden will shake and grow turning a dark green. From this they will grow 4 times their size and twist and tangle sending like spikes at their opponent either in a straight line or as projectiles. If the spikes happen to be dodge or damage before hitting the target they will explode releasing several smaller spikes in every direction. Has a 2 post cooldown

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