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#1 Anna Nanashi (Done) on Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:17 am


Name: AnnaMaria “Anna” Nanashi
Alias: Anna
Real Age: 1786
Phys. Age: 28
Gender: female
Personality: Anna is considered to be much like a doll in a lot of aspects of her personality. She holds the presence of someone that can blend into the background and not mind what so ever.

Anna is the type of girl that will never tell you when she is worried, sad, pain etc. She keeps a smile on her face and a mask of happiness. She does not like to let anyone know her faults or her weaknesses nor does she like anyone to waste any sort of care for her. She in herself feels useless in a lot of ways but she knows one thing. She finds happiness in assisting others in their goals no matter how insane those goals were cause deep down, she feels the longing to belong, even if it means being used.

If you do decide to have Anna around, you will find a sweet girl that will push through whatever is stopping you from your hopes and dreams, even if she dislikes it. She is not one that will complain as more will advise you of her dislike, but she is not one to go against the one she serves or is loyal to.

For the most part a soft smile will be painted on her face with her pink eyes closed happily stating something along the lines of ‘ I live to serve and to keep others safe and happy, this is my goal and my wish.’

She sees herself a tool to be used as she is not strong on her own but strong in assisting others in battle. She knows her limits and when it comes to battle she likes to talk and understand her opponent, enjoy the time fighting as most of the time she really can’t win any fights she was in to begin with. So instead of getting angry, she likes to know her opponent till she is to escape or till help arrives.

Height: 5,3
Weight: 105
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style:  Anna is more Ability oriented then anything else. If she can she prefers to draw out fits till they are either in her favor or her opponent gets bored dealing with her. She wasn’t a fighting but if she has too she will fight the best of her ability, which doesn’t say a lot.
Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Control, Kidou (fuck really?)
Weaknesses: Speed, Strength, Hakuda, Zanjutsu
Ability Name: Living Flower
Ability Description: Anna is able to manifest things from her flowers whether it is a rose whip from nothing to a meadow of flowers from a simple swipe of her wrist. Flowers are her existence in this world. She can grow flowers from herself or from the things of which she is touching

Ability Name: Kidou Knowledge
Ability Description: Anna is fully aware of all kidou practiced within the Gotei, knows all of the standard list by heart at full effectiveness, including the advanced 'Hidden/Secret' Kidou. She will actively seek those who have created their own kidou in the attempt to add those to her roster as well. She can cast any kidou she knows by speaking the incantation mentally as opposed to calling it out with her voice.


Sealed Appearance: Her zanpackuto takes form of a pink hilted blade with a rose at the end

Zanpakutou Name: Momo

Call Out Command: Submit them to your beauty, Momo

Zanpackuto:Anna’s Zanpuckto turns to that of a simple looking staff with a large lilly at the end of it. Along its length a vine and various flowers will be poking in and out of the craved wood of the staff as it was about a few inches taller than herself

Ability name: Flower’s Aroma
Abilities description: This is the passive of her flowers that will flow out aroma in which will enhance her kido abilities

Ability name: Fragence: Achillea
Abilitiy Description: From the flower on top of her staff it will grow and bloom, releasing white pollen flow form covering a meter around Anna in every direction. From this pollen wounds from cuts to near fatal will began to heal a bit faster than normal having a 1 post cool down

Ability Name: Fragrence: Sumac
Ability Description: From the red flower on her staff a red pollen will erupt from the flower exploding it into the air around which will expand and make a red smoke screen making the field visible for allies and herself. Or by applying the power to one’s eyes can cure one of blindness or allotments due to vision impairment It will last for two posts and has a 2-post cooldown

Ability Name: Pink Augment: Split
Ability Description:  From the third flower down her staff the pink flower will bloom and grow before erupting into pink pollen, Once inhaled by Anna, her Kidou with projectiles can have the number of projectiles freely changed, be it increased or decreased.

Ability Name:  Green Augment: Growth
Ability Description: From the 4th flower on her staff will glow before blooming letting out a green pollen that once Anna absorbs will allow, he given range of a kidou, be it radial, line-based, or a reach of sorts can be freely adjusted. This can also include projectile size.

Ability Name:  Yellow Augment: Velocity
Ability Description: From the 5th flower. The golden flower will glow before erupting into a pollen. Once inhaled by anna all her Kidou with projectiles can have the speed of the particle or object increased or decreased. The maximum speed for all Kidou below Rank 60 is Bala, anything above that caps at Cero.

Ability Name: White Augment: Overdrive
Ability Description: from the flowers on her staff will release their pedals before those pedals turn to a white pollen that will absorb into anna. The Effect is that her reiatsu is boosted to its maximum at each release. That would make Reiatsu in Shikai x4, Bankai x5, and Toukai x6.

Boosts: 2x all

New Name: Momo, sakura no ohimesama
there is no change with her weapon

Ability Name: Purple Augment: Power Scaling
Ability Description: the purple flower od anna’s staff emits pollen of which Kidou can have their rank freely adjusted. The only restriction to this is no matter the kidou used, it must have a fitting cooldown for the rank it is cast at.

Ability Name: Blue Augment: Form
Ability Description: the blue flower od anna’s staff emits pollen of which Kidou can have its shape, and by extension, its individual components formed as Anna wills it.

Ability Name:  Red fragrance: Interim Casting
Ability Description: the red flower od anna’s staff emits pollen of which Kidou can be cast together via combining or altering their incantations. This does apply to mental incantations, and is more efficient than casting one right after another.

Boosts: x3 to all unless otherwise stated.

Ability Name: Fragrence: Regiment
Ability Description: The Orange Roses of Anna’s staff will emit an orange pollen of which will attach to a chosen ally and region of their body of Anna’s Choosing. This Pollen will increase damage output, such as the arms, for a short period of time.  Has a two-post duration, gives a 1x boost to her chosen ally for two posts has a post cooldown gives damage up to cero to that certain part with a two post cooldown

Ability Name: Fragence: Barrier
Ability Description: The Pink Rose of Anna’s staff will Erupt their pedals up to Anna’s Defense creating a shield that will remain around her or a chosen for the duration of the battle unless it takes up to 2 cero of damage of which will grant it 2 post cooldown
Ability Name: Fragnerace: luminated orbs
Ability Description: The black Rose of her staff will shake before the pedals remove themselves from her flower. Each pedal will grow three times its size before turning into orbs. With each orb out they will explode on contact from an enemy but remain intact for Anna or an ally. If Anna or an Ally breaks an orb a blue pollen will encase them healing serious to minor wounds in an instant.
If an Enemy was to touch one of these orbs not only will they explode granting cero damage but for a two-post duration her opponent will become disoriented along with a post duration of blindness and a post duration of Deafness. Has a 3-post cooldown.

Boosts: 3x all


Ability Name : flower restore
Ability description by giving up strength she grains a rapid regenation of limbs and wounds by 4x and if she happens to loolse a limb flowers and vines will replace that limb as her body regenerates it.
Hollow Powers:
Ability Name flower path
Ability Description: This is her own form of Shunpo where each one leaves a touch of flowers growing behind her.
She is also able to use cero bala and gran rey cero due to Colbolt's connection
Boosts: 33% increase to Reistu control And healing output on healing abilities

[spoiler="Appereance"]y Name: Black Augment: Space
Ability Description: The black Rose of Anna’s staff will bloom then wilt allowing Kidou can be cast from any fixed point in space. Anna either has to have vision of said point, or has to have been in said position during the thread.

Ability Name: white Augment: Infinity Cast
Ability Description: The white Rose of Anna’s staff will bloom then wilt allowing Kidou can be cast in large numbers, simultaneously, so long as cooldowns are not a limiting factor.

Ability Name: garden of ruins
Ability Description: Anna breaks ger staff in half as all the different colored pollen becomes blank and absorb into her, allow her to going ahead and uses several Bakudo to do to you whatever she pleases, then hits you successively with each Hadou up to Hadou 90. (This will not be used in normal threads. I'm almost certain this will be kill-only. = This is where here final goes, though.... yeah no.)
Ability Name: spinwheel
Ability Description:From the wilted red flowers of her staff Anna can grow black and red mutated dandelions that when spawn will fire 20 needles in every direction. This plant has two abilities depending on who it is. If you are alley and get struck with a needle it will grant heightened senses and reflexes for the duration of the ally’s current post. If a enemy is struck with the needle temporary numbing can be found in that select limb for the duration of a post. If the said enemy is struck with more then one needle then the effect will remain for the said numbers of needles to post. (for example: get hit with 2 needles: effects last for 2 posts) now if the opponent gets struck with more then 4 needles then the duration is cut in half.
has a 3 post cooldown

Ability Name: Sential garden: Pea shooter and brute
Ability Description: By plucking the various flowers off her staff and crushing them. She will toss the fragments int the air before three pitcher flytrap like snakes that can move into the surroundings as needed. It will spit two types of seeds. One type it will spit into the air that will explode a few seconds after it was spat releasing a pollen that will heal anna and allies of serious wounds along with grant a 1x speed boost for the duration of the next post. For Enemies it will fire a large pellet per post that wil break apart into 12 smaller pellets granting bala damage per pellet. The plant is as durable as steel and can take up to two cero of damage before it is killed. If not killed it will remain on the field . When destroyed has a 3 post cd.

Now for brute here is his layout: Anna can spawn up to 4 flower like golems that are more tanky and brutish then it’s pitcher counter part. They can move and do what they wish on their own as well but they like brute force and causing destruction, backing their opponent into the pitcher fly trap’s bullet or the other plants. They can take up to Cero Oscara damage but they themselves grant cero damage per punch. They are able to use their pedals on their head to change into blades or use as shields to block or fight off incoming attacks. They also will stay on the duration of the field unless destoried, they have a 4 post cooldown.

Boosts: 4x all


• Anna was born around 1197 in the edo period of japan born to a somewhat noble or high nobility family with her sister Amaya.
• Anna died at the age of 15 due to a hollow attack
• Anna awoke in one of the worst parts of the rukengoni
• She fought and survived till she was old enough to join the shinigami academy
• There she meets her first love and worked hard with him to graduate from the academy
• He became part of the 11th and she part of the 4th
• About 300 years went by before she watched the one she loved die.
• At 800 years old Anna became the Captain of the 4th squad
• For the next 1,172 years seemed like a blur to her as everything seemed to same being part of the 4th division was same thing nearly every day. That was until the hollowfication outbreak.
• Anna assisted with the shinigami to maintain and care for the wounded shini and captured vizards. One vizard went crazy killing the seated member next to her resulting in her having to behead the crazed vizard to protect herself.
• Later that night, she felt something inside her awaken and for months she fought it on her own, hiding any signs of her hollowfication, knowing what would happen if anyone found out. One person did find out. It was Joshua Tamashii, but instead of capturing her. He assisted her in escaping the gotei and the shinigami. She found herself a comfortable home in the sucicide forest with him where she over came her hollowfication becoming the vizard that was is now from that fated day 276 years ago
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