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#1 Amelia Nanashi on Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:47 am


Name: Amelia Nanashi
Alias: Ame
Real Age: 41
Phys. Age: 11
Gender: female
Personality: Amelia is a shy, gentle, and kind young soul. She tends to speak in a very quiet tone, as if she is afraid to be heard and generally has a hard time looking people in the face is she isn't familiar with, generally preferring to look at the ground instead. When she finally does get to know someone though, she gets to show the kind, friendly, and rather sweet girl she actually is, showing more concern for her friends then herself and doing whatever she can to help them.

Part of Amelia's shyness is due to an overwhelming lack of confidence in herself. The girl is constantly plagued by doubt when it comes to anything concerning herself, whether is be her appearance or ability to do a task given to her.  As a result, she often talks herself down and generally comes across as pessimistic in anything that concerns her, believing herself to be inferior to all others.

Amelia also suffers from two phobias that she developed while she was alive. The first is the lesser of the two, being androphobia or the fear of men. While it isn't crippling, she generally has a much harder time getting along with men then women, needing to warm up a bit to them before she even begins talking to them and even once she is used to a particular male, she is rather hesitant to trust them completely. The second and much larger of the two is astraphobia, or the fear of thunder and lightning or storms. This one is actually crippling due to the bad memories she has of such phenomena, usually resulting in her freezing up and taking the fetal position in an attempt to block it out.

Beneath the lack of self-confidence and the phobias though, is a strong will and a fierce determination, that manages to manifest itself in small ways.  Despite how she says she might feel, she always sees a task through to completion, even if she thinks she'll fail. If need be for her friends, she'll fight through her phobias to defend or help them. When given proper incentive and forced to focus completely on her task, Amelia is able to drop everything and just focus on that task to see it through, showing a surprising amount of stubbornness that is not to be underestimated and a hot temper when she is interrupted..

Finally, Amelia has several likes and dislikes. She is an avid fan of sweets and they can be used to easily get on her good side or even as a source of bribing, as long as it's something she would willingly do. She also enjoys quiet places, hot baths, painting, which she is rather talented at even if she says otherwise, music, and the company of those she can call friends. She hates bullies, violent people, shouting and most of all, violence and fighting. The last dislike has resulted in her adopted a pacifist attitude towards confrontations. She hates the idea of fighting and will do whatever she can to avoid confrontation but is willing to do what she must to help protect others.


Height: 4'3"
Weight: 70lbs

Physical Traits:

Amelia is a rather pretty young girl. Small for her age, both in terms of height, Amelia possess rather pale skin that is prone to being sunburned unless properly protected, a pair of dark red eyes, and short, pale blond hair that she styles to cover the right side of her face. Amelia doesn't have a single flaw on her skin and she does not bother with make-up despite her lack of confidence in her appearance, as she doubts it would help much. Truth be told, she does not actually need it.

When it comes to clothes, Amelia doesn't really care much for fashion. She is willing to wear anything she can get her hands on that fits and seems to look decent on her. For this reason, she is willing to wear almost any style, but there are some preferences and dislikes that she has. She generally prefers more modern fashion, liking the simple yet comfortable styles they have, so she is a fan of most of the common clothing found in the World of the Living. She also likes the traditional Japanese style of dress, especially the yukata, though this is more because of their beautiful designs rather then how she feels she looks in them. When it comes to her dislikes, she hates anything that is revealing or risks exposing areas she would rather not have exposed, making skirts and short dresses and definite no.

When she finally gets her Shinigami uniform, she will likely see little need to alter it, though she would be willing to take advice or accessories that are given to her to try and make it more unique.


General Fighting Style: Amelia generally prefers not to fight, but if she must, she is generally an well balanced fighter with a slightly higher strength and preference towards Kido.

Zanjutsu: Amelia is skilled at the basic's of swordsmanship. She is able to hold her own against those who are of equal strength to herself but stands no chance in a conflict with those stronger or more experienced then herself. This is not helped by her lack of physical strength, which is below average for Shinigami. She generally opts for a hit-and-run style of combat, hitting her opponent a few times with her zanpakuto before retreating.

Hakuda: Like Zanjutsu, Amelia does not particularly accel at unarmed combat, though she is more willing to train in it since it is much less lethal. Amelia has decent flexibility and sense of balance, allowing her to maneuver and a strike from some unexpected positions and circumstances. However, her lack of strength makes this form of combat unreliable for her.

Kido: Amelia is very skilled in Kido, especially in the branch of Bakudo. In terms of ability, she is currently able to cast up to Hado 35 without the use of incantations but she is able to cast up to Bakudo 60 without the use of incantations. Amelia is also skilled at healing kido, being better at it that Hado but not as strong as she is in Bakudo.

Hoho: After Kido, Amelia's training in Hoho was probably one of the smoothest. While in Zaraki, she subconsciously began using Flash Step to avoid pursuit from time to time, so when it came time to finally begin training, she caught on quickly. She was able to develop her speed rather rapidly and she is now able to cover a decent amount of distance with a single Flash Step, despite her lack of experience and young age.

Strengths: Kido, Reiryoku, and Hoho/speed
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Hakuda, strength, lack of experience.

Ability Name:
Ability Description:


Sealed Appearance: Amelia's sealed zanpakuto takes the form of a tanto. The blade of the sword is six inches in length, made of steel, and has a single edge. The hilt of the sword is only long enough to accommodate one hand and is made out of white ash wood, which is wrapped by blue ray skin in a helix pattern. The bottom half-inch of the hilt is covered in piece of brass with a fish scale design. The tsuba of the sword ismade of a circular piece of brass and features an ocean wave design etched into it.

Sealed Appearance:


Zanpakutou Name: Mizu no Seishin (Water Spirit)
Call Out Command: Flow


Shikai appearance:

Appearance: Amelia's shikai takes the form of a jian. The blade of the jian is eighteen inches in length, double-edged, and made of steel with a ocean wave pattern and small oceanic signs etched into the blade. The hilt is only big enough for one handed use and is made of cypress wood wrapped in leather. The guard of the sword is made of brass and is once again features an ocean wave design. The pommel of the jian is made of brass and features a small dark blue stone in then center and an ocean blue tassel.

Additionally, Amelia gains red lines on the back of her hands, almost like a tattoo. They appear to be purely decorative though.

Abilities: Mizu no Seishin grants Amelia the ability to manipulate and use water for offense and healing. While active, Amelia can summon streams, whirlpools, waves, and orbs of water and control them, crushing, slicing, or blasting her opponent all over the place. She can also use this water to heal her allies, using it to remove their wounds but nothing else. It takes one post to heal the targeted area and another post before Amelia can repeat the act.

Iyashinomizu: Amelia conjures a small amount of highly purified water that she then applies to her target, covering a wounded area about the space between an average adult's wrist and elbow. The water then heals the wounds it is covering, though it cannot heal deep wounds or remove any additional effects such as poison from them. On a side note

Mizu  Burēdo: Amelia swings her blade, releasing a blade of highly pressurized water at her opponent. The blade is capable of dealing cero level damage, both in the forms of cutting and crushing, and slicing through cover such as stone or concrete, but not steel.

Nagareru Mizu: A passive effect of her zakuto, a trail of water follows Amelia's swings, hitting her opponent even when they block her blade. The water does no damage and simply adds some extra pressure to the blows, causing her opponent's to fatigue faster. Also, they get very wet after several blows.



New Name:


New Name:


Amelia's life could be said to have been hell from the word go. Her mother died giving birth to the young girl, due to an unknown complications that occurred during child birth. This meant her family consisted of her father and older brother of ten years, as well as some more distant relatives who she only ever saw on holidays. While she would never know if this was true, her mother's death apparently changed her family for the worse. Her father was neglectful and rather abusive towards her, something her brother was quick to pick up on and begin mimicking such behavior. As such, Amelia put through cruel and unusual punishments for as long as she can remember. One of the most common she suffered at her brother's hands was to be locked out of the house during the middle of a storm for even the smallest thing, or even nothing at all. As this began while she was just a toddler, she quickly developed a fear of storms, something her brother took great pleasure in exploiting.

Life was not much better outside of Amelia's home either. Due to her shy nature and inability to stand up to herself, as well as her easily noticeable fear of storms, she was the frequent target of bullies. The only comfort Amelia could find was in those who others could not see, in other words, the dead. For as long as she could recall, she was able to see and talk to them and the dead quickly became her best friends. While this became another things others could bully her about, Amelia's invisible friends were there to listen and talk to her, giving her a source of comfort in her otherwise bleak world.

Amelia's life ended at the tender age of ten. While walking home from school, she was waylaid by the sight of her brother and his friends, a group of young adults who didn't care about his treatment of his sister and sometimes even joined in. As she walked the alleys and backways to her home, the young girl felt something creeping up on her. While she initially ignored it, eventually she was unable to resist the urge to stop and look. The result was the sight of a white animal mask followed briefly by pain then darkness.

If it hadn't been for some late yet timely intervention, Amelia might have ended up dead twice over that day. When she finally came to, she was in the care of a woman with beautiful lavender hair. The initial meeting between the two was rather tense, with Amelia having to try and accept the fact that she was now dead as well as having to trust this total stranger as she explained things that seemed to be ripped straight out of fantasy. Needless to say, she resisted the woman's attempts to pass her on to the Soul Society, not wanting to go as she thought she was being pranked.

It did not take long for Amelia to realize she was now among the dead. When she returned home, her brother and father didn't even acknowledge her when she approached or tried to interact with them. The most concrete evidence was when she tried to pat her father on the shoulder while he was passed out on the couch, causing her hand to pass right through him. knowing they couldn't see, hear, talk, or touch her now, Amelia just hung around her home. When her family found out about her death, she was greatly hurt to see how little they cared, as they didn't even bother to attend her funeral, each going about their own business.

It took a month before Amelia finally accepted being passed on to Soul Society. During this month, she spent a good amount of time running from hollows. As she had no way of fighting them, she relied on her wits to keep her alive during the chase until, seemingly inevitably, the woman with the lavender hair appeared. During this month, Amelia slowly opened up to the woman, who revealed her name to be Amaya Nanashi, and eventually the two became rather close. They struck a deal, that Amelia would finally allow herself to be sent to Soul Society if Amaya looked for and adopted her. With the deal struck, Amelia was sent on to Rukongai.

Sadly, Amelia's bad luck persisted, and she ended up in the Zaraki district. Thankfully, running from hollows had made the young girl good at running away and hiding. She survived in the district for decades, creating well hidden dens to hide herself in and using her small size to her advantage when running away from the violent residents of the district. The one time she finally was caught, she was once again rescued by Amaya moments before anything bad could happen.

Amelia was taken to the Nanashi estate and soon integrated into the family. The young soul was only there for several months before she expressed a desire to become a Shinigami like her adoptive mother. Thus began several grueling months of training and studying. When it came time for her to finally enroll, she got through due to her excellent Kido abilities, which were well above average, while she otherwise was just average or below average in other categories. While at the Academy, Amelia managed to get through her classes largely due to her intelligence rather then her fighting abilities, which were and still are lacking due to her pacifistic nature. Nonetheless, she managed to graduate and has found herself in one of the lower positions of squad 3, largely doing grunt work for the time being.

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