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Ika had taken me from Tokyo all the way back to the Seireitei where we were both going to have to set up some politics. Seriously? This was the most boring part. Today was the formal introduction of myself to the Central 46, though I felt like I had other ideas. Perhaps father did too? I mean, if he really wanted to, he could dissolve them, yes? "Yes well, don't mean to piss on your sense of long-honored traditions, but I'm here. My name's Kazuku, son of the bastard to my left. If you don't like my tongue, remember who I got it from. Anywho, that's not the point." I gave my dad a silent look, something to the effect of 'can I kill them now?'

Either way, I'd relax. There was no point in putting on a show for these stiff-necked jobbers. My zanpakuto would seemingly shift to shikai on its own, and my reiatsu would take a loose shape.

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Ika sighed as his son proceeded to make an ass of himself in real time, and while it was certainly something that Ika would've done in his own uniquely rebellious hay-day.. God it was not a good luck for either of them. Ika quickly smacked his young son upside the head, warning him to calm down and while he knew Kazuku's goal was probably to just kill the Central 46 and get it over with.. Ika also knew that he couldn't allow that to happen if he had any hope of allowing Kazuku back into the Gotei. Ika would proceed to shoot Kazuku a look, imparting upon his beloved cuck that he couldn't be an ass per the usual, before glaring at the Central 46. "The only thing he said that I agree with is that he is in fact a bastard. The rest I'm going to keep quiet about, so, can I just cut this short and see that you'll allow him back?.." Ika would await a response from the C46, and he hoped it would be a good one.

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I had a long string of thoughts going, possibly that of wanting to kill off the Central 46, or fighting my dipshit of a father because it'd just plain be fun for me, but no, he just sighed and smacked my head, like I'd done something wrong. This was all I knew. His look further cemented his displeasure. While he didn't seem fond of me or my actions just yet, he didn't seem to separate himself from me, despite calling me a bastard and burying me in the dirt with his words. The old geezers in the room seemed to mumble amongst themselves, apparently reaching for the right words to describe their vocation. "It would seem he's serious about me. I'm not quite used to him being a fatherly type, so you'll have to forgive me for not realizing his integrity towards this place. Regardless of that, you've seen that I don't beat around the bush when it comes to unfavorable people. So if ever comes a time you need an opponent beat into submission, I'm quite up for that." My reiatsu was still out, albeit much more orderly. I wasn't about to put on a mask for some old fucks who didn't really know their place. But I'd try if he was taking my being here this seriously.

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As Ika's son spoke and seemed to take note of the reverence he was supposed to have for this place, it became apparent to Ika that despite being a bit out of practice.. He could still be a parent when need-be.. Somewhat. Ika listened as the by volunteered his services towards the old folks, and seemed to mask his emotions a bit better at the present time. In fact it seemed to be that the people in the room were beginning to warm up to Kazuku, perhaps accepting the notion that he could in fact be welcomed back with open-arms, ready once more to join the ranks of the Gotei..What a joyous thought that was.. "As Captain Commander I am dismissing this boy of an wrong-doing given it was all entirely circumstantial, and nothing he did was any worse than what I did. If any of you object say so now, if not we're done here."

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My father would look at the gallery of old men and quite possibly utter the truest statement I'd ever hear from his mouth. "As Captain Commander I am dismissing this boy of an wrong-doing given it was all entirely circumstantial, and nothing he did was any worse than what I did. If any of you object say so now, if not we're done here." I mean.... He had a point. As messed up as the things I did were, and still are... My dad was waaaaay worse. I was kind of proud of the fucker for that. By which I mean both ordeals, being a monster and absolving me of responsibility. "True enough. You've forgiven him and allowed him to lead you, despite knowing full well the type of person he was. Hell, when I heard you had chosen him as your Soutaichou, I laughed so hard that I nearly knocked myself out. But hearing him out, and seeing what this has made out of him, you weren't wrong in your decision. If he's capable of making the transition, then you should easily be able to trust me with that as well. Say what you want about me, but my loyalty is stronger than my desire to kill."

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As Kazuku had spoken his piece Ika pretty much noted that the process was finished, done, and over with. He escorted his son out of the building as a new member of the Gotei 13, and to be quite honest he was pretty proud to have done so. He would be placed second in command to his younger sister, mostly in order to protect her since it seemed that he was the more powerful of the two, and with that Ika considered his work here for the day done. "Unless you have something else you'd like to talk about or deal with that involves me, I think we're done here for the day. If it's all the same to you, we can head home now barring any last minute issues from you." Ika figured that the least he could do for Kazuku's good behavior, was lend him an ear briefly before departing. It wasn't much, but it was at least something.

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