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#11 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:31 am

Accelerator laughed off the idea of capturing anyone alive. "The only way they're going to send me to capture targets alive is if it's some joke from up top. No, whatever targets they give us we will have only one objective, to wipe them out as quickly and as cleanly as is humanly possible." Accelerator continued to listen, still pretty happy that he had succeeded in finding the partner he had wanted to work with.. As she spoke up about having her contacts gather information on the targets, this would lead to Accelerator asking his own questions. "Yeah hey by the way, probably not going to serve anyone for obvious reasons but how would I go about having my own place at this hotel? It's pretty nice, and being an assassin in and of itself seems pretty sweet. So, anything you can do for me on that front?" If Natasha had noticed she would find that Accelerator was ignoring her entirely, cause rude girlo.

Anyway, beyond that Accelerator couldn't complain. It seemed that his trip had largely been a success.

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#12 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:30 am

Natasha would listen to Rei's discomfort about not being able to assassinate the targets at hand considering they were assassins. "Well, I'm expecting these to change in the near future, but I'd like to know as much as I can before my people go mindlessly killing," her eyes would drift to Accelerator who was speaking some nonsense again. His horse was much higher than any one she had ever seen and she hoped when he fell off it one day the height wouldn't kill him. Her eyes would roll over back to Rei as she spoke of putting her resources on the case causing Natasha to smile lightly. If that was all, then she was done.

She would listen to Rei ask them if they had any other reasons in being around before she would hear Accelerator go on some tangent about getting a room here. "A room? In a hotel full of assassins? With a small child tailing you everywhere you go? That doesn't seem dangerous in the slightest. Surprised I haven'tseen her around. She somehow always manages to sneak her way in she'slike a small master of stealth. Perhaps, Rei could recruit her too. Anyway.." Now that Natasha had her fun she would stand to her feet straightening out her skirt, "If you don't mind, I should be returning now." She would turn to walk out the door waving her hand to the two.

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#13 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:32 am

"If the contract orders are to take a target in alive, you take them in alive." Rei would shrug, placing down her now empty drink "We are not thugs, we are professionals." She had a reputation to keep after all, and if someone associated with her hotel went rogue it would only look bad for her and the Continental as a whole. "And you'll need to get a suit fitted if you wish to stay here, this is not some backwater motel. We have a dress code and you will abide by it while you're on my property. Mira will escort you to your room, our tailor will be up afterwards to sort out your uniform" It didn't seem like a joke, at least the somewhat stern gaze fixated on Accelerator said is wasn't.

"I'm sure whoever you're talking about will enjoy her time here, and she would be perfectly safe" Rei would offer a curt nod to Natasha "Of course, if there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to call. See reception if you would like a ride home."

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#14 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:27 am

Accelerator sighed and returned his hands to his pockets, looking down at the ground in a disdainful manner that one might expect from a wayward teen with too much power and not enough responsibility. "Yeah yeah, you assassins and your reputations being sterling, seems silly given what the industry is but that's not my problem I guess.. Also.. a suit.. a tailor.. what.. I've.. never.. Gah.. Fuck it.. Fine.."Accelerator glanced at the woman that had planned to escort him up to be measured and sighed. "What a fucking drag this is.." Accelerator obviously, was not a fan of the new wardrobe he would have to adopt but given what he was going to get out of this. A new home for Misaka and himself.. A new partner to kill or "capture" people with.. It was a small price to pay.

And so Accelerator would head up to the room for measurements, and so that he could properly pick out a suit. He just hoped it didn't fucking itch..

-Thread exit-

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