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#1 A Good Host [Private] on Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:52 pm

Rei was rarely seen around the general areas of her hotel, more often she was locked away in her office toiling away at paperwork or dealing with some of her more high end clients. So it was odd to see her roaming around dining area, or in this case the bar, nestled away in one of the booths. There were quite a few patrons around, which had some of her staff rushing around trying to make sure everyone was happy and well looked after. Having their boss around put them all on edge.

"Excuse me, Miss Tsunemori" one of the newest additions to the Continental would bow deeply, looking slightly concerned. "What is it Mira" the young assassin would peer over the top of her book. "We have someone here to see you. They say they are from the Committee" With something of a sigh, Rei would simply nod "Send them in" she didn't particularly like this group meddling in her affairs, but it would be more trouble than it was worth to cause issues with their little alliance. After all, they were paying her quite well to have access to their resources as well as keeping Rei herself on staff to assist in a more combat oriented capacity.

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#2 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:31 pm

Accelerator had been tasked with finding a proper teammate on a list of a few potential candidates. In truth, he was partial to working alone but he figured it was worth investigating his options. His first choice was Rei, the leader of the Continental and someone whom seemed to compliment his ability set quite well given what limited ability he had seen. Because of this, he decided it was in his best interest to go ahead and visit this Continental Hotel and see what she was up to, while also gauging her interest. As he walked in to the hotel, he was briefly quizzed by the hotel staff before being allowed in.

As the door opened he glared across the room at the woman, he’d never met her and he wasn’t good at the whole introductions thing, so she’d have to settle for what she got. “You’re the gun chick, right?”

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#3 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:42 pm

It wasn't her first time being here considering she had hired them once before and payed them to be of assistance to her own organization of sorts. So, walking through the door was no struggle and they seemed to notice her immediately. She was greeted by the fan service maidens that didn't have much different to say to her than the last time. They would show her the way to the office of Rei as she would overhear that another of her own had been visiting at the same time. That was strange. She hadn't sent anyone here in particular that she knew of.

Green eyes would take sight of the culprit as she would realize what was happening now. She would hear him speak as the door opened and she would answer his question. "That is, indeed, the gun girl, Rei," Natasha would say finding her place next to Accelerator as she would smile at the maid, "Pleasure to see you."

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#4 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:46 am

The girl's crimson stare would meet Accelerator's own, it was odd that the Committee would send someone like that over really. His clearly disrespectful manner of addressing her was hardly winning the young assassin over either. This slight annoyance was compounded by the leader of the group appearing to confirm that she was in fact 'the gun girl'. The maid who had lead the pair over looked a little nervous as there was a moment of silence between the trio when Rei would finally sigh "You can go Mira, thank you"

Rei would place a marker in her book and set it aside, shifting in her seat to cross one leg over the other as she motioned to the rather nice chairs that were dotted around the table she was seated at. "I'd prefer you call me Rei if you don't mind, is there anything I can get you? A drink perhaps" They were seated in the bar lounge after all. Once they had settled in she would continue "So, I wasn't expecting visitors today. How can I be of assistance" Their agreement so far hadn't really required any follow-up since it began, so it intrigued her to see what these two had planned. Or maybe they just wanted to visit, it was a rather exclusive hotel after all.

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#5 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:39 am

Gun Girl dismissed her maid in an instant, and Accelerator took note of how nervous she was in that moment. What he hadn't accounted for was the appearance of Natasha out of seemingly thin fucking air. "It's nice to be baby-sat, really, but if I find out who's giving you the information regarding my whereabouts I will fucking end them." Accelerator sighed, looking up towards Rei with mild annoyance in his eyes as he began to speak. "Anyway, I didn't come here for the drinks or the luxury, I came here for quite a different reason.." Accelerator took a seat at the table finally, and looked at Rei while pretty-well ignoring Natasha. "I came here to talk about potentially working with you as a team of sorts, you were my first choice after analyzing what other members of the Committee can do in combat. I think we could work well together in that sense, and figured I should see if we mesh personally.." Accelerator glared at Natasha, before continuing.

"A good start to this blossoming friendship would be her chair being a trap-door, not going to lie."

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#6 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:31 am

Natasha would sigh being met with hostility by one of her own answering his remark with one of her own, "Do you really think I have the timeor the care to follow you around all day? I had no idea you intended on coming here, nor does it matter why. This was simply a visit of my own accord." Natasha would speak in the same dull manner she spoke to everyone wih ill will against her. Natasha would sit as Accelerator spoke of his disinterest in the drinking and merriment. She would mumble under her breath, "I could really go for a drink right about now." Green eyes would look towards the teen who would take his seat as well.

The woman would find her posture prim and straight, even as she would hear what it was Accelerator had come for. She would look to him before blinking surprised at his actions. So, he was actually actively looking for someone to work with? Natasha was so proud of him in this moment she wanted to give him a special treat. She knew he was hard headed and hot tempered, so for him to be looking for others to work with was a blessing in disguise. Green eyes would wander from Accelerator to Rei, who she had hoped was thinking the option over with flattery. She was his first choice, which was quite an honor for those who knew what kind of person the teen really was.

Natasha would sit back listening to the conversation unfold only to roll her eyes at the boy's comment. She wasn't sure why he resented her so much, however she wasn't going to give up on him so easily. She knew he had a heart under all that teenage angst considering his little friend that followed him everywhere. In fact, she was surprised the child hadn't popped up yet. "Quite the charmer isn't he? I'm sure she enjoys the money much more than dropping me through the floor, correct?" Natasha would smile at Rei almost as in a warning way, even though she doubted Rei would take the boy seriously.

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#7 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:19 am

Rei would need only glance at one of her staff for one of them to come over, though this one seemed a little more perky than Mira had been. "What can I get you, miss?" The girl would question in a lovely sing-song voice to Natasha, waiting for her order. Though she would place a ready mixed drink for Rei first, which she was rewarded with a pair of two shiny golden coins that she swiftly hid away in a handy pocket in her uniform.

"I wouldn't be wise of me to cause trouble for one of my clients, so there won't be any trap doors today" She would pluck the rather ornate glass from the table and have a light sip. "Though I generally work alone, I don't see the harm in collaboration. Normally this would come with a fee, but seeing as the Committee is paying us so generously, I suppose I should return the favour" She didn't know much about this rather angry young man, but something seemed familiar about him.. It didn't really matter all too much, she hardly needed a team to work with in the first place but if it would help relations between the two groups then it was a worthwhile investment for her time.  

"If you didn't come here together though, might I ask what your visit was for?" Rei would turn her gaze from Accelerator to Natasha. She didn't often have talks with her clients like this, so it was odd to have two people show up in one day.

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#8 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:37 am

Accelerator would grit his teeth and glare at Natasha, whom seemed to be there only to irritate him at the present time. That being said he hadn't come here to deal with her shit, so he simply ignored her and made a note that he would have her office destroyed at some point in the near future. Regardless of that, it seemed that Rei was weighing her options and perhaps she was in agreement with Accelerator, perhaps she thought that their team would in fact work well together. It wasn't overly likely, but Accelerator probably needed to be optimistic at this point for the sake of his own sanity. He began to listen to Rei as she spoke and was admittedly a bit disappointed that his trap-door idea wouldn't come to fruition.

That being said, it seemed that she was willing to entertain the idea of working together with Accelerator, which given that was what he had shown up to do.. He was pretty happy with that, and when she asked what they had arrived together for Accelerators mood went back to how it was previously. "I don't know why the hell she's here, but I already stated my business with you. I came to formally talk about forming a bit of a team, nothing more nothing less. If you're up for it great, if not that's your decision to make."

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#9 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:59 am

Natasha would smile at the girl who came at her request, "I suppose just a water for now would be nice, since this is official business." She would watch the girl place down Rei's drink before walking away presumably to grab her own order. Green eyes would wander back to Rei as her face settled into a more seeious state listening to the denial of a trap door. The woman was having quite the darling time with the vicious nature of Accel being straight out denied by the more serious nature of Rei. His playful threats didn't bother her much, but she didn't seem to mind the fact of watching these two interact. Perhaps, they would be highly compatible as partners.

Natasha would listen to Rei speak about Accelerator's proclamation, which was a bit of a surprise in her eyes. They were both loner types and both seemed solo in their abilities. She wondered how well they could coordinate together should the time come. Her thoughts were interrupted by a new topic as Natasha's water was placed before her. She would thank the woman before looking between Rei and Accelerator. She would straighten up in her seat before placing a few files on the table before the Continental's leader. "Well, you see. I've simply come to update you on the threats that have been brought to the Committee's attention. As it stands, these various criminals indeed have bounties upon their heads, but if you'd rather me say these are a sort of contract.. then so be it," Natasha would say before taking a sip of the beverage before her. The files were lined with multiple profiles of varying degrees of criminals based on their strength. They were all aligned with the organizations of Chaos as well as the Espada, which had been a running threat to the committee.

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#10 Re: A Good Host [Private] on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:20 pm

The girl nods and gives Natasha a polite bow before turning to get the woman her drink as this was all going on. It seemed like she had some more work to do, or at least more contracts to share around with her group. Idly flipping through the various dossiers as the pair before her would continue speaking. "These jobs seem to indicate live capture. I'll admit that isn't our specialty here" They were assassins after all, and in general their skill sets were to dispatch a mark as quickly as possible... She was sure that it was going to be possible to figure something out at least.

"Very well then. I will get my people gather some information about these contracts and see what I can do personally. As for you Accelerator, If you have something you want to work together on, I don't see the harm in trying." It seems like she had accepted Accelerator's offer, though for now she would simply have to wait and see how that all went down. "So is there anything else I can do for either of you? You can feel free to use our facilities here if you'd like. There's something here for everyone" Of course, 'everyone' here was subjective. Chances were if they didn't have ties through the Committee, the rather steep prices for even a single night in this hotel would have driven them away.

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