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#1 Pallas Uchida on Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:21 am


Name: Pallas Uchida

Apparent Age: 20

True Age: 25

Sex: Male


Pallas is a simple man for the most part. He is a rogue for hire that enjoys hunting and killing. The more of this he does the better he feels and the happier he is. The more he gets paid, the better job he does. He is stealthy and likes to move through the shadows. Known once as the bringer of the silent death, Pallas tries to keep up that persona. He finds it a bit hard to do so due to his fullbringer powers. Pallas lives to kill and feels that this is his only purpose in life since Donovan was killed. He does have a heart and will not kill animals at all. Even if an animal were to attack him he would do his best to become its friend so he would not have to harm it. He also will not take any jobs that will force him to hurt any animals. If threatened to take the job, Pallas will kill the person or persons right there.

When in combat Pallas tends to try to take out his opponent as quickly as he can. He will do his best to take you down with his fire or earth techniques. If you have not seen him yet he will do his best to use the shadows to attack, especially at night. The only time he may not be on top of his game is when he is around those whose tier is two or more tiers above him.

Pallas prefers to be alone most of the time. This is due to the fact that most of his close friends and family have died by other people or even been killed by himself. When he is his around people he tends not to trust them at first unless they seem like they are trustworthy. He will not question anyone who is more than two tiers above him and most likely follow their lead since he knows that he will be too weak to fight back properly should he have to.

(For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)

  • Pallas loves to steal and kill people. He especially loves to be paid to steal or kill.
  • While he tries to avoid those who are two or more tier above him he loves to fight them to try and improve himself.
  • Pallas loves to set stuff on fire, mostly since he’s learned about his fullbring powers. He will set the stuff on fire from a distance and stay by to watch it burn. He takes big pleasure in destroying peoples home with the people still in it.
  • Pallas loves animals and will do anything to protect them. He will not harm them even if they try to harm him in any way. He strives to be friends with all animals big and small.
  • Pallas likes girls and woman. He does hope to someday get married and have kids.


  • He hates his birth name with a passion. He will never tell anyone his birth name and will kill or hurt anyone who knows or says his real name.
  • He hates people who are out to intentionally harm him. He will do his best to kill them quickly to prevent this.
  • He hates people who harm or abuse animals. He will do his best to protect all animals and will harm anyone who will harm his animal friends, unless using them for his attacks.
  • Pallas hates people who only think about themselves or are do-gooders. The only time he may pay attention to one of theses people is if he’s paid to do so.
  • He hates the rain, rivers, lakes, oceans, and swimming pools. He’s never been a person who was comfortable around the water. He’ll take a bath or a shower if need be, but when it comes to these other areas he’ll stay as far away as possible.
  • He also does not like ice or snow much. He’ll tolerate snow and cold, but refuses to even have ice in a glass of water. He prefers it to be room temperature or slightly colder if possible.


  • Pallas one day dreams to be in charge of a small country he’s taken by force. Nothing to fancy, but something he can rule over.
  • Pallas plans to one day rebuild his own gang. He may make it into his own personal army to be able to take over that small country.
  • Pallas dreams of one day being a father as well. He knows that this may only be a dream, but he feels it’s an important one to him.
  • Pallas dreams of the day he will never grow old and die. He’s a bit afraid of death and feels that he may be sent to Hell for all the bad he’s done.
  • Pallas’s goal is to one day be strong enough to take out someone he feels is stronger than himself. He feels that if he can do that then he can accomplish anything.


Height: 5’6”

Weight: about 140 lbs

Physical Traits:

Pallas stands 5'6" tall and weighs about 140 pounds. He has glowing red eyes that seem like they can pierce through ones soul. His hair is shockingly white in color, something that happened when Donovan died. Some strands of his previously blond hair remain, but are, for the most part, hard to see. His hair reaches down to about the middle of his neck and most part his hair is uncontrollable. He prefers it that way since he lives his life the same way.

His skin is a pale white with no visible markings, tattoo’s, or scars. He has a few muscles, mostly hidden by his clothing. On his face a smile can never be seen. He mostly keeps his feelings hidden except for when he is angry. Below his eyes is a regular looking nose. He has a regular looking mouth as well with light red lips that don’t really stick out much.


Pallas is wearing a pair of black jeans that are not too form fitting. Around his waist he has a western style belt that is mainly hidden by his shirt and coat. On his feet are is a pair of black boots that are held on by two black straps. These boots are made for hiking in a forest or mountain region. He wears a long, black leather coat that splits down the middle and flares out a bit at the end for easy walking or running. For the most part he keeps the coat open for easy access to his sickle or horseshoe. The coat reaches down to just below the calves of his legs. On the coat and around where his belt line is there is a belt that he can tie around himself to help keep the cold out. The arms of the coat reach down to his wrists where each has a buckle that he can tighten to keep out the cold.

Pallas also has on a pair of black fingerless gloves that goes up to his mid arm. This allows for him to be able to hold items with his fingers and not burn up the gloves he wears. Under his jacket he wears a dark red shirt . The sleeves of the shirt are short, ending just above the elbow. This allows for him to wear his gloves comfortably. His shirt is normally left untucked and goes down to his waist a little past his belt line. He wears no tie around his neck. The top of his shirt normally remains unbuttoned. He will button up his coat and shirt should it become cold enough outside.


Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: None


General Fighting Style:

Pallas prefers to fight at close range when he is a normal human, unless he is using his grenades or summoning his animal friends. When he does this he‘s a mid to long range attacker. When he‘s up close he‘ll use his sickle or his hands to attack. He is more of a thug when he fights, using what he can find to attack besides his sickle. He has no real style of attack other than just to beat someone senseless if they have it coming for them.

When he is in his centaur form he‘ll mostly attack from far away, coming in close for a few of his attacks. He may also uses his attacks at mid range. He still has access to his sickle so he may use this to attack in both his fullbring and evolved fullbring forms.


  • Pallas is elementally strong against fire. He is able to withstand fire for extended periods of time and not be burned or hurt. If the fire is coming from someone who is 2 or more tiers above him then he has a greater chance to be burned than from equal or less tiers.
  • Pallas is elementally strong against earth. He is able to take earth based attacks and not be harmed much if at all from them. If a person who is 2 or more tiers above him uses an earth based attack the damage will be lessened as opposed to those who are equal or less tiers.
  • Pallas is a very strong close combat fighter, especially in his human form. He tends to build up his strength when he can, mainly by beating people up.
  • Pallas has a strong bond with animals and is able to call upon them for assistance. He can mainly due this in his human form, but they will listen to him also in his centaur form.
  • Pallas feels he gets more power from the sun and is more powerful during the day. He feels he’s weaker during times of clouds or at night. This is mostly mental and he does not actually get any stat boosts from fighting during the day.

Fears & Weaknesses:

  • Pallas has an elemental weakness to water. Due to being an elemental user of 2 elements that have this weakness he takes 2 times more damage than normal attacks would.
  • Pallas is also weak to ice. His weak to ice based attacks and will take 1.5 times more damage than normal attacks.
  • Pallas has a soft spot for any and all animals and does not like to harm them if at all possible. He will not attack someone if they threaten an animal or use an animal as a shield.
  • Pallas is mentally weak in the darkness due to feeling that he draws some of his energy from the sun. He will try to avoid fighting in the dark whenever possible. He has no real weakness when fighting in the dark. It is all in his mind.
  • Pallas, though normally found alone, fears being left alone. He does not want to be the last person left alive.
  • Pallas also has a fear of growing old as well. He hates to think about getting old and


Fullbring Item: Horseshoe

Fullbring Appearance: It’s a plain horseshoe that used to be worn by his horse, Donovan

Technique Name: Animal Summoning

Technique Description:

Pallas calls forth any animal he wants to aid in his attack. The animal that comes forth will bring with it many, no more than 5, of it's kind with it. They will do as Pallas asks, mostly just scratching of biting the person he tells them to attack. The animals stay around for no more than 2 posts and then go away. This can not be used again to summon the same animal and has a 4 post cool down. No matter the tier the scratches are light and the bites are not deep, leaving minor wounds where the teeth sunk into the skin. The animals that he summons share the same weakness as any animal of their, type does. They are just as weak or strong as they would be in nature as they come from nature.

Technique Name: Flaming Grenade

Technique Description:

Pallas finds two rocks of about the size of an apple. He then concentrates his energy on these and they become covered with fire. He tosses these at the enemy one at a time. Each flaming rock blows up upon impact with a person or the ground. Once it blows up it sends flaming bits of the rock in all directions. Takes one post to charge and there is a 5 post cool down from the time the second grenade is thrown.
Technique Name:Flame Barricade

Technique Discription:

Pallas calls forth a wall of fire to help block out attacks. This wall can stop Hado up to level 50 and will block the attack of those in tiers equal to or below him. For those above him or for Hado greater than 50 the attacks effect will be reduced. The wall will last for one post and has a 10 post cool down.

Boosts: Speed and durability


Fullbring Appearance:


Once Pallas activates his fullbringer, he turns into a centaur. His back half is brown in color and looks smooth. His tail is brown and does down to where it almost touches the ground. His top half is muscular and he keeps his fine blond hair and facial features from when he is full human.

Ability Name: Does not have one

Description: Pallas has the ability to surround his enemies in a blue ring of fire that shoots out from the ground. The ring surrounds an area of 50 yards and prevents any enemies from leaving and makes it hard for enemies to enter. Anyone who is on Pallas's side will be able to freely come and go through the flames. If the flames are touched by an enemy that is higher than Pallas, they will suffer from light burns. Those in equal tiers will suffer 1st degree burns, and those in lower tiers will suffer 2nd degree burns. Around the inside of the ring walks what look to be the living dead, but made of stone. It is these walking stone figures that keep the enemies in. The stone figures, however, are breakable and can easily be broken by someone of a higher tier than Pallas. Those in equal tiers will have a difficult time but will still be able to break the stone figures. Those in lower tiers will be able to take out the stone figures, but it will be very difficult to do.

Technique Name: Heat Crash

Technique Description:

Pallas surrounds himself with flame and charges at the target. There is a 2 post cool down for this attack.
Technique Name: Quake Barrage


Pallas lifts up his front half and brings it back down to the ground, hard. This causes a minor earth quack dislodging any loose boulders in the ground. He then uses his fire to bring up the loose boulders which he then kicks at the enemy. No more than 6 boulders at a time can be made and the boulders will range from 2 feet in diameter to the size of a small car. As the boulders head for the enemy the boulders break down smaller, making it like a barrage of medium sized rocks. There is a 7 post cool down for this attack. 10 if only large rocks are used.
Technique Name: Flash Fire

Technique Description:

Pallas to calls up a large amount of fire quickly and shoots it towards his enemies. Damage is based on tier. Tiers higher than Pallas will suffer light burns and not be affected by the evil aura given off by the flames as they attack. Equal tiers will suffer some 1st Degree burns. Equal tiers may be affected by the evil aura in the flame. The evil aura could cause the person affected to turn on friends. Tiers below Pallas will suffer 2nd degree burns if hit and will be affected by the evil aura. The evil aura could cause the person affected to turn on friends. The effects of the evil aura last for 3 posts and the fire itself lasts for one. There is a 5 post cool down for this attack.

Technique Name: Pebble Pyro Blaster

Technique Discription:

Pallas stops his foot on the ground causing the pebbles on the ground to fly into the air. He then holds out his hands to suspend the pebbles and sets them on fire. He then sends these out after the enemy. Pallas can send up to 100 pebbles in one attack. There is no charge and a 3 post cool down.
Technique Name: Flare Beam

Technique Description:

Pallas draws his hands together and gathers energy there. After enough energy is gathered it is shot at the enemy. Its red in color and catches anything it touches on fire from the heat it radiates. It takes one post to charge and has a 10 post cool down.

Boosts: Strength and Durability



His Life Before


Pallas Uchida was not always his name. In truth he never liked his original given name. David Johnson. It was just so plain. He was far from being a junior due to where in the family he was born. He also had no middle name to call his own. It was just David Johnson. Pallas had always wondered why his parents called him David. He thought that it might have had something to do with the Bible. He was never truly sure and never got a decent answer whenever he did ask his parents. As for his last name, Johnson, well, he could not do anything about the family name he was born into.

Pallas was born to a large family. He was the last male child born to the couple. As such he grew up in the shadows of his older brothers and sisters. All 7 of his older brothers and all 6 of his older sisters were saints compared to Pallas. They always behaved themselves and never spoke ill of their parents or their family. Pallas, on the other hand, as soon as he could talk, started to rattle off about how he hated his name, his family, and life itself. He was a very negative person and people began to wonder if he would ever turn out normal as he grew or not. He would talk for hours on end to anyone who would listen about how he hated living with his family and how he hated his siblings who were always perfect. The only thing he didn't talk bad about was his horse, named Donovan. Donovan would always listen to the young boy and let him do what he wanted as long as he got treats and attention in the end. Donovan was a beautifully colored, light brown stallion that grew up with Pallas from the time that Pallas was the age of 3.

When he was around the age of 5 he started to hang out with a group of people who were normally up to no good. They soon had him stealing things from a local store as well as pranking some of the towns people. He'd get a kick out of it and loved the rush he got from it. The local sheriff was not too happy about it however. Eventually Pallas and the rest of the group were caught and locked up for a short period of time. During this time Pallas had realized that he was hurting his parents, his family, and Donovan. He eventually felt that it was time for him to behave, at least for now.

While locked up Pallas had access to a large library. He was forced to go in there to learn and soon found he loved to read. While there one day he found a book on Greek Gods. One of stories in the book talked about a god named Pallas. He liked the name and decided to change his name to that. It took his family and friends a while to start using his new name, but by the time he was 7 everyone had begun to call him Pallas. He still didn't like having the last name of Johnson but knew that he could live with it now with his new first name.

Pallas had straightened out a bit after the time he was locked up and was behaving himself. Once he hit the age of 18, however, he became tired of living under his parents roof with all his siblings and their families. He left his little city home with Donovan and headed for the big city. Once there he began to steal again due to lack of funds to pay for what he wanted. He ran into a group of people who were in a gang one day on his way out of a place he had just robbed. They noticed how stealthy he was in taking the items that he took, mainly food. They wanted Pallas to join, mainly due to him having Donovan. It took them a long time and lots of talk to finally convince Pallas that joining them would benefit him. Eventually he did join the group on the condition that he and Donovan be protected and that he not have to go through any of the usual stuff that people would have to in order to join a gang. It was an Asian gang and they gave him a new last name once he reached a high level within the gang. This is how he became known as Pallas Uchida.

The Uchida gang was a group of rough individuals who were mainly thugs for hire. They would steal, cheat, and even murder to get what they wanted as long as they were paid enough to do so. Pallas was one of the master thieves among the group. He'd kill if he had to in order to obtain what he was told to get. He killed many guards in a giant heist involving a large diamond one time. To kill the people he needed to he often would sneak up on the person and gently run a knife along their neck. He did this many times during his life and was well known in his gang and others for doing so. He was sought after for his skills by many other gangs in the area. He would eventually fight and kill any rival member that came close to him due this. He made his way up the ranks quickly and eventually became the head of the gang. Pallas was ruthless in his attacks on other gangs and he, himself, also killed many a rival gang member. He was a boss who was not afraid to get his hands dirty if needed to win the war. He lived like this for many years till the attack on a rival gang one day.

It was a raid on a rival gang. Pallas, still riding Donovan, lead the gang right up to where the rivals were. Pallas, by now, was 25 years of age and had been leader of the Uchida gang for about 5 years now. Everyone who was in any gang knew of the quiet and stealthy Pallas Uchida. They feared him and knew that anytime they saw that he was not on his horse that they could be the next ones to die. Pallas led the march on the rival gang. Once close enough he gave the signal and the war was on. Pallas took out his makeshift scythe (It was a sickle with a longer handle than a normal sickle but shorter than that of an actual scythe) and began to cut down the rival gang members from atop his horse as he rode around. It was sometime during the battle that Pallas had hopped off Donovan and had him continue to trot around. Pallas would use the shadows to sneak up behind rival members and cut them down with his makeshift scythe. He felt so alive as he did this. The rival members had come up with an idea to get Pallas's gang to stop attacking. They felt that they should take down Donovan, something that was precious to Pallas. This was something that one member eventually accomplished after jumping on his back. That member eventually cut a major vein in the horses neck, causing it to bleed to death. This enraged Pallas to no end. His was not happy that his life long friend had been murdered in cold blood. He went on a rampage, killing everyone in sight. He didn't care if he killed his own gang members or not. He was not even stealthy as he did this. Eventually the fight came down to two gang members. Pallas and the leader of the other gang. Everyone else was slaughtered by either Pallas or the other leader. Pallas, now covered in blood, stood there looking at the other boss, a look of pure hatred in his eyes. The rival boss only smirked. That seemed to signal the attack. Both fought long and hard against each other, but, in the end, it was the rival leader who won. Pallas had lost the war and lost his life in the process. The Uchida gang had been completely taken out that day with the exception of Pallas whom had survived, but just barely. He was found holding one of Donovan's horse shoes and the corpse the of the rival boss was burnt to a crisp. Pallas didn't know what he had done or how he'd done it, but something happened that day, he knew that for sure.

The New Fullbringer

Pallas, after meeting up with the paramedics, was allowed to leave freely. As he left the hospital he came across someone who stopped him. Pallas had, in his hand, a horseshoe he had taken off of one of Donovan’s feet. The guy looked at him and asked all sorts of odd questions, at lest they were odd to Pallas at first. The guy soon said he was something called a fullbringer. Pallas became curious as to how this mad found him. The man said his fullbringer ability was to be able to detect when and where a new fullbringer would come across his powers. He had been sent to take Pallas to Japan with him so that Pallas could learn how to control his fullbring. Pallas went and visited with his folks one last time before he left for Japan. That was when his sister gave him the anklet he now wears.

Upon his arrival in Japan he begins to learn more about his powers and how to use them. He discovers what he did that day against the rival gang boss and learns how to use other techniques. He also learns that his love for Donovan is what helped to awake his powers as a fullbringer.

He, after about a year of training, soon learns his evolved fullbring. He feels with this power that he is now strong enough to be on his own. A few days after he obtained his evolved fullbring he approached the person who was teaching him. He told the person that he was finished training with him. The person only laughed and said that the way to finish the training would be to take him out. Pallas only smiled as he heard this and took it as a challenge. Since both of them knew what they were able to do they decided to take this fight to a field outside of town.

They meet the next morning at sunrise. Pallas and the other man, John, both stared each other down. Pallas had a sickle on him, something he had kept on him from the time he was the head of his gang. Pallas soon began to run around John and, after a few moments, moved in close to attack with the sickle. John, familiar with Pallas's attack method, brought forth a sword to block the sickle Pallas had used to attack with. Pallas was not surprised, himself, that John already was using his fullbring.

It was a back and forth battle between the two with John soon taking advantage of the fact that Pallas was not using his fullbring yet. Pallas knew that soon he would need to activate his fullbring himself if he were to stand a chance. After a few more attacks Pallas pulls out the horseshoe from the pocket in his coat. It begins to glow, as does Pallas. When the glow dies Pallas is there, looking like a centaur. Pallas now has a speed advantage over John so he continues to run around him, preparing an attack. John released one of his own just as Pallas was about to release his. Johns attack was a wind element attack. Pallas was just barely able to jump over it. He then send out his attack, also just missing John. The fight continued on back and forth. Both seemed to be equally matched till John used his evolved fullbring. He soon regained the advantage he had over Pallas.

Pallas was starting to look rather worn by this time. He was beginning to doubt his ability to defeat John. He then realized that he still had not yet used his evolved fullbring, the very one that John had just helped him achieve a short time ago. With that in mind he did use his evolved fullbring. His defense increased due to this armor and his speed also increased. At that point he covered himself in fire and ran straight towards John. John had a slight advantage with his own armor, but with Pallas's fire the armor melted and Pallas was able to get in a good hit. For the rest of the fight Pallas would alternate between physical and elemental attacks. These began to take its toll on John and eventually John fell. Pallas, with sickle in hand, walked over to John. As Pallas looked down at John he pleaded for his life. Pallas then remembered what John had said before the fight. John had said that the only way to leave would be to defeat and kill him. Pallas, knowing he had defeated John, returned to normal. He stood over John, ready to deal the final blow. John pleaded with Pallas to spare his life.

Pallas only looked at him, a sadistic smile on his face. "What makes you think I will spare your life? I was told by you that to leave I'd have to beat and kill you. Are you saying that you will let me go if I don't kill you?" Pallas knew that no matter the answer he would kill John anyway.

John replied, "Yes. Spare my life and you can go free. I will never bother you or attempt to get you to even come back. Be your own person and even start your own group if you like." John had only hoped his plea worked. He knew, however, that most of what he said was a lie. he would continue to try to get Pallas to return to his group.

Pallas knew that John was lying. Pallas had never trusted John for as long as he knew him. Pallas only laughed as John spoke. "You expect me to believe that? I don't think so. I think its time to end this on my terms." With that Pallas had used is sickle to take Johns head off in one clean swipe. He laughs as he does, drenching himself in Johns blood. Pallas then looked up to see the rest of Johns group. The had arrived just before Pallas killed John. Pallas explained to them what happened and then took off. He no longer wanted to be part of the group.

Current Day

After he kills the other fullbringer he runs off and begins to walk around Japan. He searches for work as a thug for hire. He takes any job that involved killing someone. He enjoys hunting people down and will sell his services to the highest bidder.

Along Pallas's journey he meet a woman. She was a beautiful woman who had caught everyone’s eye. She found happiness with Pallas however. Pallas began to spend quite a bit of time with her. This made a lot of people jealous. She did not care. She only wanted to spend time with Pallas. Her name was Jenny and Pallas really enjoyed her company.

Pallas and Jenny went on many dates and spent lots of time together. The only time they did not spend time together was when Pallas was doing a job. Sometimes she would disappear for a time and not tell him where she was going. He felt like was just like him and that she was someone special. He was correct. She worked much like he did, a thug for hire. She would do the less threatening things mainly because she was a woman, or so he thought. It was during one of those time when she was gone that he got a notice for another job. He thought nothing of it at first and went to get the details of the job. He meet a man in a quiet restaurant who gave him the details.

"The details are simple. The first thing you need to know is that I want this person dead. Not just a little alive with a chance of dying and not just beat up bad. DEAD. She's taken out to many of my men and she needs to be stopped. Here is her picture. Just tell me you can do it and I'll pay you what you want." the business man told Pallas.

Pallas looked over the picture and realized that it was Jenny. Once he saw this it upset him. He didn't want to go after her but he knew that if he didn't then someone would be sent out after him. "I don't like the thought of going after this girl, but I will. My fee's may be more than normal however." he says. Eventually the man and Pallas come to an agreement and he arranges a meeting between Jenny and himself.

It was a few days later with both Jenny and Pallas met. What neither of them knew was that the man the hired Pallas to kill Jenny also hired Jenny to kill Pallas. They both meet on a field outside of town. They talked for a few minutes and then they both reveled to each other whom they were sent to kill. Pallas was not surprised when he had heard that Jenny was sent to kill him. Pallas then revealed he was there to kill her. She only smiled and they began to attack each other. In the end it was Pallas's fullbring that was the deciding factor in the battle. Pallas soon took over the battle and came to the point where he fully had the upper hand. She was down and he was standing over her. She begged for her life. Pallas knew if he spared her life then it would be he would die. Pallas, however, being the type of person he was, took this moment to end her life quickly. He laughed as her blood spilled all over him. He took the necessary pictures of her and went back to the man, collecting his bounty from the man. He was disappointed that Jenny didn't win but happy to have Pallas still on his side. Pallas will still be on the side of the man when needed, but will mainly be a rogue, killing people as the need arises.

Side Notes: Nothing I can think of for now.

Roleplay Sample:

Pallas had taken a long train ride and was exhausted. He loved to travel, but this trip seemed to take away most of his energy for some reason. He was traveling with a purpose this day. He was looking for someone. Someone from his past. Her name is Jenny.

Pallas had been dating Jenny for some time now. Many people were jealous of the relationship he shared with her. Jenny was a beautiful young woman whom everyone had eyes for. The fact that she choose Pallas over everyone else made some people mad as well. She was the kind of person everyone fought over in order to gain her attention. Pallas knew that fighting was not the way to win her, but just being there and treating her as a woman worked well.

Jenny was also a thug for hire, much like himself. She traveled around as much as he did. They kept in touch by leaving each other notes in areas on certain days. This is how Pallas had come to travel to where he was, Tokyo, Japan. Both Pallas and Jenny mainly stayed in Japan, preferring to keep jobs in an area they were familiar with. Jenny was here on a job looking for someone. Pallas came to Tokyo to look for her. Little did he know that he was her target.

Pallas had stopped at a nice little café not far from the train stop and sat down. As he was waiting to be served he thought back on how he ended up arriving at this point.

*Small Flashback*

Pallas had received a notice from a potential client. He waited for the right time and replied with a meeting spot. He was there at the meeting point when the man arrived, a little late. Pallas nodded at the man as he walked forward, spouting some pitiful excuse on why he was late. At least to Pallas it was pitiful. The man soon got down to business and showed Pallas a picture. Not just any picture but one of Jenny. Pallas looked at the man and said, ”This is a nice looking lady. Why show me a picture of her?” He did not want to let on that he knew her.

The man, a business man by the looks of him, looks at Pallas like he’s joking and says, ”The girl is bad for my business. She keeps killing my clients. The details are simple. The first thing you need to know is that I want her dead. Not just a little alive with a chance of dying and not just beat up bad. DEAD. She's taken out to many of my men and she needs to be stopped. Just tell me you can do it and I'll pay you what you want."”

Pallas looked over the picture again and sighed. He thinks for a few moments about not taking the job when the man becomes impatient. Pallas can hear the man tap his foot, something that seemed to annoy him. Pallas looked back at the man and said, ”I’ll take the job and do the task in question. My fee will be very high however. I know who this person is and have worked with her before as well. Not on any jobs against you however. I don‘t like the thought of going after her but I will if necessary.” Pallas then waited for the reply.

The man thought for a long time about this. He soon found himself wondering if he should hire Pallas or just go for someone else. He then remembered that he had most of the others killed by Pallas to prevent wars with the thugs he hired. The man soon sighed and said, ”Fine. As I said before I’ll pay you what you want just bring proof to me that she’s dead.”

Pallas thought that over for a moment and then said, ”Alright. We have a deal. I’ll bring you proof once she’s dead. This will not be easy you know.”

The man nods and they part ways. It is some time before Pallas finds out where Jenny is.

*Flack back ends*

Pallas shakes his head as he drinks the coffee he purchased while waiting at the café. Soon Jenny arrives and both her and Pallas catch up a bit, talking about recent missions they’ve been on. They soon leave the café and head for a secluded field not far from the café, but with enough room to talk/fight. As Pallas and Jenny talked they gave the other the impression they were to meet the one they were after there. After a short while they both let on that they were out to kill each other. Pallas also found out that Jenny was hired by the same man that Pallas had been.

Suddenly there is a break in the story. Pallas sits up in his bed and rubs his head. He groans a bit and says, ”Why in the world am I dreaming about the past. Was there something in there that I needed to see, to hear? I guess only time will tell. Time that I may not have.” Pallas said this as he noticed the attacks going on not far from where he was. He gets up and gets dressed, moving to quickly keep away from the attacks happening and destroying the city he had been resting in.

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