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#11 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:03 am

Selica was all too enthralled with her king to care ahout who all showed up, besides they were all substantially weaker to her. Well, she would keep her eyes on Nakita, the spider bitch, because she didn't trust her in the slightest. Selica would even blush a but as Jackal would tell her to behave, even though she knew she probably wouldn't, especially as Thor entered the room. He would begin to spew something about all the espada being women, which would cause Selica to stand up and glare at him. "Listen here hot shot. Just because your girlfriend won't give you any play time doesn't mean you have to be a bitch to the rest of us. Just ask and I might be able to hold you over for a little while or we could all kick your ass here. I'm sure we could arrange that," Selica would smile before blowing Thor a kiss. She didn't care one way or the other what he had to say in response, but he had best realize who he was fucking with. All those women, with all that power could certainly fuck him up real fast no matter how strong he alone was. Anyway, she would find herself listening to the fraccion of one of those sinner girls. Why was she letting him talk anyway? He was weak. Well, his idea was decent, but having a bunch of low level hollows protecting them? No thanks. Selica would rather do it herself, so she would simply roll her eyes.

Esme would find herself standing in the coner wondering where Necrones was and why she was all alone. It was bad enough Celeste hated her, but now the Primera espada didn't like the women in the room. She was going to be dead meat if something were to happen. Nonetheless, she would stand in the corner listening to the fighting and the ideas commence. She would have to take notes to bring back to Necrones since he couldn't make it. Although the idea seemed great, some didn't seem to like it. Perhaps, it was their large egos?

Celeste found herself sitting and laughing as Thor entered only to get bombarded by women. Was he that stupid? Celeste would stick out her tongue before pulling down her bottom eyelid with her pointer finger. She didn't care whether he hated them all or not. She didn't care for most of these people anyway. She was here to be in good standing with Jackal and Nakita. Plus, she got to meet her new fraccion, who wasn't completely incompetent. She would allow him to speak his piece and she would nod her head. When he finished, she would stand up to pat the top of his head, "Such a smart boy. I like you."

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#12 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:46 am

Colbolt listened hearing Thor speak of hating women as she was sure that was mostly directed towards her, which tore at her little flower heart but this was what she had to do. She was told who to follow from jackal so that is who she was to follow. Yes she had a strong connection to Thor and all that they been through, he and manda were the only ones that knew of her other side, knew of Anna and the connection and weakness the two shared. She just kept leaned against the wall behind Selica not saying much as she agreed, they need to catch up, going primal and charging in, hasn't worked for the espada in the past, They needed to keep up with the times and more or less evolve from this set nature and show the shinigami and others they aren't to be taken lightly.

Nakita petted the small spider resting in the palm of her hand listening to everyone "I know a think or two about researching, experimenting and etc. I am not the best but I enjoy it, our king.."She replied to Jackal before she listened to selica rip into Thor. Did he not realize that sinner or arrancar, women will naturally go with each other on things. "Primera remember this, Our numbers are few and our sexes vastly different but never for a second think I won't come take that spot from you. Us women are here to show we aren't just trophies, We can and most likely out last you men cause we know when we must fight and when we must wait...Just Like I know when to take you out and how to take you out...Also as Selica said, if you need entertainment, I am sure I can keep you well occupied and happy to keep the peace of our races."Said Nakita looking over at selica from the corner of her eye, God, She could not stand the fact that that THING, even exist in the same realm as her...what a disgrace in her eyes. Nakita closed her crimson eyes, she will deal with that matter later.

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#13 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:35 pm

The meeting progressed as expected. A few threats, signs of disdain and some animosity. This wasn't anything new at all. In fact, the people in the room had grown accustomed to it. It proved the Jackal's point to some degree. The Arrancar knows not what it means to play on the same team. Wolfgang's eyes soon shifted in Enzo's direction. A man who seem to have ideas of his own. Wolfgang almost rolled his eyes at what sounded like a lecture. He was almost forced into interrupt Enzo. The Jackal decided against it, choosing to allow him to have his say. Wolfgang knew all too well about the Hollow's evolution and certain capabilities. It amazed Wolfgang just how much his fellow Arrancar missed the whole point of his words. He wasn't trying to copy the Gotei forces. He was Hollow first and will always embrace that side of him. He was also the leader of this little group and only had their best interest at heart. Something he hopes they will learn. Soon enough, Wolfgang may be proven right. And often times, its a realisation others arrive at far too late.

He continued to listen all the same. He will have to pick this up with the others at some point. The most amusing portion of the meeting was Thor being chastised by those he offended earlier. Wolfgang carried a smirk on his face. The offers sent Thor's way made the Jackal curious. It wasn't everyday he heard of such things. Thor should consider himself lucky, although he might take offence to it. Wolfgang soon stood up and nodded in Selica's direction. He wasn't about to keep going back and forth with this meeting. Besides, it will take some time before they can all be in the same room without any drama. Eyes of teal looked around the room. His lips finally parted while words came rolling off his tongue. "You guys remain as entertaining as ever. I wish I was as lucky as Thor over there". The man uttered jokingly. "In all seriousness, Nakita, you and I will work on a few things. If anyone else think they can contribute then don't hesitate to join us. I will conclude this meeting now and take my leave. Carry on people, and remember to play nice. Besides, I'm late for a certain encounter". The man stated while taking his leave.

It wasn't long before he was out the door and away from the meeting room. It was now time for him to get down to business.


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#14 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:53 am

"That's it? That's all it took?"

He was disappointed to say the least, someone with a background in sciences was enough to quell the interests of the king to enter the meeting prematurely. It was prematurely in Enzo's degree,  he didn't see any more of the purpose of how the meeting went down or why the meeting went the way it did in the first place.  The only good thing to come of the meeting, more or less, was the small idea of where the cero king wanted to go with the organization, as well as the fact that Celeste was pleased with Enzo for the time being.

It wasn't enough,  but it was assumed that the weak had a lesser knowledge or pull for that matter. Maybe that was the one aspect he didn't like, not when he only spoke up for the sake of changing things for the better.

"I'm going to make my rounds."

With a bow to Celeste, Enzo went off.


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#15 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:23 am

Manda listened to all that was going on but was kind of lost in the whole conversation. She waited to see what Thor was going to do but that seemed to be going nowhere. "Goodness Thor, at least pretend to know whats going on. When you need me you know where to find me. Since the Cero is gone I'm out of here. Ladies, I leave Thor to you. I'll let you all have a free shot today, unless told otherwise that is."

With that she began to exit the meeting room. This seemed like a total waste of her time. Rage seemed to be building in her but she'd rather take it out on a dummy rather than another Espada or Arrancar, or whatever the hell else was now in the group. She walked off in quite the hurry towards her room.

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