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#1 [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:26 am

The Hollow Night palace was in its usual state of bestial peace. Devoid of any real laughter and kinship. Many a kings, queens and peasant have tried to change it. All proved to be unsuccessful, for the Arrancar seem to be cursed. Their very nature was often the cause of their own downfall. Wolfgang found it pitiful, and quite frankly disgusting. He was now tired of his brethren being at a disadvantage. All the plans concocted turned out to be half baked. No real cohesion which then leads to unnecessary sacrifice. Wolfgang was desperate to see his comrade do better. And as their leader the buck stops with him. What will he do now?

Wolfgang preferred not to lead his people on a path of destruction. Everything will have to be carefully thought out. The previous Cero Espada did not reign for long. Wolfgang can remember the first meeting held. As amusing as it was, he also found it quite comical. Here the jackal was with a fox like grin on his face. He intends to gather the Espada for a nice chat. The jackal saw it as time they held discussions about the future. The scene was set in the meeting room. The glorious white table and chairs. The perfectly tiled room, with its white ceiling along with turquoise walls.

The jackal felt comfortable with his rear end planted on his seat. He sat at the head of the table while the other seats remained empty. The Espada are all expected to join him and share some tea. Which was placed on trays with cups in waiting. And as the Espada entered, they will know to take their seats and act civilised for once. Wolfgang had a lot on his mind while sitting here. The distance spiritual pressure of the Cero Espada strangled the castle. It was a beacon to the Espada that the man was waiting. Soon enough the spiritual pressure was subdued. Hopefully they all got the message.

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Entering the area, Enzo was answering the call of the new king of the Hueco Mundo. With a small chuckle in his mind, Enzo wondered if the same things from before would happen as it did with the past two kings? It made him wonder of the future of this barren wasteland if there was anything worth salvaging or saving in regards to it?

He made tracks as his feet made a small crackling sound amongst the halls of Las Noches, refraining from doing anything too dynamic in order to stay in his place as the possible weaker one in this group meeting. However, Enzo has lived through many regimes, and this one could also seem to be something akin to the regime as of before.

What would they talk about? What would they learn about the new king? Or better yet, was there anything to gain for them to learn about each other? Insubordination was a thing from what Enzo last seen with the others, he also wondered how the new king would handle that as well. Either way, his name would hold no baring due to the fact that he had no real power for it to go by.

"What would I do with it anyway?"

As soon as he arrived, Enzo made himself known to the new king of Hueco Mundo.

"King, your humble subject has arrived at your call. I am Enzo Audotorae...."

He kneeled with his blade in front of him, the respect to be given to the man who is beyond what an equal could be described as.

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Manda Marluz had heard there was a new Cero of Hueco Mundo. She currently could care less. However, he seemed to be calling for a meeting. Manda sat there for a bit an wondered if she should answer his call. Sadly, she knew she should attend or he may just send someone to find her anyway. Sighing, she got up and made her way to the meeting room. Upon arrival she noticed another one similar to her bowing before the king. She'd blink as she looked at him, then walk over to him. She would only bow her head before looking into his eyes. "Hello. My name is Manda Marluz. Pleasure to meet you."

She would then sneak off to the back corner and stand in the dark, not wanting to call to much attention to herself but wanting him to know that she was present.

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Selica was walking her way down the col, hard floors of Las Noches in her bare feet being utterly annoyed that she couldn't just grow her babies through it. Oh well, she still had the ones wrapped along her limbs to keep her company and to keep her feeling secure. Green eyes would wander the hallways as her hips seemed to sway with every step. She would notice the spiritual presence throughout the castle structure causing her to smirk ever so slightly. She was very excited to see her king today. A strong, handsome, and ever so lively man that she decided she would have entwined in her grasp. So as she entered the room, she would find herself leaning against the doorway. There was an odd man that seemed kind of like a knight, but he was far too weak for her tastes. Then, there was another woman, but she was also far too weak. Still, they surrounded her king saying their greetings before stepping away from him. Selica would shake her head as her long, red hair would move from side to side. She would walk her way over to Jackal in her same seductive manner as always before she would take a seat next to him, "Hello, my king. It's always a pleasure to see your handsome face." She would wink at him as she relaxed in her seat. Green eyes would stay stuck on him, until the next girl arrived.

Esme would find herself popping out of thin air into the middle of some hallway in Las Noches. Well, that was just great considering she didn't actually know where she was. She wasn't all that familiar with the giant building and she probably never would be, since she didn't really care much about the place. She would walk along calmly following the way towards the massive amounts of spiritual pressures being given off. Her turwuoise eyes roamed and wandered as she was off in her own world. She wondered what life was like beyond these walls, she wondered what life was like with people to love, and she wondered what it would be like to have power of her own. She had very few friends, but she would remember them for as long as she lived. She didn't see them much, nor did she believe they thought about her as much as she did them. It didn't hurt her feelings any for she had never been a popular girl, nor did she umderstand the feelings of love and affection to begin with. She enjoyed being on her own, so he could explore, read, write, or dream. She liked peace and quiet. However, she didn't like attending these meetings becuase for some reason she was always targeted. Why was it her? What did she do? She would find herself wandering into the room ignoring everyone in it and finding herself a nice secluded corner. She wondered if her espada would show up, so she wouldn't have to be here alone. She would only be there for a second before she would hear a voice directed at her.

Celeste was quite happy on this particular day considering she had been off on her own killing things and causing trouble, the usual. However, she was much more joyful about the fact that she had just gotten herself a new fraccion. She had never had one before and she wasn't entirely sure how that worked. She did know that he was going to follow her around though, so that was cool. Her mismatched eyes would scan the room noticing the king, a newbie, the knight boy that she was pretty sure was her fraccion, Selica, and... the tuquoise haired girl. Celeste would stare for a while at the girl taking note of every feature and finally realizing who she was. She would giggle a moment before skipping over to the girl. She would smile and she stuck out her tongue, "I know you. Just so you know.. You're at the top of my kill list, Esme. Shouldn't be too hard." The girl would then skio off to sit a seat away from Selica. She likes the planty woman and her vibe. She didn't like her temper or her vines.

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"yes my is time to wake up and answer the call"Said a woman to the small spiders moving around her feet following or leading her. She stood at 5,3 with straight raven black hair in a simple blood red kimono with gold flowers resting towards the ends. She smiled holding a folded fan before she took her seat in one of the chairs near Jackal. Nakita didn't like being first to the meeting but she never liked being last. right in the middle helped the most. Why was this sinner so interested in the Espada? Well why not be. She loved power and the current king well.. He was no expection plus he had some good looks...kinda tore at her heart a bit having to decide between him and her beloved Geralt and wolf. the sweet music she and jackal could make...but that was for another time. She watched the local plant lady do she usual flirting and go after everyone with a sausage between their legs. truly pathetic to just toss one's self at a man, no better make the man come to them...beg for their attention. this was Nakita's liking.

She listened to Celeste do her thing of messing with an arrancar "Celeste, my darling, do calm yourself. We are but guests here to assist the arrancar, please do not try to ruin this...Lovely arrangement will you dear? I would appropriate it A lot."Said Nakita towards the other sinner as her red eyes watched the group.


"Sorry I am late Selica, our king, I was tending to a pressing matter with myself and It simply couldn't wait and I have lost time...Do forgive me."said a pink colored arrancar moving into the room. her cotton candy pink hair was up in a loose messy bun with several salmon pink roses pinned up to the left side of her head. She looked to be about teenage years as she walked quickly over to selica's side taking her seat watching the room and everyone in it.

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Thor Blerster, the Primera Espada, was the last to enter the meeting hall. Or was he? To be honest, he didn't actually care whether he was the last or the first to attend, in fact, he didn't care much about this meeting at all. He had attended one too many meetings to know that Espada meetings in particular was always plagued by some shit, regardless who ruled the organization. One could say that he had the sniffing assumption that this meeting in particular was not the one to break the long ending tradition. Was he right? Time will tell.

The Primera scanned the room only to see new faces present. Faces that made him sigh and face-palm in despondency. One might think that the man wouldn't speak about the problem that perturbed him, but as always, Thor was happy to prove them wrong. "Ahhh, so empowering. So powerful." He uttered quite loudly gazing at all the females that were present. "Guess we don't need the soul reapers to defeat us anymore, when we have this lot in our ranks..." He paused, " the mighty Espada has fallen." He let his words trail off as he growled under his breath only to take a seat. "Most of the Espada compromised by females...what an absolute joke! Might as well fill the whole organization with females if we are intending on making statement." Shaking his head, he sighed only to follow it by stating, "we are doomed."

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The Jackal sent the signal and soon sensed that others had taken notice. The Espada relaxed into his seat, his left elbow on the table, while using his open palm to support his cheek. His right hand held a coin which danced between his fingers effortless. One could tell that the man was a seasoned pro when it comes to such things. At last, his fellow Arrancar began to gather, but this meeting will have some different guests. Wolfgang was left bemused by Enzo but kept his composure all the same. The reason for such was the man's introduction. He referred to Wolfgang as king, a title which he never claimed. The Jackal never considered himself such, but appreciated such a reference. Watching Enzo kneel before him forced the Jackal to straighten his posture. His right hand gestured for the man to rise to his feet. Kneeling at this moment in time wasn't something he wished for but wasn't completely opposed to it. The teal coloured hair Arrancar nodded in acknowledgement to Enzo. That was that for now, because the others were also closing in.

"The pleasure is all mine, Manda Marluz. Its good to see you too, Enzo Audotorae". The man stated with a smile on his face. The coin in his hand was placed on the table before him. The Jackal completed his observation on the first two to arrive. Then there it was, the god awful familiar Reiatsu. Wolfgang could sense the seductress heading his way, while hoping she would be on her best behaviour. "Be on yer best behaviour you" he commanded with a grin on his face. He knew what to expect from Selica and it was all in good fun. Then arrived two more on the scene which almost prompted a reaction in Wolfgang. It would appear that there are some who have manners and then there are those who don't. This is compounded by the way in which they act towards each other. Wolfgang sure hope they were all joking. It was enough to force him to make a mental note and add something else to the topic of discussion.

In some odd way, it felt as if the Arrancar and Sinners turned up in pairs. The teal coloured eyes of the jackal paid close attention. The banter, the rebuttals, the words of wisdom was quite amusing. Wolfgang of course recognised and knew Colbolt since past times. She was promptly acknowledged by the Cero who watched everyone gather. Then came an old friend, a man with whom the jackal has a long history. Years ago, Thor was the one who recruited Wolfgang to the Espada. Back then the man with eyes of teal was happy to live in the deepest and darkest corners of Hueco Mundo. Life was much simpler back then, and never in a millions years did he think he'd be in his current position. With that said though, Wolfgang followed up the last of Thor's words by clapping like a psycho. One would hope that the others knew they needed to be silent. It was now time for Wolfgang to speak and set the agenda for the meeting.

"As you can all see, not everyone is chuffed about meetings like these. In the past, whenever the Espada met, the leader at the time would set us on a path to destruction. So much so that one could easily argue that such is our destiny. But fuck all that. It is my desire to do things differently. Now then, listen carefully, I would appreciate it if I wasn't interrupted". The man said while looking around the room. Wolfgang was his usual self, suave, gritty and devilishly devious. "First of all, welcome. Do take note that we have some guests with us. They call them Sinners, but who gives a shit. We've all sinned at some point. In any case, its not my wish to have a drawn out meeting. I am merely here to establish a few things. One of which being, it is now law to not kill one of our own without just cause. So whatever vendettas you might have, put them to the side.

Quiz time everyone. What it is that makes the Gotei forces so formidable? Shut your mouths, don't answer that". He stated while cocking his head off to the left, his right eyebrow raised, his eyes narrowed while looking around the room. "Its easy, they're fucking organised, not to mention they protect each other. The Gotei have divisions, combat units, stealth and assassination. They have medics, scientists and other fuckers. But what do we have? Nothing. Did ya know its quite difficult waltzing inside the Seireitei? It is protected by a powerful barrier. Strange thing is, we have nothing like this. This is what I am hoping to change". He stated while allowing his words to trail off a little. Wolfgang pondered on whether or not they could even begin to grasp his vision.

"I intend to establish a research and development department. I myself like to dabble in such things, is there anyone else around here with similar talent and mindset? We've somehow grown dull and have lost our charm as Espada. I want for us to be respected and feared once more. Unwanted guests need to once again think twice before entering Hueco Mundo". The man fell silent for a moment leaving his words to sink in. "Maybe its time I gave you guys more responsibility around here. I can only ever imagine that this will be possible with your support. Now then, do I have it?". The man questioned, awaiting the reaction of the others in the room.

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Yukari was running late to the meeting, she really didn't care she wanted to show to find what the new person on the throne had to say about their plans and such, but beyond that she didn't care. She could get the cliff notes version from one of the other espada, or get the information for what role she was going to play among the 10 swords. Showing up in time to hear something about a R+D department, which didn't phase her in the least, she had stumbled across a lab in the sands that now belonged to her, but she was more interested in it as a base of operations of her own, away from the white city.

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#9 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:15 am

After rising once he received permission from the King himself, Enzo took notice of the others who started to walk in and take their rightful places at the table as Espada. The majority of them didn't really give Enzo the time of day, save for the side eye he gave Thor. Enzo knew of Thor's honour, he felt that Thor could be trusted, which means the people that followed behind thor could be trusted as well.

"Manda....that was her name..."

The sinners were also a new take on things, the visitors being somewhat of a new ally for the Espada.

However, Enzo's concern was in fact with the posture of some of the Espada in how they approached, or even interacted with each other. The lack of unity was concerning, especially for a group that's trying to get themselves organized.  He wondered if he could get Celeste to change, with that idea itself prompting Enzo to shift himself over to her in order to stand behind where she sat. At the very least, the sinner seemed to be the saint of stopping internal struggles.

But he dared not saying anything to her, not yet anyway, not while the king was talking.  


When the king was finished making his claims about the Arrancar no longer harming each other and the comparisons that he was making to the Gotei 6, Enzo raised his voice in order to give his thoughts on that.

"Permission to king......"

Waiting a while to hear any voice for displeasure or refusal, Enzo would continue on if he heard neither of that from Celeste or the king himself.

"As those of the hollow race, we do have things that the shinigami don't have. For example, we have the forrest of menos.  You might immediately think of it as a proving ground for the weak as the mindless menos and other opportunistic Gillian may roam free, but the untapped potential in what we claim is what we can aspire to achieve."

Enzo knew he had to explain, but he was a Knight, not a scientist. He could only explain the best as he could.

"The Counter-Membrane that the menos grande have access to, those square beams of light isolate the target in question and prevents those attacking or harming it from the outside. With perhaps we could use the Menos to use the Negación as a reaction of those trying to access our world to isolate Hueco Mundo from those who try to enter without your approval. I haven't thought that far ahead, but the way that the menos grande can casually open Kūmon's (air gates) at their leisure, there is a chance for a breakthrough of safeguarding our own dimension through the use of them. These hollows are easily managed  and keeping an eye out for those who have "wills of their own", can give birth to new hollows to add to our ranks."

Enzo then stopped talking about the menos as he bowed respectfully to the king.

"There is no need for the great Espada to mimic the shinigami in great detail, we only take what we need to serve the needs of the crown. If it's in the crowns best interest to improve Hueco Mundo, then I will devote my time and effort while acting in celeste's name as her fraccion. "

There was a latecomer, but that didn't concern Enzo. He was in no position to comment on so many things at a time, maintaining his humble attitude

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#10 Re: [Open] White Sands and Masks[Espada Meeting] on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:27 am

Manda watched at the people entered. There were so many and from what she could tell not all were Arrancar. Once Thor arrived and made his comments she'd walk over and smack him in the head. She'd want him to remember that one of his own Fraccion was a female and that he'd better get used to it. She was about to speak when The Jackal began to speak about this and that regarding the Espada. To be honest, Manda did not pay attention much simply because it mainly concerned Thor and not herself. Sure, she'd follow him and listen to him, but what more could she honestly do right now. She would, for sure, not fight any of the others. She was too lazy to do that anyway for that matter. Then there was that knight guy again. He was blabbing about the Menos forest. What could a bunch of pea brained hollows have to offer the mighty Espada and their Fraccion. Manda only shook her head at the idea but kept silent since she really had nothing to add in herself anyway. She felt it best at this time to not lecture Thor about his actions since he'd most likely be concentrating on what The Jackal had said. She's remain by his side, ready to do as commanded.

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