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#1 The Salesman Denver Max on Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:34 pm

Name: Denver Max
Apparent Age: 28
True Age: 28
Sex: Male
Personality: Denver is evil incarnate to put it mildly, he has no remorse for anyone or anything, and his only goal in interacting with people is to victimize them, destroying them outright or attempting to remake them in whatever image he would prefer. There is no action too dark or too devious for him to commit. Denver has dabbled in pretty well every nefarious deed known to man, but the thing that sets him apart from most in this respect is the fact that he is not a psychopath, and he isn't a sociopath. Everything he does is calculated under the normal constraints of human consciousness, he just simply has his own specific world view that he wishes to force the world to bend to. The problem with that of course, is the fact that his world view is less a political statement or a philosophical idea, and more so a one-way trip straight to hell for the world around him.

Denver Max is the founder of the Carnival faction, an outfit of nomadic wayward sadists and sinful people, the worst of the worst one could possibly hope to find. Denver much like the bulk of the people in his faction were normal people attempting to lead normal lives, but in Denver's case his past trauma's and collapsing mental sanity is what has driven him to the brink and made him what he is today. Their allegiance is pretty simple, they're unaligned, they're more leaned towards Chaotic Evil than perhaps even the Sinners could claim to be. Denver is driven only by his own sense of pleasure, and his internalized wickedness that he now seeks to inflict upon the world, much as it was inflicted upon him. The sad truth to Denver's story is deep down he knows no matter what happened, he would have always been a bad person. His personality, his interests, his thoughts and relative morality always lent their-selves towards this.

The difference between Denver and most with these conditions is rather simple. Power, and a trigger.

Height: 6'0 (182.88 cm)
Weight: 180 pounds
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: Denver fights without regard for himself, and his abilities allow him to do just that. His body is and of itself a weapon, and he uses it to deadly effect emphasizing close-up combat, with some mid-range mix up options mixed in.
Strengths: Agility, Weapon Usage, Durability, Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Reitsu, Hakuda/hand to hand, Reiryoku Control

Ability Name: Inhuman Durability/Anatomy
Description: Denver can function without any of his major organs, and can waltz through broken limbs without much trouble. The only damage he can't work through would be the usual things. Beheading's, brain damage/trauma, things of that nature will kill him just like anyone else. (Think Kokoro for reference)
Ability Name: High Speed Regeneration
Description: High Speed Regen. Pretty Self Explanatory.
Ability Name: One Armed Scissor
Description: Denver's arm can turn into a pair of dual blades that function similarly to a pair of scissor blades, this has Zan durability and it manifests on demand, much like a Zanpakuto and returns to a normal arm afterwards.
Ability Name: Siamese Gun
Description: A pistol with two barrels. Launches Cero level blasts made of Denver's Reitsu. Usually enters the thread with about 100 pre-made Cero bullets.
Ability Name: Cosmopolitan Bloodloss
Description: Every single time Denver does damage to you all of your wounds will reopen. You will literally feel the attack you received initially yet again, and it will bleed as if it was brand new.
Ability Name: Pink Roses
Description: Denver creates a pink rose in his pocket made of his Reitsu before giving it physical form. When he pulls this in front of an opponent and squeezes, it will burst into a ball of gas, causing whoever inhales it to hallucinate while in combat. 3 Post Cooldown. Lasts one post.
Ability Name: The Shame
Description: Denver's aura will give anyone nearby an impending sense of dread and doom the second he makes contact with their Reitsu, or any of their five senses. Colors will begin to rot from their vision and after 3 posts they will begin to see the world in black, white, and grey.
Boosts: 2x All

Ability Name: Laser Life
Description: On the hand opposite the one armed scissor, Denver can launch Hadou 4 style lasers, up to five per post.
Ability Name: The Six Nightmares of the Pinball Masquerade
Description: Denver can give up any of his own senses provided his opponent is within 250 feet of him, and force their opponent to lose the same one or one of equal importance. (I will not be using taste to justify blindness.) But pretty much anything else is fair game including Reitsu sensing. This can only be done every other post.
Ability Name: Birth Skin/Death Leather.
Description: Every post Denver will alternate between extremely strong Heirro, and super weak normal skin. Odd posts are no Heirro, Even posts are Ridiculously strong Heirro.
Ability Name: Every Breath is a Bomb
Description: Denver can attach strings to a mannequin formed out of his own Reitsu. It moves at Cero speeds and can either take a Cero level attack and be destroyed, or be charged up for up to 3 posts. If it's charged for 3 posts, it will do Gran Rey Cero damage and a 50 foot explosion. 2 Posts a 30 foot Double Cero Explosion. 1 Post a 15 foot Cero explosion. 1 post cooldown once used as a shield.
Ability Name: The Birth of the Giant Swan
Description: a Giant Swan flies towards the opponent at Cero Speeds once every other post. It will try to swallow them up quickly unless you hit it with something stronger than a Cero. (Denver can control it's trajectory) If it swallows you, you will be temporarily immobilized and withstand 2 Cero's of damage, and once regurgitated the swan will die. The key to this is the excessive adrenaline dump caused by properties of the swans saliva. This lowers your Stamina immensely, up to 10% every time it gets a hold of you.
Boosts: 3x All
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]
Boosts: 4x All
History: TBD
Side Notes: 0-3 Leader of the Carnival
Roleplay Sample: N/A

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