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Grym Balthorn would be looking around, looking for his class while making sure that he did not forget anything to bring, he feels like he missed the room that he is supposed to be at, he would the knock on the door frame of the first class he found, the instructor seemed to be a captain. "excuse me, is this Kokoro's class?"

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Umeko would watch as the man known as Captain Kokoro would find his way to the students. Crimson eyes would stare in awe as she continued to eat her rice ball. A captain was right here in front of her? He was big, tall, scary, and a little mean, however she couldn't help but keep eating. It was a little something she did when she was nervous. His weapon wasn't a Katana like hers was. No, it was a scythe, which added on to his spook factor.

Then, another one came and he had much more of a lighter feel to him than Kokoro did, except he didn't say anything. Umeko wondered if she would get to learn from him, until Amays would enter the room. 3 Captains all in the same room anf Umeko wanted to explode. At this point, she had stopped eating so she could take in all of the information. Captain Amaya was very pretty, except she wasn't sure why shr felt the need to announce who her daughter was. Now, the poor gorl was more likely to get attacked and picked on for being a Captain's child than anything. Oh well. Umeko was simply excited to see how this would go.

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Amelia practically jumped out of her seat when she was finally addressed, turning towards the voice, which she didn't recognize right away. She saw it was her adoptive mother and relief flooded through her, though it was quickly dashed away with a feeling of shame as she heard her mother continued to speak, her words carrying the chastising tone her voice did not. Amelia simply hung her head and mumbled an apology before getting up from her seat to follow her mother, grabbing her lunch as she did so.

She walked through the halls with Amaya until they came to the class they were apparently meant to be in. Amaya entered first and spoke with the class before bringing up Amelia, who walked in when mentioned and turned towards her new classmates.
"My name is... Amelia Nanashi. It's a pleasure to... meet you all." She said before giving them a quick bow, having to stop twice to keep herself from stuttering. When she straightened herself up again, she gave her classmates a quick glance over. She was not surprised to see she was one of the youngest looking ones here, though she was surprised she didn't claim that prize. There was one student who didn't even seem to ten years old physically. She felt a bit of pity towards that girl, wondering why she had died so young.

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Kokoro looked over the teachers and recruits slowly, in truth he knew pretty well what all of them were capable of and what they could do, so, Kokoro had a bit of an idea he was going to go through with. "Fun idea. All of you line up on one side, and I'll line up over here. 20 yards apart. Your goal is simple, incapacitate me through whatever means necessary, whether that entails killing me, wearing me out, wearing me down, capturing me, whatever you think you you're capable of, attempt to do so together. Once you succeed, if you succeed, that'll be the end of the training day for you. If you are ruled incapacitated by the nearby medical Shinigami, you are out. (If someone wants to fill that role...) And that'll be about it."

Kokoro threw his mask on, entered Shikai, and drew a line in the sand in front of him with his scythe as he smirked at the batch of students and teachers across from him. "Let's begin"

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Peter shot Lilly a smoldering look of anger as she totally and utterly spoke over him. In fact, this anger completely distracted him from the fact that a bunch of people showed up to the class until he snapped back to reality. He watched carefully as Kokoro drew the line in the earth with the butt of his scythe before brandishing the weapon expectantly. At least this exercise could be done by all of them at once, Peter really wasn't looking to get single-handedly pummeled by a teacher. He slowly shifted his gaze to the left, then to the right to look at his fellow classmates. Peter leaned his head to the people on his immediate left and immediate right, whoever those may be, and whispered "Fan out," then drew his own Zanpakuto and held it out in front of him as he watched Kokoro carefully and weighed his options.

While Peter wasn't exactly gung-ho about combat; he simply saw it as one of his duties as a shinigami. However, he was decently confident in the strength of his own defenses. OF course, he was clearly outmatched here... Even with all his other classmates, he doubted they could really do anything against Kokoro. But they had to, it was what the assignment entailed. Peter focused on the tip of his Zanpakuto, causing a small sphere of rippling energy to form and burst out in a beam of vibration energy directed at Kokoro.

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Grym would look confused as the first assignment that they have is that of fighting the very instructor that is supposed to teach them, knowing for a fact that he does not have much experience fighting other shinigami, he takes a deep breath as he rests a hand on his zanpakuto, slowly drawing it, if others looked at his zanpakuto, it maybe the most bizarre one possibly known in seireitei history as the blade in it's sealed state is pitch black, he takes another deep breath as he takes his weapon in both hands as spiritual energy starts to build up as the zanpakuto starts to glow a deep red.

"Erase, Boidosutā"

With his weapons name and command announced, the entire zanpakuto erupts into blood red flames before the flames dissipate to reveal a longsword with the black blade still wreathed in deep red flames as he initiated Shikai, he looks to one of his fellow students, whoever is next to him.

"I hope someone has a plan for I know for a fact that I don't have enough strength to harm him I believe."

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Good news: No one seemed to care for her. Amelia was actually a bit relieved by this bit of context, since it meant she probably wouldn't be ganged up on with questions about things she had no clue about. She hadn't been Anna's daughter for very long but she had been through a hell of a crash course to get into this academy. Regardless, it seemed like the idea of making friends here was not a real possibility. Then again, maybe everyone was busy, she had no idea.

It didn't take long for one of their instructors to begin issuing instructions. Given that they were staff, Amelia immediately took her place in the line of students facing the teacher. It seemed their task was not to defeat him, but simply keep him from moving. Basically, find a way to restraint him or knock him out. However, she doubted such a thing was possible. Even with everyone here, it was likely they could be all wiped out in an instant. So, maybe the true test was to simply survive that instant, who could really say. Either way, one classmate, a male with blond hair, told everyone to fan out while another, this one another male but with brown hair, actually released his zanpakuto which surprised her. Either way, she quickly ran over what she was capable of and decided on a course of action, which would start simply enough.
"Bakudo #26: Kyokkō " She muttered under her breathe. Once the words left her lips, the light around her warped slightly until she vanished from view, leaving no trace behind. Once the spell was completely, she flash stepped away, to the left of Kokoro's current position and took a deep breathe to focus on another Kido spell for her to use.

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Lilly would smirk at Peter as he shot her a look of anger. She was tempted to get him to eat a cookie with some sleep poison but was interrupted by Kokoro. She listened to his instructions carefully. She knew she could help out the other students with her poison, but how would she be able to? She then blinked when he put his mask on and entered Shikai. The task seemed to be a little harder than she thought. She was wondering if any of them, even all of them together, stood a chance. She then watched as he drew a line on the ground and stepped back behind it. It seemed Peter wanted to take lead a bit and told others to fan out. She then watched as he attacked. Then another student went into Shikai and just stated he had no idea what to do. Lilly sweatdroped at this and looked at the paintbrush in her hand. She knew that if she wanted to stand a chance she’d need to be in Shikai as well. So she held out the brush before her and spoke. ” Unbind Shiroi Akuma!”

It would seem at first as if nothing changed about her. Then her paintbrush would grow to the size of a Wakizashi. A purple ribbon would wrap around the hilt of the sword and flow out. The ribbon would be made of silk. Surrounding her would soon be a dark purple mist. Anyone around her would feel no effect of her poison. She would only want it to harm one person, Kokoro. She was not sure, however, how to get close enough to him to get him to inhale the mist. She’d look around at the others students to see if they had any ideas.

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"Nice, very nice..Sp many already know their Shikai..But why were we dragged into fighting Kokoro..We could damage this school" Spoke Amaya to her head Captain as she stretched deciding her and Nolan to be in the back to let the students show what they know and what they can do. Personally, she never ran to straight shikai..told the opponent too much to quickly.  She took note of every one and ther positions before also casting Bakudo 26 dissappering completelt from sight backing into the shadows taking her time scooping out the situation at hand more to make sure Kokoro doesnt kill any of the students mainly.

Kairyuko blinked slowly before raising his arms up in a stretch as he listened getting in line. He watched several students move into shikai, both a wise and dumb decision in his opinion. "I guess we have no choice." He said pulling our his blade turning his body sideways keeping his zanpackuto held infront with his right as his left pointed at Kokoro.His gold eyes moved watching the entire scene infront of him. Here goes nothing. "Bakudo 26: Hyappo Rankan!" He spoke as a rod of energy formed next to him before it was thrown at Kokoro. On its way it disintergrated into nurmeous shorter rods that were sent to pin Kokoro to his surroundings making him immobile.

If successful Kairyuko would move in with a Shunpo stopping to a crouch a few inches from Kokoro before casting a Hadou 4 towards the area where his said heart was. If the bind somehow missed or Kokoro got out of it Kairyuko woulf keep his distance and circlr keeping as much aa he could about his zanpackuto a secret till he needed to show it.

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