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What a beautiful day to relax in the park, enjoy your family, enjoy life. That is what a human would tell you. however, the subject of today is not a human but a small teenage looking arrancar was crouched down under a tree messing with some dirt before she stood up with a smile on her face. She began to walk away in a simple pink sundress as her ankle length pink hair was in two pigtails. She felt a rumble move along the ground before the playground was cracked and swallowed by a massive flytrap formed in the middle spitting out the playground equipment.

The girl giggled clapping her hands as several medium sized flytraps flowed up from the ground sending large pellets in the area around tearing it up as several garganta opened as several hollows came out.

"Thats right my friends come out and play."She said happily cheering on the destruction of the area as she watched truly happy to see the chaos breaking from her display

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Winderlin was moving as fast as he could. He had thank the lords that he had worn his nice comfy blue joggers that day. He was air jumping from platforms he was forming with his wind abilities. Normally he wouldn’t do this but he was sent out for a bounty and he could sense that things were going down hill quicker than he wanted them too. He took a few more lefts and then a right before he could see what he was after. A girl, who had hair like Rapunzel, a very nice sun dress he may add, a few giant flytraps eating shit, and hollows.... He did mention the giant fucking flytraps and hollows right? Okay good. He was pretty high up in the air so he was hoping he wasn’t seen by anyone.

Winderlin jumped in the air, well higher in the air since he was already there. He did a flip and began spinning his body as he was coming down. His body was becoming wrapped in water particles and a gust of wind behind him. It was new trick he had taught himself through some training he went through. As his fist hit the ground most of the park became covered in layers of ice including the flytraps. The water vapor he has manipulated from the air and the ground and the air he controlled allowed him access to make ice. He stood up to see his wonderful work before smiling.

“Hi beautiful, I’m assuming you don’t come here often?”

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Colbolt felt her friend dying as she growled "how dear you end their lives...I wanted them to live and enjoy their short lives but you ended their lives shorter then i wanted to...I am going to enjoy feeding you to them for it"She yelled looked towards him "Plus i am not flattered arrogant plant killer. Maybe if you were friends with them then maybe i would like your existence in breathing the same air as me..."She added watching him with her dark pink eyes as her salon pink hair flowed in the wind as she watched not moving from her spot "Go away.."She added

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Winderlin sighed. He could never get the simple or easy jobs. There was always some obstacle he had to get through. He thought for a second and maybe his crashing in and killing the plants wasn’t the correct way to handle this but he didn’t have a choice. He need to save the people.

“Okay listen. I didn’t mean to kill your friends. I didn’t know they were yours. I thought you were in trouble. I hope you can forgive me on that. But I do need you to come back with me. You aren’t going to be harmed or anything I just need you to follow me.” Winderlin said giving a friendly smile. He was hoping a fake smile and a friendly gesture would get him out of fighting this time since she seemed a lot more powerful than she was letting off, but who knows how these things go.

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Colbolt rested her hands on her hips "Okay first of all tell me why in the ever loving fuck would I EVER go anywhere with a human who soul wouldn't even satisfy me for a snack let alone a human who decided to try flirting with me after he killed my friends..."She said " No, i am going to make a new garden using your body and blood as fertilizer." She spoke pulling out her zanpackuto.

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