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#1 Lillian Normandy on Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:49 am

Name:   Lillian Normandy
Alias:  Lilly
Real Age:  150
Phys. Age:   7
Gender:   Female
Personality: Lilly is a shy individual when you first meet her.  She also does not look very strong either.  Once you get to know her, if you’re a good guy, she will warm up you and seem to be best buddies.  If you’re a enemy, especially if your stronger, she’ll most likely run away quickly to avoid a fight.  She is not much of a fighter.  She only does so on behalf of her Zanpakuto spirit.  

Lilly is a hard worker.  She works hard to excel in any task she is put to.  This is why it took her a bit longer than usual to graduate from the academy.  If the grade she got was not to her liking she took the course over and over again till she got it right and she was satisfied.  One might say she is a bit of a perfectionist.  If she sees something that is not right she’ll fix it, even if it takes her away from the task she is set to do.  This is unless she if fighting an opponent.  If she is fighting, she’ll put her fully attention to the person she is fighting and work hard to defeat the person, that is unless the enemy is much stronger than she is.  Then she’ll look for the first opportunity she can and run away as fast as she can.

Height:  4 feet
Weight:  about 50 lbs
Physical Traits:  

Lilly is small and looks to be about 7 years old.  She has green eyes and long black hair that she keeps in pig tail brads.  She is new to being a Shinigami so she still sometimes wears the training outfit in red.  When it is time to be serious or she needs to she uses the regular outfit that a normal Shinigami wears.  When not in uniform she wears what is shown in the picture.   Her cheeks are normally rosy and she normally has a smile on her face.

General Fighting Style:  When Lilly does choose to fight she is fast.  Her small size and weight allows her to move around faster than normal even outside of Shikai.  Sometimes she takes advantage of this in battle by tying the persons shoes together quickly before moving out of the way just to watch them fall down.  For the most part she’ll try to keep her distance when she is in Shikai.  She lost a friend when she first got her Shikai due to her poisonous mist and she does not wish to repeat that.  Since Lilly is rather new she will do her best to avoid all fighting and try to make friends rather than enemies, even if they are an Arrancar or Sinner.

She is fast.  She is light on her toes and is among one of the faster Shinigami around.  
She is very friendly.  She would rather make friends than enemies with anyone she comes in contact with, including what would traditionally be an enemy to the Shinigami.
Even though she is speedy she can be rather clumsy as well.  If she is not paying attention she’ll run into a wall or trip over something on the ground.
Even though she loves to make friends and is friendly, Lilly is also very shy.  When she is around someone new she’ll be very soft spoken and  she will not look at the person in the face.  Rather, she’ll look at the ground instead.
Ability Name: She has none yet.  They can be discovered during the course of play
Ability Description: see above.

Sealed Appearance:   In both sealed and unsealed forms it is a Wakizashi with no real characteristics other than the ribbon wound around the hilt and flowing off behind it.  That is purple in color.
Zanpakutou Name:   Shiroi Akuma (White Demon)

Shiroi Akuma:

Call Out Command:  Unbind Shiroi Akuma

Appearance: When Lilly calls out her Shikai nothing much changes.  She still looks the same as she did before calling her spirit.
The ability Lilly gains is that she is surrounded by a poisonous mist.  This mist is harmless to friends, even in a spar.  To an enemy symptoms can range from being a little sick in the stomach to a needful urge to run to the nearest bathroom if one gets within one foot of her body.  She is not able to send the mist out towards the attacker and she has no real control over the mist.  It stays close to her body only and is only active during Shikai.
Boosts: Lilly is already pretty fast due to her small size and weight.  When her Shikai is released, however, she becomes a bit faster and gains a slight bit of strength.

New Name: She does not have her Bankai yet.  If needed I’ll create one for the app but she will earn it IC
Appearance: see above

New Name: She does not have one and will only earn this IC
Appearance: see above

Lillian was one of the few souls who was born a human and made her way to the Soul Society.  She does not have much memory of her past as a human and not much memory of her earlier years spent in the Rukongai.  The most she remembers is one night waking up and hearing White Demon talking to her.  She was confused at first as she knew she was alone in the small building she had found.  Eventually she fall into a deep sleep.  That was when she met White Demon and talked with him.  The two became quick friends due to her nature.  It was around that time that the area was filling up with the poisonous mist.  The further away a person was the less they were affected.  No lives were lost but a few people did get sick like they had stomach flu.  Feeling bad about this she made mention of it to a friend, who happened to be a Shinigami.  Her friend told her about the academy and she went right away.  It took some time but she was soon accepted in.  

Academy life treated her well.  She made decent grades.  When a grade was not to her liking, however, she retook the course till she passed it with a grade she was happy with.  One class he took over 5 times till she was satisfied.  It may have taken her longer than normal for her to graduate but she soon did.  
Side Notes: Lilly is fresh out of the academy.  She has no division she is loyal to and is made with no real abilities or attacks due to this character being solely made for the purpose of finding out who she really is and what she does through IC play.
Roleplay Sample:  Do I really need one for a low tier character?

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#2 Re: Lillian Normandy on Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:55 am

3-5 approved

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