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#1 Peter Schwarz on Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:04 am


Name: Peter Schwarz
Alias: None
Real Age: 132
Phys. Age: 21
Gender: Male
   Peter is a stern person by nature, and takes himself as well as most things in his life rather seriously. Because of this attitude, he also tends not to smile often, and essentially never jests or jokes around. Jokes directed at Peter have a tendency to fly over his head, or if they don't he just doesn't show it. One could also say that Peter is very true to himself, being that there is no difference between how he acts when he's alone or in the company of friends. Borderline obsessed with doing his job, Peter is often forcibly dragged away to drink and unwind a little. As a side note, getting Peter to laugh when he's drunk is surprisingly easy.
As an off-shoot of his very serious nature, Peter is also rather diligent in the performing of his duties as a shinigami. He tends to hold himself and others to a very high standard, admonishing behavior with a lecture he sees as slovenly, uncouth, or just generally unbecoming. He also has a great deal of respect for authority and high rank, perhaps even too much. While Peter isn't going to treat someone badly for being lower ranked than him, he goes out of his way to be respectful to those of higher status. This includes, but is not limited to: moving aside and bowing when a higher-ranked shinigami walks past, using honorifics while absolutely insisting a higher-ranked shinigami not do the same for him, holding his tongue and doing all this even if the higher-ranked shinigami doesn't take themselves very seriously.

   Peter's unyielding personality means he is also very stubborn: it's his way or the highway. He lacks the flexibility to make snap decisions in a crisis and will try to stop others if they're about to run off and act without following proper procedure, or go against orders. Indeed, when it comes to combat Peter neither seeks it out nor runs from it, only fighting if he must or someone strikes him first. He doesn't particularly enjoy combat itself, but will always see it through to the end, whatever that may be. Peter even holds his opponents to high standards and expects them to fight to their best ability. If he feels he is being looked down on/held back against, he gets very angry and begins to lecture as he often does.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 143 lbs
Physical Traits:
   Peter is tall and lean with a well-defined musculature that is generally hidden under his shinigami uniform. He has pale skin with an almost visible smoothness, blonde hair which he keeps short and tidy to an almost obsessive degree, and eyes that are a deep ocean blue. Peter always stands and sits with his back straight, and tends to walk with his hands folded behind his back. His gaze has a cold sort of weight to it, always assessing and always judging. When he is irritated or displeased, Peter's lips will curl slightly into a small frown which is what precedes his "Lecture Mode". When he is lecturing someone, Peter always telegraphs the oncoming assault of words by unfolding his hands from his back and crossing his arms. He then thrusts his chest out a bit and slowly makes eye contact while tapping his finger against his side.

   As far as clothing goes, Peter almost always wears his Shihakusho to the most standard measurements possible. Peter doesn't wear any scarves or other such accessories, and even frowns upon their use. However, it is one of the few things which he won't outright lecture someone about. Though his initial uniform is very much standard, this clashes with the dark brown leather sword belt Peter wears on his hip, opting to strap his Zanpakuto into it instead of his obi. He has been quoted as saying he "Doesn't want his obi to accidentally unravel," as his reasoning. All in all, Peter's appearance always looks neat and groomed.


General Fighting Style:
  Peter seems to fight with a surprising degree of reckless abandon, however; this is because he trusts in his own defenses. Peter aims to pressure his opponent from the first few strikes of the fight. While he isn't particularly fast, Peter can take a beating while simultaneously dishing one out. His attacks are heavy, and carry a great deal of destructive weight to them. In essence, Peter acts as a moving bulwark to weather his opponents attacks and get close. Beware: Peter is not above, and even enjoys, using the pommel and cross-guard of his blade once his Shikai is activated to bash and clobber his enemies who think to get in so close that his blade no longer becomes viable. It's difficult to say how Peter would act in a sparring situation, he sees them as tedious affairs which exist to distract people from doing proper work. If, for some reason, Peter were to spar someone, he would likely seek to end it quickly and cleanly. No cross-guard hammering, no pommel-bashing.

Strengths: Strength, Durability, Reiryoku, Zanjutsu

Weaknesses: Agility, Hakuda, Hoho, Reiatsu

Ability Name: Howling Blast
Ability Description: Fires a concentrated vibration blast from the tip of his sword, equivalent to a Cero blast. (1 turn cooldown)

Ability Name: Howl Disperse
Ability Description: By touching a Cero-level blast with his Zanpakuto, Peter can cause the strike to disappear. (1 turn cooldown)


Sealed Appearance: A katana with red silk wrapped around the handle. The blade's curve is slightly less noticeable than others of it's weapon type. The sheath is all black and completely undecorated. No charms, no designs, no flash or flair.
Zanpakutou Name: Hagane Okami
Call Out Command: Howl and shake the wind


Appearance: Hagane Okami becomes a two-handed and double-edged longsword. The red silk is no longer present, and instead the handle is wrapped in black leather which begins to taper just a little down the middle of the handle. At the end of the handle is a solid metal circular pommel. The blade itself posses a broad fuller and gently tapering edges as it ends at a point 110 cm from the cross-guard. The guard itself is a wide crescent shape with two hollow-ground cross sections that end in flat edges.
Steel Howl: (1 duration, 1 cooldown)
   Peter's sword vibrates at high speeds, creating an awful metallic sound as well as helping it cut through armor and Hierro.
Howling Armor:
   Peter's body from the neck down is covered in a layer of vibration armor which is makes his body look like it's shimmering. This armor reduces damage by 20%. Cutting or hitting the armor doesn't break or disrupt it.
Boosts: Strength and Durability


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