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#1 [NPC] Akuma Shirogaki on Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:39 am


Name: Akuma Shirogaki
Alias: None
Real Age: 1396
Phys. Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Akuma is a man who loves and thrives in combat. He is always looking for a friendly brawl, spar, or some other form of physical confrontation. That being said, he is not a wild, savage animal, as he also knows how to enjoy the peaceful times and enjoys the company of his friends and companions within the Gotei 13. He is therefore, something of a party animal, as he enjoys drinking and throwing parties in his downtime. It is very rare to find him in a quiet setting, though he does note he enjoys them while training in private.


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs, mostly muscle.
Physical Traits: Akuma's name is rather fitting, given his appearance. Akuma has short, spiky, dark red hair with several darker along with a pair of sharp, narrow golden eyes. Surprisingly, despite how much time he spends outside, Akuma has skin that is on the fairer side, something he notably dislikes, thinking having tanned skin would make him look cooler.

How his style of clothing, Akuma wears the standard Shinigami uniform, though his is probably one of worse looking ones, it is cut and torn all over the place. What repairs have been done, he's done himself with little care or skill, believing that each blemish on it shows the number of battles it has been through. Given this, he has been forced to buy new ones on occasion by his superiors. Otherwise, he cares not for accessorizing or personalizing his uniform.



General Fighting Style:  Akuma loves a good brawl and therefore forsakes the use of kido in favor of zanjutsu and unarmed combat. Despite this, he does not have an issue in using his zanpaktou's kido-like abilities, since they are, in his mind, a part of him and he should have no shame in using them. In combat, Akuma is very much like a berserker, attacking relentlessly and brutally, overpowering his opponents with shear strength and his zanpaktou's abilities. He typically has no problem taking blows and shrugs them off to keep on attacking.

Strengths: Strength and Durability
Weaknesses: Strategizing and Defense.

Ability Name:
Ability Description:


Sealed Appearance: Akuma's zanpaktou takes the form of a plain katana in it's sealed form, though it replaces the usual tsuba with a pair of prongs similar to those of a sai, though they more closely resemble bull horns.

Zanpakutou Name: Apis
Call Out Command: Charge


Appearance: Akuma's shikai take's the form of a pair of metal gauntlets that cover his hands down to his elbows. The metal is dark red in color and the metal over the knuckles of Akuma's hands are formed into small spikes, giving them the ability to puncture flesh and other materials.

Abilities: Akuma's zanpaktou is a fire-based Zanpaktou, with a emphasis on powering up his punches or using them as a medium for ranges attacks.

Boost: Akuma can fire a jet of flame to speed up his punches, increasing their damage by bala level. One post cooldown.

Fissure: Akuma punches the ground, causing a fissure to form along and move towards his target. Once it reaches them, or where they once stood, the ground explodes in a pillar of flame, dealing cero level damage. Two post-cooldown.

Fireball: Akuma punches towards his opponent, launching a fireball that explodes on contact with his opponent or the first surface it comes in contact with. Deal Cero level damage. Two post cooldown.

Explosion: Akuma punches the ground, causing an explosion around him to damage opponents who surround him. Deals Cero level damage. Two post cooldown.

Boosts: Strength


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name? Ex: Tensa Zangetsu, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, etc.]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


Appearance: [What does your vizard mask look like?]
Abilities: [What abilities does your vizard mask give you? Increased Strength, stamina, etc.]
Hollow Powers: [What hollow abilities can your character use with the mask?]
Boosts: [When using your mask, you get a 33% increase to certain stats; unlike other boosts, you can only apply this to up to 3 total stats, but they have diminishing returns; the more stats you choose, the less effective they actually are.]



Abilities: While in his hollow form, Akuma gains access to the following abilities:

Fiery Skin: Hollow Akuma's skin is always burning hot, causing the air around him to shimmer. Coming in physical contact with Akuma while in his form deals bala level damage.

Cero: Akuma fires a Cero. It's a Cero. Two post cooldown.

Fire-breath: Hollow Akuma opens his jaw and fires a cone of fire in front of him. Deal Cero level damage. Two post cooldown.

Boosts: Strength and Durability.


*Died in the middle of a war as a child soldier, drafted into the army. He notes that he actually enjoyed the one battle he was in, even if he did die.
*Was reborn in the Zaraki District. He loved it and thrived.
*Joined the Gotei 13 out of boredom and the desire for a new challenge
*Took longer then most students to graduate from the Academy due to his unruly behavior and refusal to learn Kido
*Eventually graduated and joined Squad 11
*Was involved in the first Hollowfication event. Died by Anna's hands when he lost control and attacked her.
Side Notes:
Roleplay Sample:

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#2 Re: [NPC] Akuma Shirogaki on Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:53 am

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