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Historical Event: The first Hollowfications.

276 years ago the world as we know it changed, as 3 Captains and 3 Vice Captains turned into monsters, into freaks and killers in the span of one night. The Gotei was at it's peak at the time, but was soon devastated. 2 Captains were killed, 4 Vice Captains were killed, and a half dozen or so Seated Shinigami among countless others. Many of the Hollowfied Shinigami were captured and summarily killed, some were never found, and some simply disappeared off the grid forever, or until resurfacing years later when they had learned to control their power. Regardless of what happened to you that night, this will stand as one of the darkest events within the Gotei's history.

To sign up, I your characters age at the time of the event, what their tier would've been (roughly) and what position you believe they would've held. I will also commission the creation of a few applications for those of you who enjoy making them.

We need two Captains, and 4 Vice Captains. A few Seated Shinigami would be nice, but I'm not going to lose my mind over it. So yeah.

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Signing up Ika (0-3 at the time) (Captain of squad 2)
Kokoro (0-3 at the time) (Captain of squad 12)
and Doku (0-2 at the time, not in Gotei. More a casual observer.)

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Sign up amaya 1-5 for vic  captain of squad 7

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Kat 2-5 Seated Shini for 5
Ayame 2-3 Seated for 4th
Mei 1-5 Vice Captain for Kokoro

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Seoyeung Ha, 1-3, Captain of 3rd Squad

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Sign up Anna Nanashi 1-2 Captain of the 4th squad

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Signing up Joshua Tamashii and Akuma Shirogaki, both 2-1 and of squad 11.

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Approved everyone Smile

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Adding Hikaru in all this.  He'd be unseated.  most likely around 3-3.  Division 5.

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Applying Gin de Grey for Vice Captain of Squad 3, tier would be 1-4.

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