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#1 Committee Missions on Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:48 am

Committee Missions

The missions of the Committee will be based on your own tier and the division you have been assigned. Keep in mind if you are a lower tier looking to do higher tier missions, you will need a character of the equivalent tier to the mission with you. If you are a higher tier character joining a lower tier mission, you are there to supervise and only intervene if absolutely necessary. If a mission gets out of hand and becomes more challenging than originally labeled, another character will be able to step in and assist you. Don't worry, everyone will be paid based on the difficulty of their mission. If there are multiple people in a mission, every person will receive the payment once. They payout is as follows:

O Tier - 500 Coins
1 Tier - 400 Coins
2 Tier - 300 Coins
3 Tier - 200 Coins
4 Tier - 100 Coins

The Committee Missions are as follows:

Combat Division:

The Combat Division takes pride in being the strength of the Committee. They fight hard to defend and prevent dangers from befalling the group if they can. This entails going after the enemies with a little extra money on top of their heads (this does not stack with the general mission monetary values). The missions of the combat division include bounties that gain monetary value based on their tiers and just how terrible they are in the Committee’s standards. Bounties can change at any time based on what the current leader establishes. Any individual who wishes to take on a bounty must speak to that character’s owner and it must be mutually understood that the battle will be death enabled. If you attempt to take on a bounty, don't capture/kill them, but escape alive, receives 5% of the bounty. If you attempt to take on the bounty and succeed in capturing them, you will gain 20% of the bounty. If you attempt to battle the bounty and manage to kill them, you will gain 100% of the bounty on their head. These bounties come from those involved with the espada and chaos respectively.

Tier 0 Missions:
Jackal 0-2 Bounty: 1K
Doku 0-2 Bounty: 1K
Thor 0-3 Bounty: 1K
Nakita 0-3 Bounty: 1K
Selica 0-4 Bounty: 1K
Anna 0-4 Bounty: 1K
Yukari 0-5 Bounty: 1K

Tier 1 Missions:
Celeste 1-1 Bounty: 800
Necrones 1-3 Bounty: 800
Satou 1-5 Bounty: 800
Colbolt 1-5 Bounty: 800

Tier 2 Missions:
Joshua 2-3 Bounty: 500
Saio 2-3 Bounty: 500
Esme 2-4 Bounty: 500
Bunbun 2-5 Bounty 500

Tier 3 Missions: 100
Tier 4 Missions: 50

Capture and Control:
This is a list of all volunteers in the opposing organizations. Since they have already volunteered, they should be ready to be attacked at any given time in any open thread. Changes can be made at any time to these missions and monetary value can potentially be expanded upon, so keep an eye open.

Doku Mazi  - A long standing opponent to the Gotei 6, whose son now leads them. Still in opposition under sheer principle, may plot war or attack. Location not known, but if seen, attempt to capture. Let the warning be made that a few serve under him and may come to aid him if attacked. Mission level 0.

Cactus Jack  - An entity of unknown origin, perhaps a Sinner? He has been spotted several times in New York City committing varying atrocities, usually resulting in death. Approach with caution and prioritize the safety of passersby and civilians. Capture or Kill. Mission Level 0.

Shino  - A sinner who maintains his killing drive long after their initial climb into our world. Prioritize the preservation of lives if possible, and retain a careful step. Mission Level 1.

Saio  - We're not going to provide details on this target to preserve your sanity, however this one has been noted to generally be a public disturbance and a nuisance. Capture. Kill if possible. Please. Mission Level 2

Bunbun  - A bount who has been known to be guilty of Grand Theft Sweets. Last seen in Karakura Town. Mission Level 3.

Celeste  - An entity that has been classified as a Sinner, though some reports say she behaves more akin to a small child. Reports also state she will likely be found in a populated area either terrorizing the general public or vandalizing certain locations in pursuit of treats. Capture is preferable but a kill is acceptable in this case. Mission Level 1.

Selica Aciles  - A known arrancar and former concubine to Ika Mazi. Quite possibly still, but unknown. Location Unknown, but if encountered, mission objective is to either capture or drive her off. Mission Level 0.

Esme [DANGER!]  - A known arrancar who may be roaming the world. Location: Unknown. If spotted, engage at your own risk. An attack will likely invite more trouble of equal danger. Bounty reserved SOLELY for the strongest, and backup is recommended. Mission Level 0

Minnia Aventus  - Is known as a rogue Shinigami who disappeared after raiding the Dareshokairo for knowledge of forbidden kidou techniques. Has exceedingly high affinity for Kidou. Caution is advised, as she does not seem to value anything but knowledge, which may include a need to prioritize human lives. Last seen in London, UK. Mission Level 0.

Satou "Lunatic" Matsuzaku  - The Lunatic being a self-given nickname, this vizard is certainly one to be wary of. It does not appear that she is capable of being with. Recommend 2 or more participants. Capture by force. Priority on saving lives, then incapacitate if possible, as it will likely help in transport of captured target. Mission Level 1.

Anna Nanashi  - A known vizard not affiliated with the Gotei 6. As a result of this, she is considered rogue. Location: Unknown. As for approach. She can be a bit of a wildcard, approach with caution. Capture only. Chasing off will count as a failure for this mission. Mission Level 0.

Nakita Nocturne  - A sinner who has been known to toy with her victims, especially those of male gender for their excessive weakness to her tactics. She does not hesitate to kill either. Last seen around an apartment complex in Asakusa, Tokyo. Mission Level 0.

Colbolt Nagito  - A known Arrancar. Recently spotted near Karakura Town. May be harming and/or killing innocent civilians. Approach with care and prioritize saving lives. Capture or drive her off only, do not kill. Mission Level 1.

Necrones- An unknown Espada. Location: Unknown. Listen guys, we know nothing really. So, definitely proceed with caution, if you catch sight of him. Capture or drive off only, do not kill. Mission Level 1.

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#2 Re: Committee Missions on Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:43 am

Maki Kesshou has selected Anna as a target.
Maki has also made it known that she will willingly accompany anyone if they wish to pursue a mission.

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