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#1 Ika vs Kokoro (270 years ago, 0-3 vs 0-3) on Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:21 am

Ika was on the run, it was the news that had spread throughout the Seireitei and every Captain was on high alert but Kokoro had other plans. Ika was his responsibility, he had created the monster and now he would shut it down, and conceal whatever evidence anyone could hope to obtain from his beaten and bloodied corpse. It was Kokoro's duty to do this now, not only to himself but to the entirety of the Gotei 13, and so he had tracked Ika down to a small remote forest in Bogota. He had tracked him there and despite the warnings to stop pursuing and wait for help, Kokoro was going after Ika. He was going to kill that son of a bitch whether he knew it yet or not.. "Come on out Ika, I don't have time to play with you.. The research was not a failure, and your sacrifice will not be in vain.."

Kokoro waited a moment, and noticed that Ika's Spiritual Presence had suddenly disappeared. He had to be on guard and wait for that bastard to show his face.. "Come out you fucking coward, let me give you an honorable death like your father.. you may not be worth it, but perhaps by the end of this you can be.. come the fuck out Mazi!"

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#2 Re: Ika vs Kokoro (270 years ago, 0-3 vs 0-3) on Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:34 am

Yeah so breaking news, Ika was no idiot. Thank fuck however that Kokoro had apparently become a fool in his fit of anger, chasing Ika into a secluded area, hell it didn't even seem that he noticed Ika had disappeared using Bakudo 26 until it was too late.. No matter. Ika would reveal himself to him in short order, Ika smirked, he had been wearing his mask before he used the Bakudo and so it was still on his head when he went invisible. As Kokoro went to find him, he would soon find one of Ika's hands around his throat lifting him off the ground and another finger under his neck in a full on attempt to blow his brains out with a Cero, assuming his plan had worked the fight would already be over, but Ika had doubts that it would be over that easily..

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#3 Re: Ika vs Kokoro (270 years ago, 0-3 vs 0-3) on Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:47 am

Yeah spoiler alert, not over that easily. Kokoro felt himself lifted into the air and smirked as he felt the energy beneath his chin, melting the skin at his throat as a tentacle quickly reached up to yank Ika's hands down from where they were towards his chest. Ika had only succeeded in blowing a hole through Kokoro's chest and taking out one of his hearts. A major achievement for plenty, but Ika was hardly going to be pleased with such useless fucking results. Kokoro immediately jumped to Bankai and his tentacles began to burrow into the ground around him. "This will be your grave Mazi, you should've given yourself up earlier and this could've been easier on you.. Sorry it has to come to this, but you're not leaving this jungle!" Kokoro felt himself lunge at Ika using Shunpo, his scythe was drawn in one hand and he immediately aimed to cleave the fucker in two.

Unfortunately for him Ika wasn't having any of his shit today, parrying the scythe blow with one gauntlet he would proceed to grit his teeth in agony. He had forgotten how uniquely powerful Kokoro's strikes were, it was very much similar to dueling a Captain of squad 11, and Ika knew that he couldn't afford to stay in close for long. Thankfully, that was never his plan. As he knocked Kokoro off balance with the parry he Shunpo'd inwards, stretching his arm out to lariat the bastard on the way in. Ika knew he wouldn't be down for long, so he immediately began to open fire with Bala's from the tip of his fingers directed at whatever Kokoro's position was once he hit the ground. This power was new to him, and while he was only now beginning to properly figure out how to use it, it would need to serve him well if he had any hopes of escaping this fight with his life.

Kokoro expected Ika to parry his strike with some level of relative ease, that was simply what was to be expected from a fighter of his level at this point in time. Kokoro was knocked off balance, and then he felt his head being knocked off his shoulders or so it would seem, it was in fact Ika punching a hole through his head. As Kokoro made impact with the ground, all the wind was knocked out of him and he quickly realized that this fight was not going to be as easy as he was hoping for. As he went to get a good read on Ika, he noticed the incoming volley of Bala's and used Shunpo to get out of the way, allowing for one of them to clip his leg on the way out. He gritted his teeth in agony as he felt the first degree burns begin to form alongside some pretty serious welts and bruises, but he wouldn't allow that bastard to know he was harmed, no..

Instead he would rip him limb from fucking limb. Kokoro's tentacles would erupt from the ground and aim to grab Ika's arms and restrain them as Kokoro Shunpo'd forth with a downward slash of his scythe, once more hoping to cleave the rogue bastard in two...

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#4 Re: Ika vs Kokoro (270 years ago, 0-3 vs 0-3) on Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:05 am

Ika was more than a little happy to see that one of his Bala had worked, but his excitement was quickly snuffed out by the feeling of tentacles grabbing him by both arms. The toxins within them were intense, and as soon as they touched Ika he was racked with agony, screaming out loudly as he ripped his arms away from them by Shunpoing backwards. Unfortunately Kokoro was right there in front of him swinging down in an attempt to cleave him in half, and Ika barely got his arms up in time to parry the blow as Kokoro began to drive him back inch by inch, pushing him towards the oncoming volley of tentacles which would almost certainly put Ika down for the count if they all got a hold of him. He had to think fast, and so he did.

Ika quickly pointed a finger on his opposite hand at Kokoro's knee and released a Hadou 4, blowing a hole through it thus forcing him to relent briefly on some power along with his push forwards. Ika now had the upper-hand, and quickly decided that the best course of action was a straight left hand at Kokoro's jaw, knocking him back and flat onto his ass in a hurry. Ika would take this opportunity to Shunpo the opposite direction to avoid the tentacles, and he began to air walk so they didn't have as easy a shot at getting to him. Kokoro was smart sure, but Ika was no slouch and he wasn't getting caught up in any of this bastards tricks if he could help it..

Kokoro's knee buckled as the beam pierced it, also forcing him to relent on any and all of his forward progress. A pity that was, though it wasn't nearly as annoying as the bullshit straight left he had to eat to the face. Out of sheer surprise Kokoro was put on his ass, though he quickly recovered and sneered in Ika's direction. Blood began to drip from his lip as tendrils from under his skin began to stitch it back shut. "Blood from me Ika.. that's more than you're worth you fuck, and it's more damage than I should ever allow you to deal! I'm going to end you Mazi, I'm going to end your miserable fucking existence, carve my name into that Hollow skull of yours, and make it a fucking lab decoration!" Ika was succeeding in what he had intended to do, it didn't matter how smart you were. If Ika was inside your head, there was very little you were going to be able to do to him from there. That being said, it was fairly obvious that Kokoro was a special case, and that Ika couldn't just take that for granted..

Kokoro drew his scythe and prepared for Ika to move inwards, pushing him towards him with tentacles from the back moving inwards along with him. It was all a clever strategy to bring Ika in, and Ika didn't really have any choice in the matter but to play along, and so he made the smartest move he possibly could in that context. He Shunpo'd forwards, clashed his gauntlets with the scythe briefly, and Shunpo'd outwards. As one of the tentacles rose from the ground he yanked on it, ripping it out and tearing it off he heard a beep, and then he was blown away. His right arm and the right side of his body was burned badly, and he could tell that he had fractured ribs. The only thing he could see when he opened his eyes again, was Kokoro smirking walking towards him, along with tentacles from all directions. He Shunpo'd upwards quickly, and noticed that he could barely breathe. He couldn't afford to get hit by too many of those, and he allocated his regenerative resources to fixing his ribs as soon as possible.. He just hoped it'd be before Kokoro found a way to get to him yet again.

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#5 Re: Ika vs Kokoro (270 years ago, 0-3 vs 0-3) on Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:21 am

This may surprise some of you reading at home, but Kokoro doesn't exactly allow for people to just run away at will. He tracked down Mazi immediately into the sky, tentacles following shortly behind him. He swung his scythe down at Mazi's position once more, knocking him down to the ground below with a sickening thud. It was at this point that Ika began to cough up blood, there was really no chance that Kokoro was going to lighten up and give him a break to heal his ribs, and he really should've known that going in. It was by the grace of God that he was able to get a gauntlet covered arm up to block that scythe shot, otherwise the fight would already be over. However Ika felt that he had found a weakness, and as Kokoro dashed towards Ika once more, Ika did not aim for Kokoro, he Shunpo'd upwards and launched a Bala aimed instead to destroy several of his tentacles. And what followed was a revelation..

Kokoro had been caught, his tentacles exploded on him, three of them at once scorching his entire body. He knew that his body was singed head to foot, he could feel his blood boiling underneath, and he felt his sternum cracking from the power of the explosion. He was knocked away in an instant, and as he went to recover and heal himself, he was only capable of seeing red. Whether it was blood or seething rage aimed towards that Mazi cunt was irrelevant, all he knew is he needed to see more of it but the fact of the matter was he was in danger. His body had been softened up by the explosions, and he knew he had to find a way around that till he could heal up a bit. He shut down his nervous system, so that he wouldn't be forced to endure the pain of it any longer.. It was time to get serious, and it seemed that Ika had agreed ascending to Bankai at that exact moment.

"Kokoro, I need to thank you for this curse you've blessed me with.. and the best way I can think of to thank you.. is by ending your life with it." And like that Ika disappeared and in a moment he was behind Kokoro, punching a hole through his softened back into where his right lung would normally be located. His fist went all the way through and out the other side before he pulled out to disappear once more. Kokoro was pouring blood and was now allocating resources towards patching that wound back up, but then as he began to do that Ika appeared in front of him, launching a Bala at his knee putting him off balance again before putting a Cero through Kokoro's chest, leaving Kokoro to crumple into a heap in front of him. Kokoro was pouring blood from the mouth, and he knew he had to think quickly, his arrogance had gotten the best of him, and if he wasn't quick on his feet?.. It would be the end of him.

Kokoro's prayers were answered, Ika's flaw was the same as his own. Vanity and arrogance in the face of not yet dead opponents, as Ika lifted Kokoro's limp body up so that he could look him in the eye, Ika had Kokoro held by the chin, squeezing as tightly as he could. "Beg me you cunt, beg me to spare your miserable fucking life!" Kokoro's frown turned into a smirk as he sputtered out some blood through his teeth. "I'll die first.." It was in that moment that tentacles shot out from the ground to grab Ika's wrists and pin them behind his back. Kokoro quickly yelled out, "HADOU 90, KUROHITSUGI." And used Cicada to escape from the box. He began to regenerate his wounds as best he could while being a crumpled mess on the ground, and for what it was worth it was working. He was even using healing Kidou to aid in speeding up the recovery process. The only question was, how exactly was Ika going to respond..

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#6 Re: Ika vs Kokoro (270 years ago, 0-3 vs 0-3) on Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:10 am

Ika had been caught, he was annoyed by the fact that Kokoro had tricked him using that fucking Hadou 90 tactic and was probably taking this time to recover, but that was the position he was in nonetheless. He had to think fast, or he was going to die. Ika gritted his teeth. "Bakudo 81, Danku. Bakudo 39 Enkosen." Ika was being smashed, closed in and trapped by the ability. He felt several of his bones crack under the pressure of the blades pushing in on him, he felt the Danku and Enkosen spells smashed inwards only preventing him from dying at this point. He had been stabbed all over his legs and arms, and was bleeding profusely by this point, and saw that one of his arms had been nearly severed from the blow. He began working to regenerate the parts that mattered, knowing full well he couldn't old up long in this state.

Ika dropped to the ground partly crippled and panting as Kokoro lifted him up with his tentacles, dragging forwards. Kokoro aimed a Byakurai at Ika's head trying to end the fight in an instant, but Ika was smart enough to move his head and only allow it to graze the side of his face, leading to more blood. What Kokoro had lost track of in this time, was just that though. Ika's blood was coming directly for him, splashing into his eyes in a moment leading him to blind as his retina's dissolved painfully. Kokoro hissed and tried to drag Ika inwards with his tentacles but Ika broke free and Shunpo'd upwards, launching a Cero at Kokoro's position to cause an explosion that did away with much of the progress he had made towards regenerating his body. As it stood, Kokoro was down to 2 hearts, and Kokoro knew he was in dangerous territory.

Kokoro decided that if he couldn't see he would make everything within 500 feet of him a a dangerous tentacle spectacle. The problem with that was it just left him open to more explosions, as Ika spammed Bala at the tentacles and Shunpo'd inwards to take Kokoro's head, he felt that he had ended the fight then and there but he was wrong. Instead, he was hard countered as Kokoro's tentacles quickly garnered scythes at the ends of them and came up to sever Ika's arm which was hanging by a thread on one side, and then impale him by his stomach on another. Ika couldn't physically fight back anymore, but now he didn't have to. His plan was simply to force Kokoro to retreat with what was left of his Reiryoku. As Kokoro dragged him forwards Ika would smirk, blood pouring from his body as one might expect. In truth, he wasn't sure he'd survive his current level of injury even with perhaps winning the encounter.. He propelled the arm closer with the acid so that it was right at their feet. Kokoro smiled at Ika's limp body, feeling confident that the fight was won.

"My only regret is that I don't get to see the look on your face Mazi.. and after this no one ever will.." Kokoro pointed a finger at Ika's head, prepping to blow it away with a Hadou 4 but instead Ika choked out a deadly reply. "Hadou 96.. Itto Kaso." In that instant, Kokoro released Ika immediately, and Ika used Cicada and a couple bits of Shunpo to flee backwards into the forest to properly avoid the disgusting blast of energy he had just released into the world, unfortunately for Kokoro, Ika was a bit quicker than he was and the blast engulfed much of his lower body. In fact, it engulfed every bit of his body from the neck down. Any normal man would be dead having been burned away like this but Kokoro's final remaining heart was literally being carried by a few tentacles protruding from his head, as a rocket activated in his neck that would launch him back towards the Gotei.. The fight was over, whether he wanted it to be or not, and he figured he had at least scared Ika off..

In fairness, he had pretty well done just that as Ika knew he couldn't stay there for long. He would have to go meet up with someone to heal him, and in truth he wasn't sure his legs could get him that far given his legs had went from being wobbly, to outright giving out and leaving him slumped against a nearby tree which was covered in his own blood. Looking back on it now, the smartest thing Ika did potentially was use what was left of his Reiryoku to form a healing Kidou which he pressed to his opposite arm to keep himself from bleeding out. Ika may have won the fight, but he sure as fuck didn't feel like it.

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