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#1 Satou "Lunatic" Matsuzaku on Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:05 am

Name: Satou Matsuzaku
Alias: Lunatic
Real Age: 80
Phys. Age: 18
Gender: Female
Satou is quite the unpredictable little psychopath right off the bat. She can be seen as chipper and cheery from afar, however she can also be witnessed doing weird things. To begin with, she can be seen talking to herself as if she is speaking with someone right in front of her. It's not the simple speak to herself as in making notes. No way, she is having a full blown conversation with anything she is seeing, so it's hard to tell if she's actually speaking to you or not. Sometimes, she can be seen without shoes as she refuses to wear them most of the time. Satou enjoys hiding her shoes or placing them somewhere she'll have a hard time reaching them giving her more adventure out of life. She can be seen hanging upside down off of various items no matter how dangerous. These are just a few of the odd things Satou may be doing on her own time.

When interacting with others, Satou can be seen as a simply cheerful girl until the conversation stretches out. Her normal conversation can be heard gaining small phrases that include eery insight into her actual life. She isn't afraid to say anything to anyone. Satou speaks her mind and has nothing to hide from anyone. She enjoys seeing the interaction on people’s faces as they slowly realize what she is. She likes when people accept the worst of her, however she likes it even more when they don't. Satou will become attached to anyone she deems worthy to the point of obsession over that person. Nonetheless, they'll only have to worry about finding her hiding in their room or under their bed or something of the sort. She wouldn't dare hurt anyone she finds herself attached to. Hell, she'd happily kill for them instead. She'd be more happy to kill for someone she likes than for her own desires.

Ok. So you're probably asking.. How could someone so amazingly perfect be any better? Well, Satou just loves killing and destroying shit. She loves to break thing… wood, rocks, bone, skulls, etc. She loves to feel the crunch and the pop of things as they shatter to pieces. She loves killing things whether they be animals, spiritual beings, humans, whatever. She loves the warmth of blood and the smell of the metallic crimson. However, once she has indulged herself it takes a lot to stop her. She'll continue until forced to stop or asked by the very person she is doing it for.

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Physical Traits:

Standing at about a height of 5 feet 5 inches is a beautiful psycho almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless but also quite eery. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Satou is quite a beauty to behold. Her frame is thin, yet rather alluring and fresh. From her cute, wide hips to her medium breasts, everything about her seems quite beautiful. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense, which can be quite confusing considering the large hammer she carries around with her. Her hands are small and her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick and her calves filling out quite nicely. Her small, yet semi pointed chin creates a young, sweet, and creepy look to her features. However from the bottom of her left cheek to the top of her forehead, a long scar spreads across her features.

Covering her astonishing frame is skin that is so pale, yet so smooth. However, nothing compliments her complexion like her knee length white hair (waist length when up) which sports bangs all the way across her forehead. The beautiful locks are normally left in their natural straightened state left to flow freely in a large ponytail. And what wonderful eyes she has, complimenting her lovely locks with their big, purpleshine. They hold a sense of care, fierceness, and suspicion that could attract the masses in a matter of just moments. Just under those purple orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of small, soft, pink lips.

When in her daily life, Satou can be seen dressing in a school uniform consisting of a white shirt with a red collar and red cuffs; it also has a black necktie and black skirt. She wears a black stocking on one leg and a white sock on the other. On her feet, she wears ankle height brown boots.


General Fighting Style: Satou likes to hit hard and blunt much like her personality. She utilises her strength and the combined power of earth manipulation to smash and destroy shit.

Strengths: Strength, Durability, Zanjustu, Endurance, Agility, and Reiryoku Control
Weaknesses: Kidou, Hakuda, Reiatsu, Reiryoku, and Hollow Powers

Ability Name: Reiatsu Enhancement
Ability Description: Satou can build up her reiatsu within her body and her zanpakuto causing all of her melee strikes to increase by 50% with each impact.

Ability Name: Strength Enhancement
Ability Description: Due to her Zan and having trained with it for so long, Satou gets a 1x strength boost.

Sealed Appearance: That giant hammer in the pictures above. Yeah, that gem is her Zan.

Zanpakutou Name: Hanma

Call Out Command: Smash

Appearance: Satou’s eyes change to a pink shade and she becomes more crazed. However, her zan doesn't change.


Armour- 20% nullification of damage and 30% when she's moving.

Earth Trap- Solid wall of Earth and Rock forms behind opponent at cero level power can also be used to block an opponent at one per post.

Hyper Hammer- Once every 5 posts she can use a shunpo speed hammer strike.

Enhanced Strength- 3X Strength

Enhanced Speed- 3X Speed

New Name: Okina Hanma
Appearance: In Bankai, Satou’s eyes turn red and red streaks form down her cheeks from the bottom eyelid to the bottom of the cheek. Her Zan doesn't change.


Armour- 35% nullification of damage and 45% when she's moving.

Enhanced Strength- 4X Strength

Enhanced Speed- 4X Speed

Not Used:

Abilities: [What abilities does your vizard mask give you? Increased Strength, stamina, etc.]
Hollow Powers: [What hollow abilities can your character use with the mask?]

Appearance: [What does your Full Hollow Form look like?]
Abilities: [What new abilities does your character gain?]

History: Not much is known about this little lunatic.
Side Notes: N/A
Roleplay Sample: N/A

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#2 Re: Satou "Lunatic" Matsuzaku on Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:35 am

1-5 approved

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