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#1 [Private] The Shinigami without a Squad (Ika) on Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:07 am

Grym Balthorn would be walking around the seireitei, the new graduate would be thinking of which Squad to join as he does some rounds, bowing to any nobles who walk by while also stepping to the very edge of any walkways and roads so that he doesn't upset the nobles and did not want to come up as rude to their eyes, eventually he would arrive to what he hoped is a park of sorts and finds a place to sit, letting his feet relax as he gently scratches his own chin.

"hmm....... Which of the squads would appreciate my skills more......"

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Ika had finally tracked the student down, owing much of this to the fact that Kokoro had planted a tracking device in all students around the Seireitei. Sucks to be them, but it would dissolve soon enough. Anyway, as Ika heard the student he was looking for muttering to himself he would raise his Reitsu signature a bit to announce his presence, provided that the man wasn't a complete blubbering buffoon, he would know who's presence it was immediately. This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but Ika's Reitsu signature was fairly distinct to say the very least. He smirked, extending his hand for a shake before speaking. "I might be able to help you with that.. Grym Balthorn correct?"

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Before Grym could continue to think of his future as a Shinigami, he sensed a strong Reiatsu behind him, one that he sensed was unique but due to not being very social, he didn't know who it was exactly, he quickly got up the moment he sensed it and turned to the person, seeing the person with their hand out, the person looked familiar yet the name of this person escaped him, he cautiously reaches out to take the man's hand, giving a firm grip as he gave the person a hand shake.

"Oh, hi....... I'm sorry but do I know you? I think I have seen you before but I'm..... Not very social, I guess I was thinking out loud, I apologise."

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Ika was mildly irritated by the fact that the boy hadn't recognized him, so he decided he would teach him very quickly who he was talking to. Ika released a pretty solid portion of his Reitsu, it would be enough to bring the boy to a knee and completely stop him from being able to breathe. Provided that wasn't hint enough, Ika would go ahead and tell him who he was talking to. "My name is Ika Mazi, I am the Sou-Taichou of the Gotei 6, and if you forget again I'll carve my name into your skull. If we're clear on that.." Ika would finally begin to let up on his Reitsu a bit, letting the boy breathe in his presence once more. It was rather generous of Ika, 200 years ago and he'd have probably decapitated him for being such an insolent moron. "Kokoro Nashi, you know who that is yes? He's requested your presence in the school barracks. I expect you to be there as soon as possible if not sooner, are we clear?"

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Grym's eyes widen as he felt a sudden weight that forced him to drop to his knees, he couldn't breath, realizing that this person the Sou-Taichou of the Gotei 6, feeling like an idiot and and feeling embarrassed for not recognizing Ika, once the pressure is gone, he remained on his knees, bowing to him in hopes to make up for his insulence.

"I-im so sorry!!! I didn't mean to insult you in such a way as to not recognize you! Kokoro Nashi? Yes I know of him, I will be at the school barracks and take whatever courses he has available for me, and what you have said is crystal clear sir!"

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The man seemed to stay on his knees longer than Ika had intended, perhaps he had shown off a little too much and left him in a bad way. The man immediately began to stammer and ask for forgiveness, something about how he didn't mean to insult him and yada yada.. To be honest Ika had tuned him out at this point and forgot about it, he simply wished to be recognized, nothing more nothing less. Anyway, the boy seemed to recognize the name of Kokoro Nashi, and agreed to head to the school at once. Good enough for him. Ika simply nodded in his direction and smirked. "Well you get going then, I have shit to do kid. Have a good day and all that." Ika simply threw a hand up to him and vanished.

His work here was done.

-thread end-

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