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#11 Re: Aint Blind Yet (Squad 2 Meet Up) on Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:52 am

Shana nodded to Riku, though raised an eyebrow when the her fellow captain took up a position next to her like the two of them were going to be teaming against Kirou and Jack. Which while it might be fun, or useful as a training exercise, wouldn't really work for what Shana had in mind, as she was sure she could fight on par with, if not better than the both of the sub-captains combined. Though before she could voice her thoughts on splitting up Jack beat her too it. "I agree with Jack on that, as we are about on the same strength and the two of them are, it would only be fair if we were to be on opposing teams, I will team up with Kirou why don't you take Jack, this way things will be balanced. Now Kirou, Jack though this is just a simple sparring session feel free to give it your all. I am confident that me and Riku here can take it, and put a stop to whatever you dish out should we feel it is too much."

And with that said, Shana would take up a defensive stance, her arms at the ready in a tight guard, her legs bent slightly just as ready to propel her forward as off to one side depending on how the opening of the fight would go. As soon as she was sure everyone was in position and ready to begin she would call out for the session to commence.


Kirou would just nod silently and take up a stance next to Shana, his stance was quite similar, showing that the both of them had trained under the Hakuda masters of Squad 2, neither one reaching for their weapons yet. The dense forest they were in would prove quite useful for him, though he din't realize that Shana's power could just as easily be a detriment as a help to his very own shadow manipulation. But that would only be if he decides to release Nobu

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#12 Re: Aint Blind Yet (Squad 2 Meet Up) on Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:36 am

Riku was about to retort when an underling barged into the room, dripping wet with mustard. Blinking at the site, he frowned. "Kettou Soushi?" The underling nodded, clearly exhausted. Sighing heavily, he spoke up. "Sorry...raincheck? Seems my zanpakutou spirits decided to be...a handful...and make a mess..." They were notorious pranksters. To the point of being called malicious. Still, he had better go deal with them.

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#13 Re: Aint Blind Yet (Squad 2 Meet Up) on Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:49 am

Well, it seemed things couldn't stay on a straight path for longer then three minutes before something happened to change the plans. Jack was all set to begin the spar when her partner for it, the male child looking captain, had to leave because the spirit of his zanpakuto could apparently manifest at will to cause trouble. She wondered if hers would do the same thing given the chance. She wouldn't mind, she rather enjoyed playing with the childish spirit. So long as it meant no one was harmed or in danger of dying of course. Unless said person was a target. Then they were fair game and her spirit could go for the throat.

Sighing, she turned towards the other two.
"So, what shall we do now. I will not mind fighting him, though if it's just one-on-one, a more traditional setting might be better for a first bout. If you wish to see my strength first hand though captain, I will oblige to the best of my ability. Ultimately, the decision is up to you." She said to Shana, her voice still completely monotone.

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