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It is in fights where you're fighting someone that is unquestioningly your equal that moments will arise asking 'fight or flight?' When she snapped, the urge to fight was practically screaming. Like everyone who came before her wanted Lapis to draw blood from this man. In this instance though, with her sword pinning her arm to the floor, her guts told her to flee, she needed distance. So, before Ika finishes speaking and throws that punch, she grabs the hilt of her sword and pulls it out. Sure, she was armed now, but that punch was gonna be hitting soon. At least not her own blade wasn't going to split her arm like a ribbon. Blood leaks from her head as she falls from the wall she was sent into, barely managing to remain on her knees. "Does it feel good, angering a small girl because she is weaker than you?" Despite what had happened, she was still snapped. "Do you feel like a bigger man now? Just like they did?" She stands back up, her right hand clearly out of commission with blood flowing down like a calm river of crimson. Wordlessly, her sword releases.

Her smile turns to a frown then, and her eyebrows scrunching in anger. "I tried talking them down, to stop, but they kept pushing me." On shaky feet she begins walking towards Ika. "They pushed, and hit with their scabbards, until I made them stop. Nobody came to help until they could feel it half way across Squad 2!" She was in no condition to use Flash Step, such High Speed movement was only going to cause her to bleed more. She doesn't need it though, not like it was going to help now. She runs forward, her longer reaching Zanpakutou in hand. She thrusts forward with the weapon once in range, followed with a quick leap to the man's left side where she would attempt to deliver a flurry of stabs.

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Ika rolled his eyes as the wounded animal he had been trying to put down for the better part of the last 10 minutes began growling at him, injuring itself and leaving a mess all over the place by deciding that she wasn't going to take no for an answer. Ika stared holes through her as she tried to play pity-party, and relay to him the message of what her supposed tormentors had done. "You're a Vice Captain, if you'd have flexed your Reitsu they'd have pissed themselves and ran. You allowed yourself to be antagonized and snapped, as opposed to appropriately responding to the situation with any of the other methods you could've responded with. You were faster than them, stronger than them, and you chose instead to attack. This is called a demonstration." Ika would Shunpo forwards and pick the girl up by the throat, releasing his Reitsu as heavily as he could. Given the blood she was using up and how fast her heart was beating.. He fully intended for her to pass out like this. "Class dismissed."

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She was so angry, her blood felt like fire under her skin. Before she could even make her attempted strike he closed the distance between them with little effort and lifted her by her neck. It was the pressure that came after that ended everything. Mixed with the loss of blood and physical exhaustion, the pressure the man puts on her makes her pass out after a few failed attempts at squirming out. Her sword falls from her grip, sealing itself back up at Lapis' lack of consciousness. He really didn't teach much of a lesson either, just knocked her around a bit really. This would give her motivation though to learn on her own. For now, she hangs limp in Ika's grip.

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Ika frowned at the carcass in his hands and glared at some of the people who'd gathered around to watch. As it began to slouch over and bleed all over him, he would throw her limp body to the ground, briefly wiping his hands on her attire. Fucking gross.. He looked around at the people who'd gathered around and spoke as sternly as he could. "This is what happens if you attack your fellow Soul Reapers, if you'd like to end up like her knock yourself out. On that note call squad four, I'm not in the mood for the litigation that would be required of me assuming I actually killed her."

-Thread End-

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