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It was early morning, while training, that she had received a letter. She was to meet one of the Head Captains at one of the many clear sparring areas that dotted the Seireitei's grounds. However, she wasn't told who would be meeting her, or what it was for.

'Is this about those Fourth Division jerks? Couldn't be... They needed to be healed but that was over a month ago. Besides, they weren't THAT hurt.'

Her sword spirit decided to chime in. 'We remember things differently. You nearly took one of their arms clean off.' It chuckles a bit, the echo from it making it sound more menacing than intended. 'They screamed pretty nicely, too bad you were too enraged to care.'

"... hush about that, I highly doubt that happened." Despite knowing she wouldn't have the stomach to do such a thing, even to those assholes, she couldn't say that it never happened. Her memory of the fight was foggy at best, and she couldn't bring up any key moments. All she could reliably recall was the smell of blood and the sight of defeated non-ranked Squad 4 members.

She walks onto the sparring field and waits, deciding to meditate. Ever since unlocking Bankai, she found this was the only way to cool off when feeling irritable. Her hostility had climbed, and it scared her. It wasn't something she could control, and she certainly didn't want it costing her own, or someone else's, life. Maybe she could bring it up to whichever Captain shows?

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Ika cracked his neck and arrived at the sparring grounds a bit early, breaking news was apparently that the Lazuli clan could get a bit bloodthirsty when annoyed. How this was a revelation to anyone given their family history was beyond Ika, but that was for them to deal with at this point, Ika had to deal with it now that he was Captain Commander, so he planned on doing just that. He told his guards to fuck off, and took a seat in a chair he had brought along with him. When no one was around, he would light a cigarette and allow for the smoke to fill the air in front of his face, as he exhaled. This was still new to him, if we're being honest. He was still adjusting, but it did have it's perks.

As Lapis arrived Ika quickly stomped out the cigarette before leaning back in his chair. "Lapis Lazuli, current pain in the ass from the Lazuli clan.. says here you disarmed a member of squad four in an argument and while it was able to be reattached, he almost died." Ika sighed, closing his eyes before speaking to Lapis.. "Look, I get that squad four can be a bit.. annoying. Frankly they're not my favorite squad to be around, but you can't go around severing the limbs of everyone that you may happen to have a small disagreement with ya know?.." Ika shook his head before continuing. "Your clans bloodlust is annoying as fuck, but I suppose as Captain Commander it's my job to deal with it so first things first.. Get me out of this chair using Hakuda and or Zanjetsu. No Kidou, no release states. Come remove me from this chair."

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He was being very... direct about this. She hadn't expected to be the last to arrive, what with how soon she had taken to the message. It wasn't a bad thing though, she was glad that the Captain Commander knew to be punctual. "Sir I... didn't mean to do that. They attacked me and..." His words confirmed it. She had actually did those things but there was no memory of it. "Alright, Captain Commander." He probably wouldn't like excuses, so it was probably best to just do as he instructed.

She pulls out her Zanpakutou, readying the blade with a two-handed grip. She takes a calming breath, making sure she kept control as she uses Flash Step. If she was to ever do as the man instructed, it would never succeed in a frontal assault. She moves to behind where he was in the chair and attempts to kick at the left side of Ika's head, followed by a swing made against the back legs of the chair. If she could take them out, maybe Ika would fall back and out of the seat.

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Ika sighed as the girl began to mumble and stammer on attempting to apologize, but he was more than content to see that she had elected to simply push forwards and go along with what it was he had asked her to do. He sighed lightly as she aimed a kick at his head, parrying it lazily with his gauntlet in order to knock it aside, and then right as she would attempt to swing he would roll his eyes. "Bakudo 1, Sai" and that would but a halt to that. Right as her hands became tied and her attack was thusly interrupted he would turn around in his chair quickly and smack it upside her head, assuming it hit one of the legs would surely have been broken on impact.

He would then return to a seated position, maintaining balance on the left side due to the missing leg if that had indeed occurred. He would yawn and motion her forwards. "Round two, let's go."

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She had expected the kick. However, the Kidou came out of nowhere. "...what?!" Her hands move back, having only cut half way through the first leg. She was very familiar with Kidou, and could break out of this easily, but not in time for Ika to have hit her head with the chair. The leg she partially cut breaks off, and she is forced to kneel against the ground. When Ika settles Lapis stands back up and breaks out of Sai. Her breathing gets heavy. Not out of exhaustion, but from her blood heating up. 'This is a test... this is a test...'

She tightly grips her blade, grits her teeth and tries again. She knew to listen for Kidou now, and would do so as she used Shunpo to appear near the still intact leg in back. She swings her blade out, attempting to remove any balance Ika still kept with that leg.

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It seemed she had expected the kick, but the Kidou had caught her off guard. She seemed perplexed, or at least it seemed that way until Ika knocked some sense into her courtesy of the chair he was sitting in. Sure, one leg was down, but he reckoned he could keep this up for at least one more exchange, after-all, she was nothing if not predictable, especially since he could see her blood boiling through her skin practically. She swung low at the chair, trying to take the rear leg out. Ika smirked, bunny hopping up with the chair at the beginning of her swing. He attempted to land on the blade but missed, not that it would matter. He spun around on it quickly and lazily swept her legs. If she had fallen to her hands and knees as intended, he would begin to use her as a footrest. Otherwise he would stare at her, bored as one could be. "Is that truly all you have to offer me.. after all that?.."

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She honestly should have expected the man's speed. He was the Captain Commander after all. That, coupled with her careless action from slowly growing frustrated left her open to being tripped. She catches herself on her hands and knees and is about to get up when she feels Ika's feet resting on her back. 'Is he really using me as a-' Her thought was cut off as he spoke. His words, intending to anger her or not, was doing just that. 'Did he not expect this?! He knows I am horrible with Zanjutsu!'

She rolls out from under his feet, her grip tightening on her blade. She wasn't there yet, doing her best to hold back, but Ika was really putting her resolve to remain calm through the ringer. She charges from the front, swinging the blade for the man's head. A frontal attack like this would do nothing, she was sure Ika would either block or dodge. Pretty easily too. In any case she would follow the momentum of her attack to go behind the male, where she would go to push the chair over.

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The girl rolled out from under Ika's feet and he closed his eyes in boredom. "I'm going to take a nap here, I've gotta be honest you're boring me. I expected more from you, why don't you go throw that sword in the trash like the rest of your clan eh? Where's the bloodlust you all supposedly prided yourselves on, where's the drive, the passion, the anger.. I see none of it, and I see even less skill on your part. The girl approached him, swinging at his head with her blade as he briefly paid her some mind by opening his eyes. He grabbed the blade with his gauntlet covered hands and while his hand bled slightly, it wasn't anything major. He smacked her in the side of the head as hard as he could, hoping to level her before dragging her forwards by her Zanpakuto. Presuming this had went as planned, he would go back to using her as a foot-rest. "Do something useful and hold still.."

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She hadn't heard his words when she was making her attack. However she had been shocked when the man decided to catch her blade instead of dodge or block. A hit like what he delivered nearly sent her into the nearest wall if not for the grip she had on her sword. Blood began to drip from her head as she was set back to being the man's footrest. It was now when the man's words echoed in her head.

"You want me to snap...?" She grits her teeth, her spiritual energy starting to swirl around her the more her control is lost. "My family was all killed over this..." She rolls out from under him, pulling her blade with her. She stands, and instead of the previous look of frustration and concentration was a small, careless grin. Her sword is held comfortably in her right hand, the other free. Her eyes were the biggest change. Despite the grin, her eyes carried an emotion that definitely wasn't positive. "I suppose I could indulge you." She states calmly. She rushes towards the male, making to look like she was about to swing before using Shunpo, moving behind him and trying to cut into his right shoulder. She moves back right after, tossing her blade at the male's back. He Flash Steps right after, moving to the male's right side and attempts to punch the man's face.

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The foot-rest seemed to have an attitude as irritating as it was. She asked if Ika had wanted her to snap to which he would reply "No I actually wanted you to let me nap.. but.. I guess that'll do." Ika Shunpo kicked her away at this point, if it hit it would serve as a positional reset. He was cocky, but allowing her to lose her shit within range of him was a silly idea for anyone. It was at this point he would begin to notice her spirit energy swirling around her, and she seemed to be muttering to herself about her family being killed like a mild loon. "Yes. They were killed. Because they couldn't stay in line and they weren't strong enough to step out of it."

She seemed to be grinning like a maniac, and she seemed to speak to the idea of indulging Ika, as though this was going to be something that phased him in the least. Sure, if he was a Vice Captain level fighter or even a low-end Captain, he'd be concerned but no matter how mad she got, he was going to make it a mission of his to beat the anger out of her. She attacked him by feigning a strike, then launching a strike at his shoulder from behind. He knocked the blow aside and proceeded to catch the Zanpakuto out of the air as she threw it. If she knew anything at all she would know that a beating was in her immediate future whether she wanted it to be or not.

As she swung at Ika he knocked the blow aside and quickly stabbed the sword through her elbow, planting it firmly into the ground. He stepped on the blade and smiled at her, waving lightly in her direction. "Congratulations, I left my chair and you got a bit faster, I can even see some anger and spite in your eyes but in the end.. what good is it doing you?" Ika laughed to himself before sitting back down. "Also.." Ika quickly launched a right hook at the side of Lapis' head, hoping to put her down for a decent length of time. "That's how you throw a proper punch.."

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