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#1 [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:39 am

It was a normal day and Kat had found herself wandering around the Squad 6 barracks where she was avoided by the masses and left to mind her own. She wasn't that bad was she? She only lit half the building on fire that one time, but it was only a little. Sure, she had to fix it with minimal help, but that was fine. She was bored most days anyway and fixing the barracks was fun, especially after she had painted it black. She was sure they weren't done repainting as she walked by a pitch black room with a sliver of light shining on her artwork. Oh well, it wasn't like she was a horrible person since she did, at least, replant the flowers right that she had destroyed in the process. Besides, she could have not fixed her mistake at all.

Anyway, she was minding her own business when she was approached by another. Turns out they were all clueless brutes so they came to her for problems 24 fucking 7. Emerald eyes would stare at the pther blankly as they appeared in front of her with a simple bow. Well, they were polite and she had to give them that much. However before she knew what he was going to say, she would feel the immense pressure and pain in her ass. She would hold up a hand as if to stop the man in his tracks, "Thank You. I got it, understand?" Emerald eyes would glare daggers, as a simple nod was given to her and they would bound away. "Surprise. Surprise," she would mumble as she would take off straight into shunpo.

The barracks would be left behind in an instant as she closed in on his presence. She could feel him close and every step he took, she moved towards. Eventually, she would find herself turning a corner with an instant stop as she looked down the path. She wore the outfit suitable for a shinigami as she would brush the hair out of her eyes. "Couldn't stay away could you? What are they giving you this time? Or did you come to take something?" She would ask as she looked at him lightly, yet without much emotion. She figured he would be back, but she was much more interested in why he had left without her in the first place. He knew she would have went anywhere he did. Now, he chose to return? What was going on here?

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#2 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:05 am

Now to address his daughter.. not the easiest of arrangements given how he had elected to leave her in the first place, but in fairness he had been preparing for this discussion for quite some length of time.. He crouched down and began to look her over, she didn't look a day older which surprised him a fair bit. It had been what, 250 years at minimum since they had last seen each other?.. And God did she look like her mother, it was almost scary. These children things.. They were weird. Anyway, Ika looked her over and worked his way over to grabbing her hand to hold. "I've missed you all these years they haven't allowed me back, I truly and honestly mean that Kat.." He smiled lightly before standing up to answer her question.

"Well to put it simply, I've not come to take anything, I've been offered the position of Captain Commander and I've already accepted said position, and I was curious as to how you had been doing in the time since my absence, and given the few vacancies we have at some positions of leadership.. I was curious as to whether or not you believe you're ready to handle a Captains spot. When I was your age that was at the forefront of my mind but then again.. In terms of raw power you far exceed what I could have dreamed of at your age.. So I think you're ready, but the real question is.. Is that something you would be interested in?.."

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#3 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:09 am

He came close to her, even going so far as to get down on her own level literally. Green eyes watched him as he seemed to be taking in the presence of his own child. Well if he hadn't spent 250 years off in the jungle without her, then he wouldn't feel the need to get to know her any or become familiarized with her again. He would take her hand as she would stare intently at the gesture. She was still angry, but she also felt a sense of relief. Something was very calming about this sitiation, yet she wasn't sure what it was. He would speak words that she had only anticipated him saying, although she never believed he would. He really missed her? She had attempted to hold back a smile, but it wouldn't work at this point. All she wanted was her family to begin with and this was the start of that.

However, his explanation for returning was surprising and astonishing to say the least. She stumbled over what to say in her head, but she wasn't sure why she couldn't get anything out. "Wow.. That's.. something," she would say as her thoughts were finally flowing together. "Right. So, they kick you out and don't let you come back. Now, they want you to be the Captain Commander? I'm more intelligent than this whole fucking plane of existence combined," she would say rolling her eyes and shaking her head. However, she hadn't forgotten what she had been offered, "I'm surprised they never offered me sooner. I think I'm more capable than these bastards. Oh wait.. that's right. I'm the spawn of a criminal or something. They really liked nailing that one into my head," Kat would find herself looking away from Ika before looking back to him. "Why did they let me stay? I'm the same thing you are, so what makes me so different?"

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#4 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:29 am

He had come close to her and took a knee so that he could kind of take in the presence of his child, after-all it wasn't as though he had left with the sole intent of leaving her behind or anything he had just.. He just had to go.. It seemed as though she was calming down slightly, and while he could still see the anger in her eyes he knew that she at the very least appreciated the gesture, and it seemed that she was now beginning to smile, she simply couldn't hide her happiness from this whole ordeal.. Ika smiled back, holding her hand tightly. As he explained himself, he could see his daughter trying to process the whole situation and he had to admit it was.. something.

"Listen, I never claimed that these people were the most intelligent folks in the world, frankly I don't think the Gotei has ever made sense but.. I want to take a crack at it and maybe make the Gotei better than it was before I took back over, and I think you and your brother are going to be a big part of that." Ika listened as she went over how she had been treated in his absence, in truth, if he had known how poorly she was being treated he would've probably destroyed this place sooner.. "No worries my dear, you'll never have to hear those awful things again, and if I had to guess... I'd say it's because Kokoro has kept tabs on you and their policies towards our kind have shifted somewhat in the last few decades or so.." Ika smiled lightly, even he couldn't hide his happiness..

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#5 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:24 am

She would listen to him speak as he continued to hold her hand as her eyes were trained on his grip. He agreed with her statement about the stupidity of the shinigami and even expanded upon that in his own words. Seemed they were still more alike than she had initially thought, even if she didn't look exactly like him. However, she was much more interested in the fact that her brother would be coming here. It had been so long. She could hardly remember him at this point and she honestly wouldn't be able to recognize him if she saw him. He had potentially saved her life on an occasion, but she didn't much remember it. Anyway, it was interesting to hear what else he had to say.

He spoke about her not having to worry about the judgement anymore or the cruel words. She didn't have to worry about the ridiculous efforts or the fear of being alone anymore. However, her face would change as Ika would say Kokoro's name. She would squint her eyes and stare Ika dead in the face. Nonetheless, she would keep quiet until he was done or until he questioned her.

"That Kokoro guy! He's a real pain in my ass. Keeping tabs on me and won't even take me out to dinner first! Hell, a candy bar would suffice. I'dlike to kick his ass!" Kat would start yelling as she would turn away from Ika a bit as not to deafen him directly while she clenched her free fist. After she would finish her speech, she would lower her fist and head, "Buuut. I think he'd just end up tearing me apart." She would sigh before turning back towards her father with a slightly embarrassed smile. "I-I mean. Don't get me wrong, I'm always up for a fight! I'm really strong now! I was still really young when you left, but I've gotten much better, honest. It's just..." she would squint her eyes once more, "Kokoro."

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#6 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:17 am

Ika seemed to nice her mood and personality shift as he continued to talk, it seemed as though she was beginning to like him a bit more as time went on, it seemed that they agreed on most things and maybe, just maybe their relationship was something that could be salvaged and that made Ika a bit more happy than he was going into the conversation. His smile grew wider and wider as they continued to talk. As Ika vaguely mentioned Kokoro, he noticed that Kat immediately turned away and began to shout obscenities about the man that would make a sailor blush. She didn't seem to be his biggest fan and perhaps she had misinterpreted his presence.

Ika noticed her tiny clenched fist as she finished shouting, and couldn't help but laugh a bit as she turned back towards him with a slightly embarrassed smile. She noted that she felt Kokoro would rip her apart and Ika looked sideways and nodded along. "Let's.. be honest here. I've fought Kokoro. Twice. Both times I almost died, and won by the skin of my teeth and even now I wouldn't want to go back for round three. While I'm sure I could win again it's.. He's a bit of a problematic match-up for pretty much anyone." Ika quickly caught himself to continue. "But he means well for the most part, he watched you as a favor to me, and I'm appreciative of that. So.. be nice to the old man, even if he is a bit weird."

Ika patted her on the head and smirked. "But I'm sure you are down for a fight when the time calls for it, after-all you're much more powerful than I was at your age. You're gonna be a freak of nature some day at this rate.. your brother too for that matter." Ika sighed briefly, looking up at the sky. "100 years from now it seems like I'll be obsolete.. That's just crazy to me."

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#7 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:10 am

She would watch Ika closesly as he would speak about his run ins with Kokoro. She would stare a bit concerned as she would essentially be hearing just how strong the old tentacle freak really was. A frown would cross her face thinking about just what he could do against her... yikes. She would sigh a bit rubbing the back of her neck thinking about just how quickly he could probably clean sweep the head right off her shoulders. Oh well, it wasn't as if she actually had to worry about that afterall. Her attention would be caught by her father again as he explained to her why he had been watching her so intently. Her face would go blank as she would think about the explanation leaving her feeling no different than before. Kokoro was a creep, but if her father suggested it then she would be more lax on him.

Again, he would make another gesture by patting her on the head causing her to look at him with a smile. He would reassure her that she was much stronger than he at her age and her brother too. He also seemed a bit shaken up about where he will stand in the next century or so. Kat would move instinctively poking him for some odd reasom because apprently she just didn't understand how to show affection. She would stare at him blankly as her finger stayed connected to him, "Hm. I don't think you can be brushed away that easily. You've been a pretty prominent figure for this long. Still, it'll be hard to forget the first recorded abomination, yeah?" Her lips would curl into a smile again unable to hide the fact that she was slightly picking at him.

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#8 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:12 am

The girl seemed to take note of the idea that Kokoro could probably beat her within an inch of her life with next to no difficulty, and Ika continued to try and reassure her as best he could without outright talking about the subject at hand. She smiled at him and seemed to be attempting to poke him for some reason, and instead of the usual poking gesture her finger seemed to linger against him for no apparent reason other than, presumably, to fuck with him. She began to speak to him about his tenure at the top of the totem pole and well.. She had a point. After-all, he was no where near his peak. He was going to continue to get better like everyone else but boy... He was still a bit unsure. He smirked as her lips curled. "I suppose you have a point, though I would argue strongly that my status as an abomination is probably for debate at this point.. Same with yours little Miss." Ika grabbed her and pulled her close to him. It was kind of nice.. Weirdly nice.

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#9 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:16 am

Of course, for all of her grand remarks, he had a reply. He was certainly her father as was she his daughter. It was quite the family and she wondered why he dared have kids in the first place, considering he'd probablh have a better time without them. Anyway, it was always just in passing, especially after he would pull her in closer to him. She would stand for a moment stiff as a board before relaxing in the embrace. She hadn't hugged anyone.. well.. ever or so she could remember. Now, her father was here right now in front of her actually hugging her? So, he did do normal parent things? It was weird to think about Ika doing actual decent parent things, but Kat would smile a bit. It was a good experience and it was nice. She would return the hug before expressing herself further, "I'm glad you came back. I knew I'd see you again, but I'm glad it could be like this. I always feared it would be different."

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#10 Re: [Private] Father Daughter Reunion. on Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:41 am

The girl returned Ika's hug and it seemed that Kat was finally content for the first time throughout this entire conversation, no small feat given their prior state of affairs and it was something that Ika was proud of, he was being a better parent than his father ever was and while that wasn't saying much.. It was still a small victory that he would take pride in overall. As she spoke about how nice it was to have him back in the Gotei he smiled, loosening up a bit to pull away and respond properly. He smiled, "It's nice to be back and see my lovely daughter again. Wanna come with me to my quarters? It's pretty cool and the perks of being Captain Commander are well.. Underrated to say the least. I'm sure you've never been there and probably aren't supposed to but.. well.. what're they gonna say? No? Yeah fucking right."

Ika smirked and motioned for her to follow him. Provided she followed through, they would head off for his quarters, and that would be that.

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