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#1 [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:54 am

After my father's 'brilliant' scheme to rescue me from a bar that I had plenty of business being in... and quite frankly no need of being rescued from, he had the brilliant idea of shoveling me into the Gotei. The only division I fit in, the one that beat your face in when it was necessary. And today was the day I met my captain.... Kat.... Mazi? I'm gonna kill that fucker. I really am. "Who the fuck are you and how many fucking Mazis am I supposed to watch out for?" I'd bust into the bastard's office to talk some sense into them. Last thing I wanted was for them to think they were better.

Hey wait a fucking minute....

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#2 Re: [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:24 am

She had been sitting in her office all day going over papers, minding her own business, and taking note of the people that were passing through. A yawn had escaped her mouth as she sat back in her chair looking around the room. How did she manage to get sucked into being a Captain? How did she manage to stay in the Soul Society so long? She was no doubt the youngest of the Captains, however she knew she wasn't the weakest. She was definitely not one easily pushed around.

Her haori was a bit bigger than she was as the sleeves covered her hands when she wasn't using them. However, she didn't seem to mind it in the slightest. As she was looking over her life, her office door would burst open and some loud mouthed bastard would begin yelling some incoherent shit at her. For a moment, she would sit still staring blankly at the boy that had just mistreated her door. Then, she would stand slamming her hands on the desk in front of her as she would speak in the calmed of voices, "You can come in here and give me shit all you want.." Her emerald eyes would glare at the boy piercing through his fiery temper, "But I'll put you on your ass for talking about my family. You have five seconds to change my mind before I barbeque your ass." Her long, black hair would hang over her shoulders as she glared at him longer. Wait.. Black hair, fiery temper, edgy, and has the audacity to disrespect the Mazi's. He wasn't...

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#3 Re: [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:09 am

I walked up to her desk, following the stinging lines that would normally follow harassment of a Mazi. She'd shown her anger by physically slamming her desk. She was a bit shorter than me, had the signature Mazi black hair, green eyes... and wait a minute. She? I leaned in a bit, just to be sure. "Oh. It's you then. I'd heard the stories before, and heard my sister would be here as well... but I didn't expect this. I guess I can cut you a break since you're my sister. It's not like anyone else is worth my fucking time." I leaned back, relaxing my temper a bit. I wasn't fond of many people, especially not Mazis, but this was one I could at the very least tolerate. It'd been a long time since I'd seen her... perhaps when she was a small child and too weak to be annoying? Ehh, it was whatever.

"Hey wait a fucking minute... my little sister is my boss? How the fuck does that work?"

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#4 Re: [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:50 am

Emerald eyes would look the boy up and down as he leaned in closer to her. She wouldn't back away and she certainly wouldn't give him the satisfaction of changing the look on her face any. She was stubborn and if he knew who she was, then he would know better than to challenge her on that. However, all that would seem to fade away as he rambled on about knowing her and even saying that she was his sister. She would stand straight, even thoigh she was still shortwr than he, and she would tilt her head slightly to the right. "You're kidding me,

Kat would watch a bit surprised as she would stare at the boy before her. Was he the little boy she had always thought about? Surely, not. She figured she would know him when she saw him and she didn't believe he was that boy. He did feel familiar to her though, so why wasn't he the kid she thought about so often? Oh right, because those fuckers left her here alone.

"I'll tell you how, you stupid fuck," Kat would say as she would find herself rounding the desk to stand up close and personal to him. "Ive been here all along! I've been here since you bastards decided to run off and join the circus without me! I stayed, I endured, and I worked my ass off every fucking day. You know how hard it is to be accepted around here being a Mazi? You think you hate us? Well, so do they..." Kat would say through gritted teeth and a look of piercing rage. However near the end of her little rant, the anger would die off to something more calm and even somber. Then, she would back off to look at the work on the desk top, "If you dont like it, then do something about it. Take it from me, if you dare try, but I won't give it up so easily.. He gave it to me," she would say in a monotonous voice as she would sigh. She might have been one of them, but she felt more than both of them combined. Perhaps, this was why she knew she was the weakest.

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#5 Re: [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:26 pm

"Honestly, I wish I was joking." I'd say in response to her shock. I knew her well enough to know that what was coming was something that most people would be terrified of, so I just kept myself in check. I knew if I didn't I'd kill her. Mazi or not, I didn't want to do that to my sister. The examination that this girl began was something that seemed as though she didn't want to believe. Want or not, I was me, I was here, anddddd guess what? I wasn't going to back down. She started to rail into me after hearing my complaint about her being my boss. I tried to stay calm, but it was inevitable given the content of her attack. "Listen here for a minute. I didn't have a say in that. You think I wanted to be dragged into a sweaty jungle with my father? As soon as I knew I could afford to, I ditched his ass. Were it not for the situation that you two are in now, I'd still be way the fuck out there. But you've been here the whole time, working yourself to exhaustion. I can respect that."

I'd try to calm her down knowing full well that if this escalated any further I'd have to actually subdue her, then explanations would have to be given, and that's waaay too much effort for me. Besides, she'd fought harder than any of us. If anyone could bring any sense of pride to the name Mazi, it was her. I wasn't exactly fond of being fawned over, but if someone was going to make it so that I wasn't given a look of disgust every time I said I was a Mazi, I'd probably take that chance. Maybe. Ehh. "I know there's one thing we can agree on. Fuck people, am I right?"

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#6 Re: [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:07 am

"At least he picked you," Kat would day in a low tone voice as she listened to Kazuku complain about having been dragged away. Did he not realize that when she said she was left alone, she was literally left alone? "At least you never had to wonder why he didn't take you, or say anything to you, or wonder if you just weren't good enough," Kat would be sitting at her desk at this point flipping through pages of nothing she cared about. Hell, she wasnt even reading them at this point. Emerald eyes would look from the pages to Kazuku as she seemed to notice he complimented her. Was he being serious? He actually complimented and noticed her work efforts? This was such an odd day.

There would be a moment of silence as the two seemed to be lost in their own heads, until Kazuku would speak up. He would say something would would ultimately bring a smile to Kat's face leaving her to laugh lightly. "Yeah. Fuck people. Too bad they'll have to listen to me now. I'll have to prove them all wrong," Kat would say as her fingers stopped flipping the pages, "Maybe this won't be such a bad thing afterall."

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#7 Re: [Private] My Sister is my boss? on Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:21 am

She seemed to be rather sad about her past, but that seemed hardly a barrier in her path. She continued to move forward knowing full well that she was now in a position to deal with the people that she hated the most. I'd be willing to bet that she felt more powerful than ever, perhaps to the point of feeling unstoppable. Thinking about it.... "About him leaving you here. There may have been a reason. Perhaps he left you here so you could grow strong on your own terms, and eventually become someone that he would need, like he does now. He didn't have to pull you away from anything, because you were where you needed to be the entire time. I know it must have been hard before... but now you're a force to be reckoned with. Someone that could quite literally tear down the foundations of this pitiful world and help reshape it." I know it may have felt callous of me to tell her that, but in earnest, it may have strengthened her resolve further. Not only that, but I felt like we wouldn't have too rough a relationship. I did actually want to be at peace with my sister.

And in addition to that... "Alright sis, cut the crap. I know you don't actually wanna be behind this desk. Let's go find something to mutilate beyond recognition, shall we?" I'd extend my hand to my sister, wanting to pull her away from the papers that had long lost her interest. "Let's show them all who they're dealing with, Kat."

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