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#11 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:22 pm

"Quick learner, Good at adapting one's matter based abilities to their will. I like how you fit with us already Akuma..However you leave yourself open and you dont expect this" She spoke.

Aria flipped some of her blonde hair behind her shoulder while sending more streaks toward Akuma before she drew a large circle infront of herself. Once the circle was connected it gained a see through grey tone before it blocked Akuma's strikes. Aria smirked before thrusting her hand forward causing the barrier to shove Akuma away.

Abilties used:


Ability Name: Ancestor Paint
Description: This is more of a passive ability that allow her paintbrush to be able to form paint already on the brush from the soul inside.

Ability Name: Backslash
Description: This is the basic of her attacks as by painting large strokes, the strokes will move in forms of slashes towards her enemy. Grants damage up to a cero.

Ability Name: Barrier
Description: By drawing a circle in front of her the area inside the shield will have a grey ton and able to block up to a Gran Rey cero and has a three post cool down

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#12 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:47 am

Akuma dodged what slashs of inks she could, but one glanced her shoulder ripping a deep gash along her shoulder and again like the last few minutes she has pushed again as a barrier appeared just as Akuma was about to strike. Akuma stared at her boss " Honestly I'm not much a fighter and was hoping you be a bit more shocked by me stealing your abilities, Though yours are more annoying I can actually make your Ink" Akuma swings her swords like a paint brush. " I mean logically am quiet stuck your abilities seem highly defensive but your offensive is well annoying" Akuma looked at her shoulder. Right now she wanted to just waste time let her body recover a bit and hopefully even the playing field. Akuma looked up to the sky with a sigh " So I doubt you'll let me give up will you" let her swords disappear. and watching Aria.

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#13 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:13 am

Aria backpedaled a few feet from Akuma as she watched with her playful smile "Giving up was always a option and as i said before fighting tells alot about one that talking doesnt. When we talk, you speak and act the only way you think i want to hear to make me happier. However fights tell me how you are truly and honestly if we were fighters we wouldn't be in this department would we?" She asked with a smile watching Akuma

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