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#1 [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:35 pm

what a wonderful day it was to welcome the newest member of the Research and development department. She was humming rocking from side to side with her headphones on cleaning the offices to make a new area for the newest recruit. She had a thing of making sure each member of her department has their own personal space to call their own as well as test their abilities in a friendly spar. She had her orange hair up in a very messy ponytail as her violet blue eyes moved rapidly with her moves. She let out some giggles and talked rapidly to herself in different pitches almost as if she was speaking to someone else as she was lost in her own crazy world waiting for the newest recruit

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#2 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:33 am

Akuma walks down the Hallway of the "Albatross Inc" toward the RnD labs for her first day of work. She wondered what the committee told the public it is what Albatross did, Akuma didn't really look into it all but she came to work for the committee's Research and Development because It was a position that meant she would see very little combat. But even if Akuma thought that she could escape the urges as she started to call them, a bloodlust a need to fight, a side effect caused by one of her abilities. At least that's what Akuma came to understand it as, and today the urges where back causing Akuma to be a little tense if not jumpy as she held back the want to beat every person she passed in the hallway. All Akuma wanted to do was get into the lab and be forgot and lost in some kinda book or study anything would do. However, Akuma would not have a quiet day when she noticed a rather colorful looking girl in front of the door to the lab " Excuse me" Akuma says trying to push past her.

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#3 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:13 am

"hm? Oh it's you I been waiting forever to meet the newest member of my lab... I am Aria Takashi...Your Chief and boss. It is so super nice to meet you."Said Aria with a giggle clasping her hands together jumping up and down "Hey Hey hey, I wanna spar and test your abilities to better understand you...what you say you want to spar with me? Pretty please."Said Aria moving her face inches from Akuma as she giggled bouncing up and down with each step

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