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#1 [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:35 pm

what a wonderful day it was to welcome the newest member of the Research and development department. She was humming rocking from side to side with her headphones on cleaning the offices to make a new area for the newest recruit. She had a thing of making sure each member of her department has their own personal space to call their own as well as test their abilities in a friendly spar. She had her orange hair up in a very messy ponytail as her violet blue eyes moved rapidly with her moves. She let out some giggles and talked rapidly to herself in different pitches almost as if she was speaking to someone else as she was lost in her own crazy world waiting for the newest recruit

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#2 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:33 am

Akuma walks down the Hallway of the "Albatross Inc" toward the RnD labs for her first day of work. She wondered what the committee told the public it is what Albatross did, Akuma didn't really look into it all but she came to work for the committee's Research and Development because It was a position that meant she would see very little combat. But even if Akuma thought that she could escape the urges as she started to call them, a bloodlust a need to fight, a side effect caused by one of her abilities. At least that's what Akuma came to understand it as, and today the urges where back causing Akuma to be a little tense if not jumpy as she held back the want to beat every person she passed in the hallway. All Akuma wanted to do was get into the lab and be forgot and lost in some kinda book or study anything would do. However, Akuma would not have a quiet day when she noticed a rather colorful looking girl in front of the door to the lab " Excuse me" Akuma says trying to push past her.

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#3 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:13 am

"hm? Oh it's you I been waiting forever to meet the newest member of my lab... I am Aria Takashi...Your Chief and boss. It is so super nice to meet you."Said Aria with a giggle clasping her hands together jumping up and down "Hey Hey hey, I wanna spar and test your abilities to better understand you...what you say you want to spar with me? Pretty please."Said Aria moving her face inches from Akuma as she giggled bouncing up and down with each step

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#4 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:44 pm

Akuma struggled just standing there her hand on the door to the lab "you're my boss" she says with a frustrated stutter. Glancing from the bubbly girl to the door. " I really don't like fighting...and I haven't had any coffee yet," Akuma says biting her tongue holding back the urge that's been building. Auma wanted nothing more than to tear the women apart but Akuma clutches her hand still clinging to the door " How about some coffee first " Akuma says after a moment just trying to stall or just hope her so-called boss gets distracted or gets busy by something. Then she attempts for the second time.

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#5 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:55 am

"Coffee? Your Just like Alex...He loves his coffee...I don't think you really want to see me on coffee..I am naturally hyper even on decafe and decaf teas...even water...You really want caffeine in my system? I will be harder to battle."She said with a smile "However, if that is going to give me data and test your skills for this department then by all means we can go get the bean water."She said with a smile as she bounced around giggliing before she opened the door letting akuma into the lab.

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#6 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:04 pm

Akuma sighs in defeat at these point the girl wouldnt take no for an answer, would she? Akuma finally pushes her way into the lab and frustratedly finds herself a coffee pot becoming overjoyed when it's not emptied yet. " You don't need to drink if you don't want to you know". Akuma quickly pouring a cup and sips in, Akuma was taking her time she Was annoyed and seriously hated fighting, but if her boss wanted to see her capabilities then Akuma would show her and make sure to take everything she could learn from her. " So why the hell do you want to fight shouldn't you be more interested in the research and development parts of the job, not much need for combat in a lab" Akuma started to calm down and walk up with a cup of coffee in her system, though the urge to throttle her boss still lingered. She took a few more minutes to herself to look around the lab at the various equipment. " Alright well where do you want to do these then," Akuma said stretching

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#7 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:14 pm

"I am not drinking any, Alex doesn't need me bouncing more then i already am plus this is for researching. I am wanting to gather data on those in my care so that way I know where you are best suited at and for what missions is best for you. This also helps me understand you as I find the way one fights tells alot more then just sitting down and talking as if in a interview."She replied moving her hips from side to side with a smile waiting for akuma "and this way we are going to the field outside that we test things in."She added spinning as she walked abbling like a idioit with a giggle.

Soon they were outside in a large open field that had wear and tear from the weapons tested. "Alrighty...Don't hold back."She called with a smile pulling out a paintbrush waving it around as she waited

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#8 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:43 am

Akuma fallowed after she finished her coffee leaving the mug next to the pot. listening to Aria reasoning behind these spar as they walked outside the ground scorched and torn. " Well, I don't see how a spare will tell you anything about where to put me in the lab, besides I'm really fast learner I could do your job given an hour or so of learning. But I do agree you can learn a lot by fighting some, its just kind of annoying I'd rather be reading a book or learning something new" Akuma watched as her boss pulled out a paintbrush." Guess I'll be learning all about that then " Akuma says as a purple swirl around Akuma hand before taking shape into a blade bladed katana with a purple hilt. Akuma takes a deep breath and without another work lets the urge take over her expression darkening as she enters into her second stage immediately. Dashes forward using blur her body shifting to a dark purple mist before reappearing in front of Aria, swiping in an arc with her katana aiming for her neck followed by a second slash aimed to bisect her boss or at least aim for the waist. If one or both attacks hit Arai would feel small amounts of her own energy being siphoned off, but if she missed Akuma would swing once again straight down on Aria connecting or not a small eruption of purple energy would come from the sword from connecting with Aria or the ground. the explosion being of the equivalent power of a bala.  

Abilities used :
Dark blur-Passive
Demon Energy Bala strength 2 post cooldown

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#9 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:12 am

"Quick learner, Good at adapting one's matter based abilities to their will. I like how you fit with us already Akuma..However you leave yourself open and you dont expect this" She spoke.

Aria flipped some of her blonde hair behind her shoulder while sending more streaks toward Akuma before she drew a large circle infront of herself. Once the circle was connected it gained a see through grey tone before it blocked Akuma's strikes. Aria smirked before thrusting her hand forward causing the barrier to shove Akuma away.

Abilties used:


Ability Name: Ancestor Paint
Description: This is more of a passive ability that allow her paintbrush to be able to form paint already on the brush from the soul inside.

Ability Name: Backslash
Description: This is the basic of her attacks as by painting large strokes, the strokes will move in forms of slashes towards her enemy. Grants damage up to a cero.

Ability Name: Barrier
Description: By drawing a circle in front of her the area inside the shield will have a grey ton and able to block up to a Gran Rey cero and has a three post cool down

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#10 Re: [Spar] Testing the new recruit on Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:25 pm

Akuma Doesn't really flinch sing her sword sink into the ink only taking a moment of intrigue before snapping back looking around and spotting the 20 small ball balls being launched toward her Akuma start to dash forward attempting to blur through the barrage of inky balls a second blade, a wakizashi forming in Akuma other hand. Only noticing the tracking when a set of balls slam into her back causing Akuma hidden armor to shatter in a purple light. Akuma now moves to defend herself against the  rest of the Barrage until she sees the black streaks  coming at her " Fine lets try these " Akuma mutter and strikes at the streaks of paint, in hope Akuma uses her swords as her own paint brushes and reshifts the streaks of black paint into a wall to protect her from the barrage of small inky balls. Akuma gives a little smirk  "hope you don't mind but I decide to learn a thing or two from you " Akuma dashed  forward  toward Arai again " Go on then make some more ink for me to play with" at the last moment Akuma uses blur to propel herself up attempting to come down on Aria shoulders with her blades. If Aria used that dam inky doppelganger again Akuma would turn the ink on her and reform them into spears.  Though if she hits not only will she hopeful of pinned Aria arms down or injured her arms but also siphoned some of her energy from her.

Abilites used:
Dark blur-Passive
Hellish Carapace broke- 2 posts cooldown

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