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Berowalt had to stifle a laugh, he couldn't let Ika get a chuckle out of him by calling him an old fuck. What type of person would he be if he showed some humor towards the insult? Oh right a friend, I suppose that's what Ika had called him after the two had meet one another in the past. "Well, I mean you could of probably easily of seen that it was me." He said with a small smirk on his face, the recoil from the punch residing finally, when Ika mentioned the girl all he could do was shrug.

"To be fair, I don't know her really, I was hoping to help her out since she dropped her stuff and walk away, and the next thing I know, here you are standing in a haori with a mask on your face." About that time however, the woman began talking stating she was a sister of a Shinigami around 700 years ago? Well that was something strange in a way, how could you not remember your own flesh and blood, well not everyone was like Berowalt, but when she remarked on being a Vaizard all Berowalt could do now was groan.

"Should of just said you where a human... Now this man is going to want to see if your powers have improved, more over being a vaizard he may just want to see what this generation has to offer." Subconsciously Berowalt's hand reached up pinching the bridge of his nose. "And yeah, since I've started teaching I haven't been feasting on souls anymore, so of course I've weakened a bit, and grown a bit older. Last I checked I still looked younger than you, damn near a thousand years ago or so." He said with a hint of sass.

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Ika listened to what the woman had to say and smirked lightly. "Amaya Nanashi eh? Good girl she is, I almost killed her when I first turned but other than that solid girl. And yeah now that you mention it, I do remember helping you sort out your Vizard situation, was a pretty fun time that.. Anyway, back to this cunt." Ika smirked, glaring at Berowalt. "As for you, of course I knew it was you, but that act was fucking pitiful man, I had to hit you for trying it. Also you've never looked younger than me, you left the womb looking ready for the retirement home you old fuck." Ika continued to smirk and ponder what to do from here, while the reunion was lovely, it was hardly going to be worth stretching his legs over..

Ika tapped his foot and began to think aloud. "So where exactly would I go here for a challenge.."

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"You Say you remember helping me through my hollowfication but you do not remember my name...That hurts Mazi...I remember tending to you several times as the Captain of the 4th before that mess the others allow to start. Though...I should probably thank you for assisting me with my change though I have another issue I have to deal with running among the Espada right now. So I guess thanks."She said folding her arms listening to the both of them "As for killing her...She won't die easily..probably should go see her again...but then again, I didn't leave on good terms for a few of the 4th squad...Still MIA and all."She said lost in thinking out loud as she shakes her head coming back to reality.

She watched them chat like they were old buds "Oh yes, as if he wanted to ever test me...I deal enough with testing dealing with his father and his training."Said Anna lifting her chin up scratching underneath it a bit.

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Berowalt could only smirk ever so slightly when Ika spoke about having to hit him for trying out his small miming act. With a small shrug of his shoulders he motioned to the girl that happened to be standing a bit away from them. "I mean she was buying it for a moment, until you decided to go and punch me. Did ya not see her starting to reach for her weapon." He said mentioning her reaction earlier. It was as if he wasn't going to let anything slide today, at least not in his mind there was no point.

However, it seemed that Ika had no intentions of listening to the woman, as he instantly went to thinking aloud about looking for a challenge. Reaching up and scratching the back of his head, he knew where this was going already. Ika had stated he was about bored to death with paperwork, and if this girl was a captain, he was almost on that level himself... This wasn't going to end well. His gaze turning towards her own for a moment. "I'm going to tell you now, you might want to run before a certain crazy idea pops into this man's head."

A small sigh seemed to escape Berowalt as he reached up removing his glasses slowly, better to not get them broke at this moment, he didn't feel like going and paying for some new ones. "Because, if Ika's bored, and you mentioned his old man... I can only imagine what is about to happen. If he's anything like I remember, he doesn't like to stand still for too long, and he's pretty oblivious when he talks to himself aloud." He said mentioning to the fact that the man was stating his own thoughts into the air like child's play, looking for something fun to do.

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As the two had their little rousing conversation back and forth Ika continued to ponder what he was going to do with the two beings he had gathered before him, but finally, it came to him. In a stroke of genius Ika would turn around, right as it seemed the man was commenting on Ika talking to himself, "I've got it, I'll just fight both of you one on two.. How's that sound, surely that could be fun yeah?" Ika smirked, cracking his neck before Shunpoing backwards. "Surely you two can form a good enough team to at least keep me amused for a couple minutes, I believe in you that much!" Ika would take a defensive stance. "Besides, I'm giving you both the first move, how hard can it be?!"

While Ika's posture and stance was defensive, it was true that his guard was more lax than usual. In general he was just trying to draw one of them in to what would probably be a fairly sadistic beating, or so he was hoping that was how things were going to go anyway..

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"First of all, its called acting old man. I am happy when i find humans that do not see this side of the world. They have enough trouble living, they don't all need to know of the true monsters lurking around every corner..It is best that way."She replied resting her hands on her hips leaning forward before she sighed hearing Ika finally decide what he wanted to do before she shakes her head closing her eyes. "Oh look he said exactly what you said earlier...I wonder how he ever thought of it...Oh yeah, a certain muscular teacher figure in front of me mentioned it earlier, Must be the save wave length cause that is uncanny."Teased Anna not suprised "Plus, now that he decided I couldn't get away even if i used all my speed and tricks, he can easily catch me ."She replied pushing her hair over her shoulder

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Well, it was clear just what Ika was thinking at the moment that he began to speak. A small sigh seemed to escape Berowalt as he began listening to the girl, it seemed that she really did intend on sticking out this little proposition of Ika's speaking about how she wouldn't be able to escape. Reaching up the man began to unbutton his teachers' shirt before removing it and placing it on the nearby bench. There was a small begrudging moment as he finished placing the item there, wondering if he should weight it down. A grand thing he brought something like that huh?

Reaching up, Berowalt removed his glasses before setting them upon his clothing and turning to face Ika. "Well, If you had decided to heed my advice, you probably could of made it to the other town by now, I may get beaten to a bloody pulp by this man if and when he got serious, but all I would need is one good punch to make his day a living hell." He said with a small smile on his face, Ika probably knew exactly what he was talking about, the last time they had met, Berowalt played a small trick on him.

With a playful one-two punch, he hit the man with both a hallucinogenic punch and his favorite drunk inducing blow, that caused a Marriott of people a hard time. But, the only problem would be hitting the man with either of them, after all... He wasn't just wearing the current Haori for show.

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