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#1 [Spar] What a beautiful day (Rei/Anna Vs. Ika) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:43 pm

its a beautiful day outside, Birds are sing flowers are blooming and one said vizard around the age of 25 maybe 27 in age was Sitting on the wall of a fountain with a book resting in her left hand. Gold were her eyes shimmering with the reflection of the sunlight bouncing off the pages of her book. A small over the shoulder bag rested on the wall beside her. Anna's hair was never the common color of brown or gold but a pastel Sea Green. Depending on her mood she for the most part just allowed it to flow freely allowing the sea green waves to flow down to her waist as her bangs rested just above her eyes,

Her style tends to change from day to day sometimes hour to hour. Currently she was sporting a large teal scarf that was wrapped around 5 times around her neck loosely knotted accompanied by a torso fitted white open back dress that allowed her loose skirt to flow to about the knee as to finish off her look she had on some simple black flats.

Anna looked up from her book at the lamp post a few feet across from her that sported a large traditional clock that told the time of 12:12 pm. Hm? Was there somewhere she needed to be. That was a question that rang through her mind as she felt there was a nagging feeling in her gut that something wasn't right about today and that she probably should have stayed in bed. Anna sighed shutting her book before she got up grabbing her bag. For some odd reason, upon putting her book back in her bag while lifting it up, the various contents of it fell out on the ground around her. What a start to a beautiful day, Anna looked to the sky letting out a sigh before she crouched down on the balls of her feet slowly picking up the contents of the bag putting them back in their proper places.

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Twelve o'clock... Lunch time for most of the staff at the school, including Berowalt himself. Today was actually a rather blindingly bright day, who would of thought that after just a short amount of time, the sun would be glaring at full force compared to earlier this morning, where the light was barely cascading the surrounding buildings with a dim light. Then again, it was still technically summer time, though nearly the end. Fall was encroaching after all. And what was Berowalt doing out on a day like this where it was blazingly hot? He was simply out to get a meal.

As he rounded the corner however, he noticed a young woman starting to get up from where she was sitting, though the nearly comedic thing happened of all her belonging spilling out of her bag. She was actually easy on the eyes with a pastel green hair that didn't glow brightly in the sunlight, unlike some girls that dye their hair neon green. The woman was wearing a white dress, and a scarf? The scarf was an interesting choice on such a warm day. Approaching the woman, Berowalt squatted down reaching out a hand to help the poor girl.

His voice was smooth and deep as he spoke. "Here, let me help you." He wasn't looking at her currently but was instead steadily picking up whatever contents that had spilled out of her bag. If she had turned to look at whom her assistor was she'd noticed he was a middle aged man, sporting some glasses. Berowalt had well groomed hair and beard, even though it was greyed an peppered. His attire was that of a buttoned up long sleeved white shirt, the sleeves slightly rolled upwards. A old skeleton like clock on display on his wrist, telling that the time was slowly clicking away. He wore some dark black slacks, and what others called penny loafers.

He had the look of a teacher nailed, or at least in his mind he figured this was how a teacher should of dressed for their profession, it was stylish, but professional all in the same. Upon finishing picking up the spilt material he would hand it to the young woman with a smile. If and once she took the spilt contents Berowalt would stand back up, offering her a hand to stand back up. If she accepted and once she was standing he'd nod to her ever so slightly. "Have a good day." Before he'd start heading for his evening meal once again.

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Ika didn't exactly enjoy being in Karakura Town, but at the same time he had some problems to deal with and sort out, his main dilemma of course, was avoiding the rigors and paperwork he was now being forced to deal with as Captain Commander. Apparently, even after leaving for 500 years, he was still a better option than any other alternative. As annoying as it was, it was an honor he didn't think he should refuse and so he wouldn't. Ika saw a school, and some woman on a bench being approached by a Hollow. And then another Hollow, and then another Hollow. Great, fucking Hollow central out here today, isn't that beautiful.. Well, probably need to deal with that..

And so he would, Ika leaped into action with a Shunpo and punched a hole through the first Hollow's skull, watching it dissipate into nothingness rather easily. Ika then proceeded to throw his mask over his face, and launched a Cero at the other two he saw to wipe them out. He had no intention of sticking around, but he did notice a small Reitsu presence coming from the girl. He wondered, perhaps wrongfully, if she knew anything about the situation and perhaps he would need to investigate that before he left...

Fuck being Captain Commander was a lot of responsibility..

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Anna was muttering how clumsy she was under her breath while gathering her items quickly noticing someone assisting her in gathering her things "Uh thanks...Normally this never happens."Said Anna looking up towards the middle age man that had a good bit of gray but in her thought process.. He wore the gray damn well. She just stared for a few seconds before shaking her head allowing her face to get red before she shoved the gutter part of her mind back in it's place. She accepted his hand standing back up before adjusting her bag once again. "Thank you again."She replied watching him head off towards what he was going to be doing. She made a mental note to possibly check in on the kind man for assisting.

Suddenly she felt a quiet strong presence take ahold of her attention. She looked around finally noticing the hollows. What the fuck, the area was very clear a few minutes ago and why did they all seem to watch her..fuck.

Anna took a step back watching the hollows, calculating in her mind the odds and possible abilities she would need to use to destroy them. She slowly moved her left hand behind her back leaving her palm open before closing her fingers in slow succession. "Just breath and fight"She told herself not liking to use her hidden abilities as she preferred to be only a mere human to the world. She soon noticed another presence reveal themselves. Someone wearing a mask? Another one? geez what a interesting day going on. Anna watched the figure make quick work of the three hollows as she took a breath relaxing now that the danger was over right? She watched the male watching her in a sort of staring. Anna removed her hand from behind her back folding them in front of herself. She was curious if he would tell how different she was? Anna let out another sigh deciding it was best to maybe address the man to know for sure.

"Thank you...For saving me I guess. I can sense and see you along with those things if that is the reason you are here."
She state simply. She honestly could have went on a tiny rant or rumble of two different responses. One being she could just go on about being clumsy and not liking to fight and blah blah blah or she could have chewed the man out stating she didn't need any damn saving from him or anyone else. After going through her thoughts she felt what she had said would be enough for both her and the figure. She stood calm and relaxed watching the figure. Last thing she wanted to do was get in any sort of fight today.

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The woman was muttering ever so slightly under her breath, but at least she was able to thank him properly. Which was always nice in Berowalt's mind. As he was walking away from her he waved back just to let her know that he had heard her saying thank you. "Your welcome." However, it didn't take long for him to freeze ever so slightly with a slight sigh escaping his lips. As there was suddenly a spike in power out of no where, and you'd be correct if you analyzed it as a stifling power. It was almost suffocating to be exact.

Looking back, Berowalt saw the young woman just standing there looking at some hollows that had gathered around the area. But that wasn't what had him worried, the cero eliminating one so called hollow, and a masked figure was certainly more of a worry. Mostly because in his past dealings with Shinigami, they haven't been the most friendly individuals when talking to. They always seemed to be so full of themselves, perhaps that's why Berowalt was a cocky bastard himself, he learned it off of the perfect beings as they often referred to themselves as, preposterous humans offered more potential.

Not wanting to get involved with the conflict between these two however, he'd pretend that he couldn't see any of the hollows or Shinigami that she was currently engaging in a conversation with. His acting and pretending abilities was impeccable as he was constantly lying each and every day. "Uhhh…." He said loud enough for his voice to be heard. It had a hint of concern in it, but if the girl turned and looked at him. She'd see that he had a look of true confusion upon his face, with a hint of caution from her as he backed away slightly.

"Are you... Alright?" He said with a bit of hesitation to sell the small act. "You're starring at the sky thanking it for saving you? I didn't do that much... All I did was help you pick up your belongings. And what do you mean by sensing and seeing me?" He was starting to be a little creeped out if that was evident in his voice, it was as if she was the sole cause of him being ever so slightly. It was a typical reaction of a man if he had found a crazy person or girl. And had decided it was best to stay away.

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Ika bowed slightly before speaking to return the woman's courtesy "You're quite welcome, I needed the break from the tedium of the Soul Society if I'm being honest with you, it's getting to be a bit of a pain in the ass these days.. Anyway.." Ika noted that he was in fact wearing the Haori of a Sou-Taichou, it had literally just donned on him in that moment.. Well.. That was something else he was going to have to continue to grow into, but he had more pressing matters to attend to at the present time. Ika was less than amused by the man acting as though he couldn't see him, sure, there were a few people here in there that couldn't see Spiritual Beings, but it was so uncommon that Ika wasn't going to believe it until proof manifested itself. So, Ika had an idea to see whether or not he could see him after all. Ika quickly launched a straight right at the mans face using Shunpo speed. The odds of him dodging it from out of no where, having not expected it were slim to none, and if it hit he would almost certainly have a broken nose. "I've always wanted to kick a mime artist to death while being invisible, but you'll do."

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Anna smiled seeing the shinigami was at least polite not absolutely rude and well one that actually wished to talk...quiet a interesting captain he was...oh wait that's right he was the captain commander "Honestly, I am surprised to see a captain commander here in the world of the living...I also understand, I been told that a lot luckily, I haven't had to experiences that much." She replied back to him. her gold eyes softened some as she watched him before looking towards the Teacher looking dude.

Damn how crazy she must look..but then again if he couldn't see what she was seeing, that was rare and something she never experienced before. She listened to him before sighing scratching her head...maybe he really didn't see what she was better that way right? "Yes. I have moments of...craziness...It tends to happens with these new meds."She said acting embarrassed "I am sorry you had to see that. I promise I am not as crazy as I seem, just wish i could show you the world I see..But then again...maybe that is for the best that you don't."She said adding a sad tone sitting back down on the edge of the fountain.

She blinked seeing the Shinigami shunpo forward punching the teacher in the face as she sighed oh boy here it goes. She reached down into the fountain pulling out a green hilt blade. Seems a medic's work was never done.

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The outfit was easily determined as the captain commander, and well when the woman mentioned it Berowalt's eyes simply glanced over at the uniformed figure. Well, she wasn't playing that well if she wanted to be a normal human, calling out exactly what the haori he was wearing had been. Berowalt was distracted however, with the young woman speaking about how she'd wish he could see the world that she was seeing. Berowalt almost chuckled at such a weird suggestion, why did people find being able to sense and see spirits so alluring? Back almost two thousand years ago, they'd of feared the man.

Being distracted by the young girl, he let his guard down for a split second as he watched the Shinigami disappear from his spot, a fist coming flying towards his face, reacting with barely a millisecond of time, Berowalt turned his head to the left, causing the attack to land solidly against his cheek instead of straight on, but allowing the punch to carry him, Berowalt himself also seemed to disappear backwards with his own version of shunpo. His eyes focusing on the masked man in front of him, he had meet this person once before.

In the many years of his life, it was hard to forget something or well someone that could cause you to question your own existence in this world. Mostly due to the presence the person held. "Well... Couldn't just let me walk away now could ya old friend? Had to go and punch me in the face like some brute." He said standing up straight, his hand reaching up to wipe away blood that had appeared from his mouth, he was playing it off but both of them knew it was a very solid punch, and Berowalt was recoiling a bit, as his world spun.

"So... What brings you out here anyway, shouldn't you have paperwork captain commander?" He said with a bit of chagrin, as he loved doing paperwork himself, but knowing the man in front of him, that was probably the one thing that could potentially kill him out of boredom.

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Ika smirked as Berowalt had made himself known to him. "Yeah long time no see you old fuck, if you're gonna become a mime let me know next time. Anyway, who's the girl and why do I care that she exists?" He asked this staring directly at her, or through her depending on who you might ask. Before that question could even be answered he would go ahead and answer her question to him, "Oh I'm here because paperwork makes me want to die and I decided that they couldn't stop me from leaving even if they wanted to. So far I'm pretty spot on with that statement given literally no one has made any attempt to recover me." Ika would smirk a bit before returning his attention to Berowalt..

"Can't handle a punch anymore eh? What, did becoming a teacher turn you into a softy after all these years? Kinda hurts my feelings if I'm being honest with you. Would've loved to have sparred with you and a student of yours or someone else, though that's probably not in the cards now.."

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Anna watched them both allowing a small smile to play. She held her green zanpackuto behind her back listening to them speak. She closed her gold eyes half way before closing them all the way, a bit relieved to see everything seemed calmed down for now. The two seemed like very old friends meaning she wasn't the only old soul here. She watched him look towards her. or maybe through her...oh how that gaze tried it best to move through her.

"To answer that question as neither of you know me. I am Anna Nanashi, I am sure you still deal with my older sister as she was a shinigami...Oh 700 years ago...Not sure if she is still around. Amaya Nanashi, had a affiliation with ice, if I remember right... Also I met you once before in my youth a very long time ago Sou-Taichou. It was nice then as it is nice now."
She state opening her eyes "Also if memory serves me correctly, I am a Vizard, I think, been a long time since I need to even unsheathe Aira or bear my mask."She replied

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