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#1 [WIP] Jack(ie) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:25 pm


Name: Jack
Alias: The Maiden of the Mist
Real Age: 190
Phys. Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Jack is something of a doll in most regards. Her expression is usually totally emotionless, betraying nothing about how she feels about a situation or her surroundings. Even in combat, she rarely betrays her emotions and simply approaches things in a calm, methodical manner. She responds to most things in stoic silence or simple responses, using as few words as possible to respond to anything directed her way that needs a response. When it comes to orders, she is obedient to a fault, rarely, if ever, questioning them and doing her best to follow them through to completion.

Despite all of this, she does display a stronger capability of expressing emotions, something which has become more apparent the more time she spends with people. She does display loyalty to her teammates and comrades, having gone out of her way to save some while they were students, and to her Captain, to whom she never questions. Some who knew her at the Academy have noted she smiles more often then she used to and at times, they mention her face turning red due to embarrassment at something, though many dismiss this as a rumor. Jack also displays something of a protective nature, apparently having a soft spot for children and going out of her way to protect them.

In terms of her relationship with her zanpaktou, Jack seems to be on good terms with it's spirit. She notes that it is rather childish, being a combination of playful yet quiet. In a sense, it's her one true friends and she humors the spirit as much as possible.


Height: 5'2'
Weight: 110 lbs
Physical Traits: Jack is, in all regards, a rather pretty young woman. She possesses smooth, pale, utterly flawless skin, silver, waist length hair that is kept loose in casual situations and tired up in a loose ponytail while she is on a mission or in a more formal setting, and grey eyes that seem to be lifeless, yet alert. Jack possessed a slim build, having barely any fat on her body and appearing deceptively weak due to what seems like a lack of muscle, when she has a rather decent amount.

For her attire Jack wears the usual Shinigami attire when she has to but prefers not to as much as a she possibly can. Her preferred attire is a simple black sleeveless shirt, a pair of black jeans, and nothing on her feet. She does not deal in accessories, except for a small black ribbon she has tied to her left wrist in the shape of the bow, or make-up, viewing such things as pointless.


General Fighting Style:  Jack's preferred way to fight is to simply end it before her opponent can react in any way, shape, or form. In simple terms, she prefers to assassinate her targets.

That being said, if caught in an actual dual, Jack does not care to play fairly. She is an opportunist and will jump on any chance she has to kill her opponent as quickly as possible. While no such opening is available, she relies on her high tolerance for pain, high reflexes and flexibility, and her zanpaktous abilities to avoid, fatigue, and try to restrain her opponent so she can kill them off.

Jack does not generally use kido, but will use it if no other tools are as effective.

Strengths: Agility, Endurance, and
Weaknesses: Strength and Kido

Ability Name:
Ability Description:

Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakutou Name: Noctis Opacae
Call Out Command: Shroud


Abilities: When released, the sheathe of Jack's zanpaktou turns into a blanket of mist that surrounds it's owners feet, reaching half-way up to her knees in terms of height and outwards of three inches. The mist seems harmless at first, but it is in reality an very flexible tool. Jack and shape this mist into several weapons and items. So, if the mist is in the form of a blade, it is as strong as a zanpaktou and just as sharp.

That being said, Jack can only use the mist her zanpaktou produces upon release for this ability and she cannot produce more. So, she is somewhat limited to what she can make and usually keeps it in the form of weapons and bindings like chains and hand-cuffs. Additionally, it cannot be used as a ranged attack and therefore is only useful in  melee range.

Sword: Jack makes a sword from her mist and can freely control it so long as it remains next to her or wield it in her hand as a second blade. It can last up to three post and goes on a cooldown equal to the number of posts it was out. It deals Cero level damage.

Dagger: Jack makes a Dagger out of the mist that functions exactly like the sword. Last up to three post, goes on cooldown equal to how long it was out, Cero level damage.

Buckler: Makes a buckler from the mist that she can control or wear. Can take blows that are cero level from opponent that are equal tier to her or lower and can only block a single attack from anyone who is a higher tier. Can last for three post, goes on cooldown equal to the number of post it was out.

Wall: Creates a wall that acts like the buckler above but is stationary and can act as cover for her. Can block cero level blows from those who are her tier or lower, last up to three posts, goes on cooldown for an equal amount.
Boosts: Reiatsu and Speed

New Name: Inebriabitur Sanguine Noctis Opacae
When released, Jack's bankai creates a dome of mist around Jack about 50 yards in circumference. The blade of her Shikai vanishes as well, freeing up both her hands.
Jack's bankai is more about quantity then quality. She can still makes constructs like her shikai, but she now has a bigger space to do it in as well as more mist to make them with. Additionally, since the mist carries a much larger area now, she can create, then launch constructs for a well camouflaged ranged attack from anywhere within the mist, though said projectiles cannot leave the mist and disappear immediately upon doing so and must be launched upon creation and not afterwards.

Additionally, the mist obscures the Reiatsu of all those inside of it, making it hard for those inside of it to locate each other via their reiatsu. This rule also applies to Jack, making for an interesting and deadly game of hide and seek.

Scythe: Jack makes a scythe that can freely control while within the mist or wield it herself. It deals Cero level damage, last up to three post, and goes on cooldown for an equal amount.

Javelins: Jack can summon a single or several Javelins that she can launch at her opponents or use as melee weapons. If used for a ranged attack, they must be launched upon creation. They/ It deals Cero level damage, last up to three post, and goes on cooldown for an equal amount. If launched, they go on a two post cooldown but still deal Cero level damage.

Chains: Jack creates chains to bind her opponent and can add spikes to them to deal damage as well. If spiked,  they deal Cero level damage. If they're used to bind an opponent, they can only do so against those of a lower tier then her, with those of equal tier being able to out via sheer force with a bit of effort. Those of a higher tier can break out with litte effort and those of a lower tier must use kido or a technique capable of dealing Gran Ray Cero levels of damage, though they greatly risk hurting themselves in the process. The chains can last for three posts and go on a cooldown equal to how long they were out.

Launch: Jack can use the daggers and swords from her shikai as projectiles in her bankai so long as they remain inside the mist. They still deal Cero level damage, last up to three posts, and go on cooldown for an equal amount. But if launched, which must be done upon creation, they go on a two post cooldown.

Boosts: Speed

New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

History: Very few, is any people, have a clear view of Jack's past, as she does not openly speak of it. Jack was born in America, in an area that was very violent and to a father who ran most of the violence through a gang that made money off of drugs and 'protection money'. Disappointed in having a daughter, Jack's father gave her a male name and raised her to be tough, unfeeling, and relentless in pursuing her goals. While she was still alive, she racked up a small body count, with most of the kills being on her father's orders and rarely of her own volition.

When she was only sixteen, her father brought her to the execution of a family that had fallen behind on their payments and attempted to run away. Jack was in charge of executing the younger members while her father watched. Jack was about to follow the orders given to her like she usually did but hesitated. Something inside of her made her unable to do the actand instead, she turned the gun on her father and killed him. This resulted in a gun fight between Jack and the other members of the gang that were in the building, with Jack pulling double duty in protecting the children as best she could. Sadly, this little rebellion didn't last long, with Jack and the children both being dead within a few hours of her betrayal.

While she had plenty of blood on her hands, most of Jack's crimes were due to her being a child following their parent's orders and her final stand, while still resulting in death, had been for good reasons and took out a source of evil in the world, just barely keeping her out of going to hell. So she remained on Earth, evading hollows and thinking about her life as time passed. When a Shinigami found her and sent her to the Soul Society, she ended up in the Kusajishi district. While there, she quickly proved herself a capable survivor, often taking down those who chased her before they knew she was onto them.

Eventually, she was found by several Shinigami patrolling the district and managed to impress them enough to take her to the Seireitei. Once there, she enrolled and entered the Shinigami Academy, where she would spend several decades learning how to be a Shinigami. Upon graduating, she entered the Second Division. While serving in the Division, she continued to strive to achieve her Bankai, a fact helped by her ability to get along rather well with her Zanpaktou. When she managed to materialize it in the real world, the spirit didn't so much fight her as it did play a deadly game of tag. The game lasted days, giving Jack no time to rest, but she eventually caught the playful and mischievous spirit, unlocking her bankai in the process.

Since then, she has loyally served her division and the Seirietei in general, striving to do her job as best as possible and prove herself, despite her seemingly apparent disinterest in the job.
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