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#11 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:07 am

Doku watched in amazement as the man continued moving forwards in spite of all the injuries he had incurred over the length of this fight, he had eight sizable wounds and damages were piling up clearly. Doku's new strategy was simple, throw everything at this cunt and hope to God it worked, and so he would. Doku launched three spears at each leg, and a sword at the base of the mans spine, it was at that point that Doku would release a gas bomb but this one was different than the others. It carried a much different payload, and Ishii was about to find out about that whether he wanted to or not. This was Doku's ultimate technique, and Ishii was going to take the full brunt of it..

Doku snapped his fingers, and a new different kind of gas began to encircle Ishii. Doku was immune and stood in front of him laughing, his difficulties would be immense. Doku would proceed to relaunch whatever weapons had been parried initially, before quickly using the Necrotoxic spray ability in Ishii's face. "KNEEL YOU BASTARD. JUST FUCKING FALL ALREADY." Doku would grit his teeth through the mist, grabbing a large hammer from the ground to whack Ishii upside the head with as hard as he could manage. "STAY. THE FUCK. DOWN."

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#12 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:25 am

Ishii observed as Doku launched more weapons at him. His main priority out of this bunch was the one aimed at his back. Catching it by extending his armour towards it like a hand. Same could not be said for his poor legs... As they would be impaled like a baby on a pitch fork. Looking like a echidna waist down, Ishii would fall to his knee's again. Attempting to regain visual on Doku now became a challenge, and this wasn't because of his injured and non-functional legs. Doku would release gas towards Ishii, making him hold his breath.

If the unconfortability of having to permanently hold his breath wasn't enough. The gas that had seeped into his armour and touched his skin. His body began to become partially unresponsive, leaving Ishii in yet again an unfavourable position. Ishii would thicken, seal, and lock up his armour as some of Doku's previously deflected weapons were launched at him again. Ishii could feel Doku's presence moving through the smoke, yet it was impossible for him to act. Necrotoxic spray would coat Ishii's helmet and up chest armour, before he would feel the hit of a lifetime. Ishii's head felt would ache from the blow, and his face armour would be shattered and torn off. Exposing Ishii's unhealthy, sunken, bony face and his absolutely terrifying bony smile.

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#13 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:48 am

The man's legs were getting destroyed by Doku's onslaught-of weaponry, and he fell to a knee yet again, unfortunately for Doku the weapons aimed at Doku's back had been pretty well stopped. The man was now blinded, and being forced to deal with Doku's neurotoxic gas was not the best thing one could be forced to deal with. As if being forced to hold his breath wasn't going to be bad enough, the gas that seeped through the mans skin would be ruining him. The man seemed to be locking and sealing his armor though, and it seemed to be keeping some of Doku's armor out! Fuck! Well, there were easier ways to deal with that healthy dose of horseshit.

Doku's spray had done damage, the blow to the mans head had done damage but all it did was reveal a chilling smile, and torn flesh. Doku was freaking out, he had no idea how to put this man down. His last option was his families own secret Kidou, passed down to Doku from his father. "Hadou 93.. Jigoku shōkyakuro." A Hadou 90 like dome would form around the man, and immediately begin to incinerate him. Doku hoped, that the fight would end here.

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#14 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:15 am

"Hadou 93.. Jigoku shōkyakuro.", Ishii would hear Doku call out as a Hadou 90 like dome would form around him. Feeling a massive exposure to heat, Ishii would roar in agony. And a dizziness of fatigue would settle over him. after the array of massive damage, ishii would be exposed, skin and burning red hot from this strange kidou. His armour shattered and melted over him. Ishii could've pushed himself further, however this was only a spar. It was best to stop here before any more serious damage was afflicted. However Ishii had one last attempt before he would call it quits. Out of the blue, the injured Ishii would leap at doku in a last attempt to knock Doku down with him.

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#15 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:21 am

Doku knew that the fight was over, and feared that perhaps what he had done was over-kill in some respects. The Reality Marble faded around them as the Kidou did it's work, but when the smoke cleared what Doku saw wasn't the prone limp body of a downed foe.. It was the angry smile of a madman rushing towards him, fleshing singed from his body nearly to the bone, blood spewing out of multiple holes in the mans body, and melted metal clinging to him like a tormented coat of armor. It was a sight no one could ever forget if they had seen it, but that didn't change the fact that Doku now had to end the fight. It was the only respectful thing he could do for a warrior such as this. Doku watched as the man charged, and the hammer which still hung loosely in his hand was as heavy as it had been prior to.

Doku Shunpo'd forth as the man charged and whacked Ishii in the head with the hammer and figured that with that the fight had to be over. In truth, the fight should've been over previously. No one had survived, much less continued fighting after being hit with Jigoku shōkyakuro.. Yet here stood a man who could not only take it, but fight on after. Provided that Ishii was still alive, and was in fact down on the ground following this blow, Doku would extend a hand to him and smile.. "I can only hope that a warrior such as yourself will accompany me into battle beyond today.. Now what do you think about getting a drink eh?.. I think we could both use one.."

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