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#1 Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:31 am

Doku awaited the arrival of his old best bloke Ishii, a big bastard by any measure of the imagination. He was the only real tank one could hope to train with these days, since most Shinigami seemed to fit into other niche roles and archetypes. Nonetheless Doku awaited his arrival with his Zanpakuto drawn, pondering how exactly he would fight with the man was as much a factor of the fight as the swinging of the swords was. Doku cracked his neck slowly and rolled his shoulders knowing he had arrived incredibly early for this training session, but Ishii was likewise early on this particular occasion much to Doku's evident surprise.

"Thought you'd never get here ya big cunt." Doku smirked pointing his blade at the big bastard, waiting for him to draw and fight him. This battle was the Captain of Squad 6 vs the Captain of Squad 11 in a spar for supremacy and practice. Hopefully, that's all it would amount to.

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#2 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:33 am

Ishii had gotten a notice about a spar that doku had wanted to have. Ishii wasn't the type to usually back down from a fight, and it would prove regardless to be a learning experience. Ishii made his way to the training grounds, spotting a certain Doku along the way. Doku would call out, as Ishii made his way into the grounds. "Thought you'd never get here ya big cunt.", Doku would say smirking while he pointed his sword towards Ishii. Ishii rolled his eyes, un-caring of Doku's statement. "Lets get this on already", Ishii would say in a deep, annoyed, and monotone voice.

Ishii unsheathed his axe, he would look at it for a moment before turning his gaze to Doku. Taking a step foward, Ishii would backhand Doku's sword out of his presence with his left hand, while also swinging his axe over his head with his right. Ishii would be aiming to cut Doku longways.

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#3 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:34 am

The man called for Doku to begin and he figured that was a request he could oblige. As the man unsheathed his axe and turned to face Doku, it was hard not to notice the difference in size between the two of them. Nonetheless, Doku would stand firm, at least until the big bastard would proceed to backhand Doku's blade aside and force Doku to the defensive right off the bat. Doku narrowly pulled his blade back to confront the axe, but felt himself pushed down into the ground in an instant, cratering it on impact due to the power and weight of the axe crushing his body to the ground. Blood immediately began to spew from his mouth, as he narrowly avoided being finished by using his Zanpakuto to block the blade of the axe. He gritted his teeth, noting the trickle of blood that poured from between each and every one of them, and began to look back at the man.

Doku knew he had to fight dirty, so he spat some of that horridly toxic blood into the mans face and grinned a shit-eating grin, ascending to Bankai in an instant to see if he could maybe power himself out from underneath while the distraction was present, once he had, he pointed his sword at the man and began to smile. "Come at me Ishii!"

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#4 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:24 am

Ishii's overpowering blow was definitely felt by Doku, judging by the look on his face. However this spar was only just beginning. Looking down at Doku who laid underneath his axe. Demise would show no excitement or care towards the spar,  and only those close to him would be able understand his true thoughts. Demise was about to follow up with a fist blow, however he would find that Doku had spat his horrid filthy blood in his face. As Doku sprung free using bankai, Ishii immediately backed off, and would deal and cope with Doku's filthy blood.

Metallic liquid would seep from Ishii's eyes? It was his blood. Clearing his vision, Ishii would see as doku pointed his sword at Ishii. "Come at me Ishii!" Doku would say smiling.

"Entering Bankai a bit prematurely aren't we? Doku!", Ishii would say looking at Doku with a disgusted look. "No matter. I'll be happy to oblige", Ishii would say entering Bankai himself.

Ishii would begin to laugh uncontrollably, insanely one might say. His Axe transformed and liquid metal would begin to profusely poor from his mouth, coating him. Armour would form around him, and Ishii would grow immensely in size. His entire demeanor change, and now it seemed as if he had completely lost it. Laughing like a mad man, Ishii would run at doku. The ground beneath Ishii would turn to steel as his swung his axe to the left side of Doku.

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#5 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:53 am

Ishii had nearly destroyed Doku from the outset due to Doku's arrogance and pride, he had been smashed into the ground like a fucking idiot for his pride. He couldn't afford to get that cocky again, he couldn't afford to let himself get overpowered again or he wasn't going to be able to continue to fight back. Ishii seemed to be disgusted with Doku entering Bankai so prematurely. "Well in fairness, you're a pretty big fucker, and I may have gotten a bit too cocky in regards to my strength.." Doku smirked. "Won't happen again you big bastard, and if it does you better fucking kill me next time."

Ishii began to laugh like a fucking psychopath, and his axe transformed at once. Liquid metal began to pour from Ishii's mouth profusely, and it seemed to begin to cover him with some kind of armor from head to toe. He began to grow, and he was already far larger than Doku so that was certainly not what Doku was hoping to see.. FUCK. The man was running towards Doku, and the ground began to turn to steel around them. As the man swung his axe at Ika's left side, Doku Shunpo'd up and down towards Demise, hoping to dig his blade into Demise's shoulder with a massive stab.

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#6 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:58 pm

Ishii's swing missed as Doku shunpo'd up out of the way. Which then had Ishii realising that Doku had imbeded his blade through his armour and into Ishii's right shoulder. However Ishii didn't flinch at all, his laughter simply become more immense as he roared? at Doku. Reaching around Doku's throat  with this left arm, Ishii would tighten and lock his grip. While also wrapping his right arm around Doku's body. Ishii's Grip would intensify as time went on, and he would attempt to crush Doku's ribs. Like being crushed by a hydraulic press, excepted with a scary man laughing at you.

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#7 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:07 am

Ishii's swing had missed thank fuck, the big bastard would've killed him otherwise. The man didn't flinch as Doku dug his giant fuck off sword into his shoulder, and beyond that Doku was more than a little irritated by the fact that the man had not only seemed to tank whatever damage was done, but he was laughing at Doku the whole way.. How in the fuck did one even begin to try and put a stop to a monster like this, how does one even begin to try and stop this freak of fucking nature?.. It was at that point that Doku felt his ribs begin to snap under the pressure of the mans grip, as he began to squeeze and squeeze, Doku had to think fast or he'd be crushed.

And so he did, Doku quickly summoned his reality marble and immediately began to pelt the man with weapons, as he dropped a smoke bomb that would make it difficult for the man to breathe. An axe was flying at one of his knees, and two spears were flying at the other. Five Kunai were flying at the mans neck, and assuming the smoke and blades were enough to be released, Doku would Shunpo back to regain his footing. One thing was for sure, Doku had to make his time within the Reality Marble count..

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#8 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:35 pm

The world around Ishii changed into a barren waste full of nothing but weapons. He knew what this place was, even if he had never had the pleasure of seeing it. Doku wasn't keen on being crushed into submission, and as such was probably going to use the change of scenery to his advantage. Not much Ishii could do at this point but to endure it. A smoke bomb? was released and Ishii coughed and spluttered, but his grip didn't let up too easy. That was until an axe knocked him at his right knee, causing him to release his grip of Doku as he fell to that knee. Two spears came to his left knee, One only just piercing through his armour while the other was merely deflected. As for the five kunai, Ishii swiped his hand at the annoying presence of such weapons.

A wave of senseless laughter would bellow out of Ishii as his metal blood would pour from his wounds. Gripping the still present blade of Doku, Ishii would pull his weapon out of his right shoulder. Embedding it into ground of Doku's dimension. "NO FUN!!!", Ishii would say with a deranged smile. The wound on Ishii's shoulder would begin to glow red hot as he began pouring metal into present wound, both sealing and fixing his armour and wound. "Round two then?", Ishii would say still smiling. Perhaps the most creepy thing about Ishii at this stage was his eyes. Wide, convicted, and not blinking even once.

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#9 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:58 pm

This man was a fucking psychopath pure and simple, he swatted away a spear and two kunai only being brought to a knee by the combined force of an axe and a spear to each knee. What the fuck was wrong with this man?.. He pryed a weapon from his shoulder as he began to release Doku. Unfortunately for him the fun was only about to begin, as he began to mutter on about round two he would notice his left leg from the knee down had quit functioning, and his stamina had been depleted by about 5%. Not a huge deal to many people, but it was a rather big deal to this big bastard, that much was certain.

As the man began to notice that his left leg was out of commission presumably, Doku took this opportunity to launch 2 more axes, and abut 4 swords at the man. Two swords aimed at each arm, and an axe at his right knee then one axe at his back. Doku knew this fucking behemoth would not fall so easily, and he Shunpo'd forwards with an axe in hand he had picked up from the ground and threw it full speed hoping to lodge it in the mans chest. "STAY DOWN YOU MAD FUCK."

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#10 Re: Doku vs Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:42 am

Ishii felt strange. It was as if a part of his strength was sapped from him, and if that wasn't bad enough. His left left knee down had become inoperable. Doku had also begun launching more weapons at Ishii, which left him in less favourable position than ever. Two of Doku's swords had impaled Ishii's left arm, leaving him to fend with with only his right. Using his axe like a bat, Ishii would would swing at the other 2 swords and knock them away. After having semi-defended himself from Doku's swords. Ishii would find yet again another axe knocking him at his right leg. Falling to his knee's, he would proceed to get as fast as possible, as to not be caught of guard by a possible assaulting Doku. Instead Ishii would find an axe lodged into his back causing him to laugh madly and then roar in frustration. Using some of his Manipulation, Ishii would puppet his armour. Giving him some form of control over his nonfunctional limbs. This was enough to help him stand up, and begin walking in Doku's direction. Ishii would find however that Doku had already thrown an axe at his chest. Lodging itself into his armour, Ishii wouldn't move from the blow. Instead he would continue walking as metallic blood seeped from his armour.

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