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#1 Accel vs Natasha, a fight for the Committee. on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:09 am

Accelerator knew that whoever won this fight would surely be the odds on favorite to become the leader of the Committee, and while that wasn't something he was as interested in as some might expect him to be, it wasn't something he was sure that he should turn down. After-all, if he won this he would be validated. He would be the strongest person alive, perhaps the most powerful being the planet had ever seen and that?.. Well, to say that it appealed to him would be selling it VERY short. Accelerator would approach the battlefield with his hands in his pockets, while he was not bored by this occasion he couldn't bring himself to be as pumped up for it as many would expect.

Natasha was standing right across from him, which made it somewhat apparent to him that he was late for this affair though he didn't actually care. In truth, he knew this was probably a bad match-up for him. Her offense was obnoxious, and her defense could block most of his offense. The only advantage he had was potentially battle-experience, and the fact that his defense was simply put the best the world had ever seen. This would be a fight for the ages, and it was a shame that only a select few people would truly get to see it.

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She had been standing in wait for well over fifteen minutes at the least, however she wasn't growing annoyed in the slightest. No, it just went to show that Accelerator was too immature to act in a manner that the Committee needed. He was young and he was also cocky, so she certainly had no idea why he even had the audacity to challenge her. She wasn't even sure they were on the same combat level. Either way, she was patiently waiting to kick his scrawny, little ass.

Green eyes would watch as the boy finally wandered in front of her and her face would seem to hold a stern appearance. She wouldn't speak as he seemed to realize what he was doing by showing up late. No matter, Natasha didn't seem to care in the slightest, although the longer they stood still, the longer she began to feel an itch for something more. It would seem their little match could start and Natasha was more than ready.

She would smile reaching straught up into thin air above her head to grab a handle before ripping her giant fuck off sword out of its dimension. She would drag it down as fierce and hard as she could directly towards Accelerator's head. She knew he wouldnt allow it to hit him, besides she wasn't here to kill him. If it seemed as if it may hit his head, she would move it away. She wasn't a monster. She was simply here to take control of her organization with no questions asked.


Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Sword
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

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The girl seemed confident to say the very least and that was exactly how Accelerator figured she would be feeling. In truth, he didn't think that she truly comprehended the extent of his powers. The girl was impatient, and clearly eager to start the fight so Accelerator would oblige her by motioning her forwards. "Let's get this over with, I'm getting bored already.." The girl reached into the sky and Accel was more than a little surprised to see what she was retrieving, some giant fuck off sword from out of fucking thin air. How in the red white and blue fuck did she pull that off?.. God, some people had weird fucking abilities man.. How'd she even come to figure out she could even do that?.. No matter, time to deal with it..

Accelerator simply allowed it's downward momentum to be redirected back upwards, knocking it into the air to hopefully give him a free opening on her as he used Blur to move in on he, wearing a smirk across his face. He knew the only way he could win this fight was to blitz her, and so he quickly scattered 50 bullets throughout the battlefield in a clock formation, 100 yards in total size. He then used a plasma ball like a rasengan, and proceeded to try and push it through the girls chest. If it worked, she'd be in bad shape.

Accelerator doubted that he was really about to get that lucky, and so it would be time to dip out as soon as possible.

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Natasha would watch as her weapon came down only to be redirected back into the air, nonetheless the weapon still stayed in her grasp. Green eyes would lock onto the teen as he would move in on her. A frown would cross over her features as she kept the giant sword extended into the air. She needed to distance himself from her. She needed to push him back out into her normal range. These large weapons and canons wouldn't work well up close.

Natasha would notice the many bullets scattering throughout the field leaving her a bit confused, however her eyes would do continue to keep their sights set on Accel. More importantly her emerald orbs would stay locked onto the ball of plasma he had in his palm prompting her to reach her left hand around into the belt on the back of her skirt. She would pull out one of the Committee made Vibroknives immediately throwing it at the item in his hold before he would be able to identify it. Certainly, he would be able to tell what it was if she had held it in her hand for longer than it took to throw it. If the knife collided with the plasma, it would surely explode hopefully pushing Accelerator backwards. Simultaneously, Natasha would blur backwards placing Accelerator just within range and placing her just behind her fuck off canon, which would begin blasting off three cero level blasts one after another.


Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Sword
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name: Fuck Off Cannon
Description: Fuck Off Canon that can take 3 cero's worth of damage and can fire 3 ceros per post. 3 post cooldown when destroyed.

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The girl seemed to frown as Accelerator pushed in towards her current position in order to take her out, which only told him that his plan was at that current time a success of epic proportions. She began to move backwards, and she had thrown a vibroknife at the ball of plasma. Her idea worked, and it cut the plasma ball in half forcing it to explode in his hand. The energy was redirected outwards, but he was still in a bad way following as he was forced to access his more potent spam shield. The three cero blasts that followed were redirected back towards the cannon, Accel hoped that would be enough to destroy it in it's entirety. So far she was proving to be quite a peculiar nuisance, and she had him back at the range she wanted him at.

Or at least so she thought. Accel would launch a bullet from behind her current position towards her knee, hoping to cripple her from the outset to gain an advantage. He couldn't be sure that it would work, but god he had to hope so..

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Natasha was glad to see Accel be pushed back and returned to the range she needed him at. The three blasts had been fired at him and everything seemed to be going well. She was determined that the blasts would make contact with him, nonetheless they did not. Instead, they were redirected at her canon and it was destroyed upon inpact with the third returning blast. Green eyes would glare down the line at Accel, until a bullet would find its way into her knee. The girl would cry out in surprise and pain as she fell to the injured knee.

Natasha was now at a point where she didn't want to mess with this boy anymore knowing he had directed three cero blasts without so much as a hit. She would go into drastic measures pulling out the best she had to offer. Her triple fuck off canon and her balista would drop onto the field before her firing off 5 bala and a cero level spear respectively towards Accelerator. At this point, her sword would find itself disappearing from her hand.

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Accelerators strategy had worked as the girl took a bullet to the knee out of no where, and she seemed to be down now in crippling and otherwise agonizing pain. Accelerator smirked, even though he knew that he was in her range now and in a bit of a dangerous position. He smirked, seeing that her will was breaking beneath the pressure he was able to put forth and he knew that he shouldn't let up now. Unfortunately he couldn't press on much as 3 Bala pelted his Cero blocker level shields, and he had to use Blur to knock away the oncoming spear. The problem for her would be that the 5 Bala were redirected back at her legs, and he hoped to cripple her as best he could.

As Accelerator noticed the sword disappearing from her hand he jumped forth, coming down across her throat with a Vibro-Knife in the hopes of taking her head home with him as a bit of a trophy. If that didn't work, perhaps the bullet coming towards her neck would do the job for him.

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