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#1 Me and the bastard. on Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:14 pm

This may come as a surprise to many, but the Mazi clan has a pretty distinctive Reitsu signature as opposed to many others throughout the world, and it can at times make them pretty easy to track down if you know what you're looking for. This was the case now with Ika having found his son Kazuku, apparently posted up in some tavern in Tokyo for fuck all reason. That being said, Ika couldn't worry about the semantics of his decision or the why in why the fuck would one choose to go here of all places, the fact of the matter was that he was there, and Ika was going to introduce himself, and bring him out come hell or high water. Or Shadowy horseshit shenanigans. The latter seemed slightly more likely, if he was being honest.

And so Ika would walk inside, seeking out his bastard son wherever he had decided to plant his ass down for a drink. Bouncers first tried to check Ika for his ID, and that was at best, a mistake. Ika reached into his pockets slowly, laughing to himself for reasons that only he could possibly know, before using the opposite hand to chin check the poor cunt into next week. As the man fell to the ground and his friend attempted to join in, Ika would Shunpo to his back and grab his neck, using his hands at literal Shunpo speeds to twist his neck around, and pull up, beheading him. As boring as the affair had turned out to be, it was still worth the look on the other mans face when he woke up to see his friends head in his hands. What a fucking riot.

Now, the real question was.. where in the fuck was his son hiding.. "I'm looking for a Kazuku Mazi, if you're in here speak up."

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#2 Re: Me and the bastard. on Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:42 am

Amidst the relative calm of my chosen bar, where I was complacently drinking a loosely poured whiskey in a small round glass over ice. You could say I'm classy, sure, but the whole shot thing was never my style. Either way, I'd continue drinking without so much as a twitch as I began to hear thudding of what I presumed were bodies. For what reason, I wasn't sure, but anything that was coming after me ought to think twice before interrupting me and separating me from my booze. Of course who else by my asshat of a father, with a trickle of blood on his hand, presumably the cause of this ruckus. Who else but he could appear now? He came in and boldly announced that he was looking for a Kazuku Mazi. "Yo. The least you could do is send a fucking postcard. Or use the front door like a civil lad. Nope, have to body everyone that looks at you funny. Anyways. Let's skip the formalities and just cut to the part where you tell me what you want from me. Was it important enough to pry me away from my whiskey?"

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#3 Re: Me and the bastard. on Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:36 am

"That being the least I could do implies you're worth the least I can manage and for the record, let me make it clear that you're not." Ika smirked, before continuing "And let's not pretend I was ever one for being civil, I know no product of my loins came out that god damned dumb did it? Fuck I hope not, but yeah sure, let's skip the formalities." Ika grabbed the boys drink and gulped it down before shooting a glance at the bartender "I want about a dozen of those unless you wanna end up like your buddies over there." Ika fiddled with the cups as they came out before speaking. "I've received an offer to become the Captain Commander of the Gotei. I think I'm going to take it, and I want you to come join me and your sister. That's about the gist of what's going on."

Ika looked at his son and awaited what he hoped would be confirmation, that is of course unless his son was itching to get his ass beat.

I guess anything is a possibility..

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#4 Re: Me and the bastard. on Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:51 pm

And of course, as per the Ika Mazi standard, he berated me by implying I was worth no effort to be anywhere near family, nor was I ever to assume that much. At least I knew that being civil is never really in the Mazi genetics. Hell, only reason I went in here like a normal person was so that there were people left to start some shit with if I got bored. He'd left the bartender alive at least, ordering him to dump what equated to nearly two-thirds of a standard bottle of whiskey into a glass, at which point the bartender shrugged and just left the bottle on the counter. Smart man. Anyways, then came the bombshell that could have used a bit of warning. Seriously, because as soon as he uttered the words "I've received an offer to become the Captain Commander of the Gotei." I lost my shit. I couldn't even be bothered to listen to the rest of his statement, as I needed a moment to actualize the fact that anyone wanted my father to preside over them.

A few moments later, I gathered myself together. I loved taking the piss out of my old man, but it wasn't worth the potential shitcanning that lay in wait if I persisted for too long. "I'm sorry, what did you say? I think my ears are broken. I thought you said the Gotei asked you to be their Captain Commander. Weren't you the bloke that made it a point to execute some of them on the sheer principle that they existed?" I thought about it though, and to be blatantly forward, the Gotei had a long-standing history of executing anyone they felt the need to, and exterminating anyone that didn't belong. Up until recently, the same was true for their treatment of vizards... I couldn't believe I was even entertaining it, but this may actually fucking work.

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#5 Re: Me and the bastard. on Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:04 am

His son would take the opportunity to burst into laughter as Ika probably would if the roles were reversed, but Ika's face told that he wasn't joking as he threw back a shot of whiskey. A few moments later, it seemed that Kazuku had pretty much got his shit together. Pretty smart move on his end given Ika was about a cunthair away from shit-stomping him into the moon and back if he persisted. Ika listened as his son seemed to speak out of pure disbelief in regard to what Ika was saying and if he were being honest, he felt the same way when the offer had come his way. His reaction was first befuddlement, then amusement, then he felt somewhat prideful regarding the whole affair.

Ika began to fill yet another shot glass with ice and whiskey as he spoke. "The answer is yes, and to be completely honest I still hold a small level of resentment for how things are done there but then again.. As Captain Commander I could change things, I could rewrite what the Gotei's role in history has been for so long. I can make a difference and as I previously stated, I wish for you to come with me. Beyond the fact that you're my son, you'd be a hell of an asset."

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#6 Re: Me and the bastard. on Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:17 am

Holy shit, he did know how to be civil.

Separating myself from him now would be a shame, seeing as he'd just stroked my ego and offered to give me a place of power, as well as the means to use whatever power I had with little to no consequence. He had a good set of ideas, wanting to change the Gotei, and I wasn't even sure if he could change everyone's minds, but they'd have to listen to him, like it or not. "Alright, you have my attention. Let's take the rest of their whiskey and blow this joint. It's not like waiting here is worth it anymore."

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#7 Re: Me and the bastard. on Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:31 am

Ika smiled as his son had conceded that his idea was in fact the way to go with things. "Wow, and here you are 800 years later actually making me proud to call you my son. What a change of pace from the horse-shit you used to pull. Bartender, give me all the whiskey and I won't kill you, fair enough?" The bartender needless to say would oblige Ika, throwing both he and his son a full of bottle of whiskey before waving goodbye to them, and ducking behind the counter. What a puss. Ika smirked, cracking his neck on the way out the door. "So, wanna come with me to the Seireitei? Perhaps we would be better served talking this out there eh?.." Provided his son said yes, that is in fact where they would wind up departing to.

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