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#1 An Open Invitation on Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:04 pm

Ika was pretty well open to any kind of challenge, anything one might wish to throw at him would be more than welcome at this point. He hadn't fought in a while and if he was being honest he felt a bit rusty, he had grown complacent with his level of power and hadn't exactly trained to hone it for the past several years or so. So, it was time to focus in on that, whether Ika wanted to or not he was transported to an arena he recognized. He had been here many times, randomly transported here to fight to the death.. As interesting as it was, Ika knew that he had to be on guard and so he was.

Ika took a drag off his cigarette and let the smoke fill the air in front of his face as his challenger slowly began to approach him. He cracked his neck and gave them a smirk, waving hello... This was going to be a good day for one of them, and a less than fortunate series of events for the other one.. Whoever they may turn out to be..

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#2 Re: An Open Invitation on Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:09 pm

Natasha had to say she was fairly newer than most when it came to combat, leadership, and the like. However, she also wasn't hundreds of years old like other things were, which was surprising considering just how strong she was. She had trained long and hard for a human such as herself. She had trained daily and learned the aspects of her abilities. Nonetheless, she didn't have the experience many others would have. She didn't have the adaptation to the world and knowledge that others would have giving her quite the disadvantage.

So, she would find herself facing off against a man she had been warned about before the match would begin. He was much more experienced, much more ruthless, and much stronger than her appeared. Her long, green hair would swish behind her as she drew closer to the man she had been told about. However, with this match she wouldn't hesitate and she knew the moment she had stepped in the arena that the match was started. She would begin by walking up to the man before using blur to get up close before pulling out two knives. She would use the right hand to slash at Ika's chest. She wasn't going to do anything too drastic at this stage, since she wanted a full, well thought out fight.

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#3 Re: An Open Invitation on Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:22 pm

The girl seemed nervous perhaps understanding the difference in power and ability between the two of them, such nerves were never a good way to start a fight but Ika understood that sometime such things were simply inescapable. Like it or not ones mind would always wander to the worst possible outcome, and it tended to focus on the worst aspects of what one was trying to face, and Ika was nothing if not the worst possible thing one could try and face in the mindset but, unfortunately for this poor woman, she didn't seem to have much say in the matter. Well, at least this outing would be easier than his last few, or so Ika was hoping it would be anyway..

The girl approached in a fairly smart way, walking towards him before switching gears and using Blur to get in his face, she pulled both of her knives out at this point. She made a slash at Ika's chest which was summarily parried by Ika's gauntlets, she was smart enough to keep one blade in which limited some of Ika's offensive options but that was easily remedied by a more hit and run approach to the matter at hand. Ika used Shunpo to get in close, launching a straight right punch at the girls ribs and at the same time he would lock one leg behind hers for a trip before Shunpoing forwards. Provided his plan had worked she would be slammed to the ground, and he would push right through her. This was no guarantee, but it was what he had decided to start the fight off with regardless..

Now, to see how she responds..

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#4 Re: An Open Invitation on Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:34 am

Natasha would be confident in her abilities as she slashed her knife at Ika, however her blade would be met with his gauntlets. Green eyes would notice the punch coming for her ribs as she would attempt to stop it with the edge of her blade. However, she would be completely surprised by the leg that had locked around her own. Ultimately, she would be knocked over leaving her a bit confused and dazed. She would find herself standing up and turning around before utilizing blur to make as much space between the two as possible. Well, she figured this was going to be difficult with the amount of talk she had been listening to. Although, she didn't believe it would be as hard as she had heard. Oh well...

Natasha would smile before flipping the hair back over her shoulder. No matter," She would mumble before two canons would drop out of what seemed like nowhere behind her. Her arms would cross with the knives still gripped in her grasp. As soon as her arms would cross, three cero level blasts would emit one after the other from her right. However, the canon to her left would sit still not making a single movement. She would wait patiently and quietly to see how well Ika would handle the three ceros first.

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#5 Re: An Open Invitation on Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:04 am

The girl attempted to stop Ika's punch with the edge of her blade, but it would be repelled by his gauntlets and she'd probably be feeling the effects of that currently. Once Ika had run through her to put her on her ass he would smirk, it had been an excellent follow up and as she stood up dazed and confused having smacked the ground, Ika was a little disappointed that she still had the wherewithal to retreat back using Blur, which forced him to move forwards towards whatever she had waiting for him. That was more than just a small dilemma, but it was the hand he had been dealt at the present time and so he would deal with it, one way or another... The girl smiled and flipped her hair back over her shoulders, and Ika assumed the attack would begin after she spoke. Needless to say, he was right.

Two cannons appeared, and she crossed her arms as the one seemed to open fire on him with a volley of three consecutive cero's. Ika used Blur to dodge the first and second, but having been distracted by the second cannon Ika was clipped by the third. His left arm was singed, and burned as it had been caught in the blast, and he could tell it was broken at the forearm. Ika allocated all of his regenerative resources to fixing the arm, and would deal with the rest later. He entered Shikai, and then threw on his mask. It was time for him to get serious...

Ika launched a ball of acid into the atmosphere, which would come in handy for later on. He would then rush in using Shunpo first, then Sonido. He would appear at the girls back, where neither of the cannons could reach him before launching a straight right at her ribs, and a straight kick at her right knee. He would then smirk, Shunpoing towards the cannon.. He would lift it, struggling as he did so. "Fuck..." But, Ika had it up, and he was smirking from ear to ear. As he lifted the cannon, he would wait to see if she came towards him, presumably to try and stop him from destroying the cannon. If the other cannon fired at him, he would drop it and let it get blown away. Either way, something was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon.

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#6 Re: An Open Invitation on Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:52 am

Natasha would watch as her cannon fired the three shots, however she wouldn't necessarily be able to see Ika through the blasts, until one had collided with his flesh. She would watch his body would jerk with the hit of the third blast. It may not have done much damage at all, however he was burned from what she could see. Green eyes would stay on him as he would seemingly change. She would see the mask applied to his face and she knew this was growing much more difficult.

A grimace would seemingly cross her face as he would come at her again. She wouldn't be able to dodge or block his punch to her ribs dropping her knives as he landed his hit, however she would jump backwards away from the kick to her knee. Natasha would move all of the weight to the left side of her body kneeling on the ground as she held her ribs and groaned. He hit her hard and she wasn't prepared, surely he had broken something. Green eyes would glare at the vizard as he would begin to attempt to lift her canon off the ground. Who the FUCK did he think he was touching her babies?

As her piercing stare watched him, her double fuck off canon would set its sights on him and fire a single Gran Rey level blast at his being. If the blast were to hit him, Natasha would painfully follow his body towards wherever it was he landed. She would use blur to lift herself up off the ground positioning her body over Ika as she would come down with a balled up fist. She would launch her fist towards Ika's torso as she attempted to crush him into the earth with her massive strength.

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#7 Re: An Open Invitation on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:04 pm

The girl had seemed to observe Ika's changes in form as he began to shift, but that wouldn't be all she had to deal with at this point in time. The girl had avoided Ika's kick to the knee, but he felt her ribs crack as he hit them yet again. He had already softened them up with a prior blow, and this one was sure to give her difficulties breathing, and moving due to the pain they would be forcing her to deal with. She was already leaning to her left side, favoring it heavily as Ika began to smell blood in the water. As Ika began to lift up her cannon, he saw her begin to stare daggers through him with those emerald eyes of her. Was kinda hot, sucks that she was so fucking painful to deal with.

Ika felt the double fuck off cannon fire at his position, and he dropped the cannon he had previously lifted and Shunpo'd to get out of the way. Sure, he had succeeded in destroying that cannon as well, but he was already taking more damage than he had wanted to take in this fight. The blast had propelled him forwards and knocked him off balance from his Shunpo, burned his left calf muscle pretty badly, and knocked him alongside the ground. As he turned to look up all of a sudden he saw her flying towards him, punching at him. He rolled in time to avoid being smashed, and the ground cratered around her fist. How fucking strong was this chick.. Jesus fucking Christ..

Ika opted to keep his acid rain in the atmosphere for one more post as he Shunpo'd back to avoid her, and launched a few Bala's to cover his escape. He had to hope that it would work, and that she was in as much pain as he was..

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#8 Re: An Open Invitation on Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:15 pm

Well, it was safe tp say her canon was destroyed and that severely pissed Natasha off considering nobody had done so before. How he had the strength to lift it was beyond her, unless he had strength similar to her own. Even then, she could have lifted such a thing with much more ease, at least in her own mind she believed so. It was probably true meaning she was either just as strong or stronger than he was, which didn't phase her in the slightest. This just gave her ever the more reason to want to bash his head in.

She came at him fast and hard, but he still managed to move out of the way causing the ground to crater beneath her massive strength. However, the force pushing throughout her body would cause her to cry out in pain as she could feel the right side of her ribcage throbbing under the pressure. She would find herself landing thankfully on her feet as her eyes would catch the imminent threat of multiple bala coming her way. Through the pain, she would use blur to miss the blasts stopping behind her double fuck off canon as she would go straight into her most powerful state. Her first canon had faded back into its own reality to be rebuilt by her energy, however she had more than that up her sleeve.

She would drop her big bomb canon and her triple fuck off canon in front of her as her knives had returned to their rightful place on her belt. She would pull one out leaving the other untouched as she would point it at Ika. Her body was leaning to the left as she would stand wuth a firm face. Damn, was she hurting, but she would show it as minimal as possible. Within moments, 5 bala and a cero oscuras level blast would lock on to the target and fire in Ika's direction. How well would he handle that?

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#9 Re: An Open Invitation on Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:10 am

This girl, was a fucking pain in the ass. This much was true, undeniably so and as she continued to press Ika quickly came to realize that she was in a bad way, as upon landing he could see her briefly grab her ribs and what he could only assume was agony. He saw that his only option at this point was a two for one deal as he realized he was quickly finding himself worn out from running away from the barrage of blasts that were being sent his way. He dodged right using Shunpo but found his right leg clipped by a Bala, and as the Cero Oscuras cannon was charging he noticed her hiding behind it. This was an excellent opportunity to put an end to her shenanigans right here and now.

Ika smirked, noting now that a Bala had also struck his ribs. He was bleeding from the wound and his mouth had a metallic taste from the affair. This was getting irritating, but Ika didn't want to go beyond Shikai quite yet. He kept his acid rain in the air once more, and quickly noted that she was in position. "Hadou 90, Kurohitsugi." He hoped that the fight was over as he watched her, and the Cero Oscuras cannon get enveloped in the black box that was Hadou 90. It would take all the box had to maintain structural integrity against her, but he hoped it would hold.

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#10 Re: An Open Invitation on Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:59 am

She was so confident that she could turn this around and even more so, as the other of Ika's legs had now been hit and a bala had impaled his skin causing him to bleed. She wanted this to end now, but she wasn't prepared for what truly was about to happen. Her eyes would widen as the black box began to surround her ans the canon. So, that's why this bastard was so difficult to deal with? He was ome of those vizard fucks, huh? Well, that was the least of her worries considering she was stuck in a box with a canon about to blow. Well, she wasn't just going to take the full on blunt force.

Natasha would reach into the air in front of her as she would pull towards her body her giant fuck off shield. The shield would block the blast from the front, however it wouldn't be able to block everything. The blast would come at her from the sides and the back as it bounded off the walls of the box, which would inevitably explode from the force of the blast. Natasha could be heard crying out from inside the encompasing cero oscuras as she was tortured by lacerations and searing burns. When it was all over, her canon could be seen fading away along with the shiels from her hands. She would be kneeled upon the ground as she would find herself short of breath and in an immense amount of pain. Her hair now hung full length across the front of her shoulders and down her front side as she sat upon both knees. Green eyes would look at Ika through long, green hair as her last canon would continue to fire off five more bala. It wasn't her last resort, but she knew even the other wouldn't be enough to save this fight. She was done for. It was almost over and she was bound to be defeated.

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