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#1 [Open] Moving In on Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:17 am

Sen was out side her dorm the door wide open and staring at the room her bags three cases of luggage in all that she specifically requested that she bring to the dorm herself saying that she  had a certain way and place things need to be, that not being particularly true. Anyway sen stood there looking at the dorm room frowning, the arrangement of things well that didn't suit her she felt the way the room was set up it looked to small. " Well these is OK i guess maybe  i can convince my dorm mate to get a bunk beds that free up a lot of floor space, better yet if i don't get a dorm mate at all then i co do with the room as i please" Sen smiled at the though of having the room to her self it. Not having a roommate would save Sen the trouble of dealing with a week individual or some super heroic type getting on her nerves plus no questions about Sens late night activates. Sen lays on one of the bed and frowned she had slept  a lot of shitty bed and that surprisingly was the problem the bed was soft  and it made Sen uncomfortable." Sometimes i forget these place is a top heroing school" Sen sits up and Smiles these was gonna he fun letting the best school in the world teach her to become a better villain.

( If anyone wants to be Sens dorm mate just Pm me on discord or here it'll be who ever Pms me first if your not interested that fine threads still open have a chat with the villain in training )

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