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#1 Akira Bessho on Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:10 am

Name: Akira Bessho
Alias: Stomata
Race: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Akira has a serious demeanor to him, in contrast to his bright and flamboyant body coloration. However, he's not to be mistaken for the stoic type: he's more than happy to hold a conversation using words and not grunts or 'yep'. Akira takes a great deal of pride in having a mutant quirk, and gets touchy if this is made fun of in any way. Akira enjoys swimming and neutrally colored clothes, and he dislikes eating mantis shrimp. While consumed in a variety of cuisines, it just comes off as cannibalism to him.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Blood Type: B+
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Current Place of Residence: Hosu City

Appearance: Akira has short brown hair and brown eyes with sharp, angular facial features. From his neck down, Akira's body is covered in chitinous armor with wild coloration. His neck and torso are a bright, neon blue, while his arms and legs are a deep crimson.
Height and Weight: 137 lb and 5'6"

Quirk Name: Mantis Shrimp
Quirk Type: Mutant

Quirk Description: Akira's body is covered in chitinous armor which grants him increased resistance to physical attacks. Additionally, he posses the ability to throw straight punches at the same speed as a mantis shrimp. Though his armored body protects him from physical attacks, Akira is very weak to fire-based attacks.

Hero Role Model: Akira looks up to Gun Show and his Agency the most.

History: (Optional).

RP Sample: Akira quickly rolled to the left and ducked behind a pillar, just barely dodging a fireball which slammed into the wall. He could feel the heat of the flame against his exoskeleton as the fire caught and became a fledgling inferno. He took a deep breath and slowly looked to the left of the pillar to get the position of the crazy, fire-slinging maniac. The room was bare, save for some furniture. "...Wait a minute." Akira quickly looked to the right and spotted a wooden table. "Yeah, that'll work!" He grinned, his heart beating in his chest as he made a mad dash for the table and flipped it. With the flat end of the table facing the fire-slinger, Akira drew back his fist and snapped it forward at dizzying speeds into the bottom of the table. The hunk of wood stood no chance against his fist, and exploded into sharp shards which flew towards the fire-slinger.

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#2 Re: Akira Bessho on Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:09 am

Good enough. C- with B+ potential.

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