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What is a beautiful day without a silent, somewhat peaceful grave yard. Especially when a unwanted or unannounced funeral gooer enjoys a freshly lit cigarette. A early to mid twenties orange haired woman leaned against a tree watching a funeral of her most recent target. Chelsey adjusted her white button up shirt under her torso fitted black vest. She had mid thigh high loose black skirt with heels. Her orange eyes matched her equally orange hair with a red ribbon tied to the side.

Normally one wouldn't care about the target or the said funeral. Chelsey frankly enjoyed the funeral, the pain the suffering. They all will be in a coffin some day watching from beyond...might as well get use to the sight right?

In truth, this was the best place to meet with the young assassin. A contact of a contanct inquired a said meeting. So she choose the best spot. "I wonder who it will be this time...better not be wolf again."She said to herself before taking another drag of her ciggeratte before she adjusted the guitar case against the tree beside her with her left ankle boredly as she watched the ending of the funeral.

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